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Celtic Paganism mod v1.0


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Sep 6, 2011
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This mod adds the Gaelic and Gaulish faiths to the game. They are pagan faiths within their own Celtic religion group. They are all dead religions that must be revived, and have not been assigned to any historical characters.

This mod will be compatible with other mods so long as they do not change or add any Celtic faiths.

Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2388196951

Celtic: "Celts practice a set of broadly interlinked animist faiths centered around veneration of the natural world and votive offerings made towards it. Their society is dominated by the three tiers of priesthood: druids, bards and vates."

The Celtic pagans are represented by two faiths, broadly covering the Gaelic (Irish/Scottish) and Gaulish (continental) 'wings' of the religion. Each of these has different tenets, doctrines and a unique set of god names. In future I may expand the mod to include a Brythonic-focused faith for Britain.

Gaelic: "A more insular form of the Celtic faith practised in Ireland and Scotland, Gaels revere a race of gods known as the Tuath Dé. Gaelic druids host regular feast days and festivals, and are venerated as teachers and seers."

Gaulish: "A more adaptive form of the Celtic faith practised across much of Europe, Gauls follow numerous regional gods and traditions across a syncretic pantheon. Gaulish druids are tasked with statecraft and ritual sacrifice."

I hope it's of use/enjoyment to some of you.
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Why the decision to not assign the faiths to any historical characters? Many historical Irish characters have the generic "pagan" religion, when they could have Gaelic instead with this mod.
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