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Dec 16, 2013
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Converter Kings Universalis

In all technicality, this is actually my very first mod. It is just that I have never gone around to publishing it as a stand-alone. Until now that is. In an essence, it is similar to the Improvement Project in that they both fixes things as well as add missing features. However, that is where similarities end, while the Project seeks to improve the Converter itself, this seeks to keep it as vanilla as possible, only adding features that is felt that should have been added. Also, this Mini-Mod is not intended to be a stand-alone per se, but rather an integration with other mods and as such, until now, it was essentially a tailored converter for my own mods.

So why publish this now? Once I ended up making half a dozen mods, I realised that I wished to make them modular. Unfortunately, however, that was not possible due to the core files being edited thus rendering the mods incompatible. This is where this comes in, though in itself it is a simple Converter+, with the other mods it will now serve as a hub which allows for the integration for all my mods (at least most of them) thus producing a truly modular mod system which may one day even rival that of the Historical Immersion Project (well, not really).

- Crusader Kings II (version pending)
- Europa Universalis IV Converter

- Europa Universalis IV version 1.8

  1. Download the mod from the link below
  2. Delete any existing version
  3. Extract the downloaded content to: ***My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod
  4. Enjoy

Current Features
- Added CK2 end date bookmark in addition to the default EU4 start date bookmark.
- Added missing cultures.
- Added missing religions.
- Added missing nations.
- Added a new tag and ideas: Florence and Florentine.
- Nestorians now convert to the Assyrian religion.
- Anglo-Saxons can now form England.
- The Roman Empire can no longer form Italy nor Byzantium.
- Germany and Russia now changes government type to Imperial Government when formed.
- Tuscany can be formed via decision.
- The Holy Roman Empire will now change government type to Imperial Government after passing the final reform.

Planned Features
- Full compatibility between all my mods.



- Coming Soon -

Downloads: N/A



Cuthuthulu and team for their CK2-EU4 Converter Improvement Project Mod.
neondt for his Repubblica Fiorentina Mod.
Another mini-mod! :p Your title should be "King Of CK2 Mini-mods".
[*]Download the mod from the link below
Lies!!! :p

Can you perhaps tinker with some of the ideas? Dutch culture really ought to give the kingdom of Frisia Dutch idea groups, the game seems to designate it as proto-Netherlands, not Frisia-reborn since so much continental land and Flanders are added.
I love this idea, i am gonna try this out when it's out :cool: