[Mod] [BTML] MechMaintenanceByCost- Get maintenance costs based on the mech chassis price


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Mar 28, 2014
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BattleTech mod (using BTML) that changes your maintenance cost of your mechs from a flat sum for all mechs, to a cost, specific to the cost of the mech chassis.

** Warning: Uses the experimental BTML mod loader that might change, come here again to check for updates **
  • install BattleTechModLoader using the instructions here
  • Your monthly mech cost now depend on the chassis.
  • This makes Light mechs more attractive and Assault mechs more hard to sustain.
Downloads can be found on github.

PercentageOfMechCost - float - default 0.003 - The percentage of the chassis cost you have to pay monthly. 1 = 100% / 0 = 0%

  • After installing BTML, put everything into \BATTLETECH\Mods\ folder.
  • If you want a different percentage set it in the settings.json.
  • Start the game.