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Jan 19, 2012
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[MOD] Beelzmod for CKII v1.111

Hello! I have been a member of this forum for about a year and a half, and I've been playing Paradox games for two years. In this time I have logged hundreds of hours and gained what I think is a decent understanding of the game mechanics. I also have a(n admittedly mediocre)level of modding knowledge, but I figure the best way to learn is to do.

With that little lecture out of the way, I present the incredibly creatively named Beelzmod.

This is a complete overhaul mod. Whether or not it is any good is up to you.

Beelzmod v0.4

v0.4 is compatible with Patch 1.111 of Crusader Kings II.
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Progress Report

Military Rebalance - Finished

Reducing the overall size of armies. The quality of your troops and leaders is more important than sheer numbers. Cultural specialisations now have more impact on how your army works: Frankish knights will break anyone in open terrain, English longbowmen are nigh-unstoppable when defending hills and , and so on.

Economic Fiddling - Finished

Redistributing the wealth in various regions of the world. Non-coastal cities are not particularly wealthy. Bishoprics lean further towards economy and less towards military.

Imperial Ambitions - Started

Complete change to the way the HRE works. It is very hard to change laws now. Vassalized kings have an opinion malus against the Kaiser, to better represent their dislike for being in the Empire. Adding events and plots to encourage Imperial infighting.

The Crescent - Started

Decadence mechanics reworked. Dynasty members no longer generate decadence just by existing. Decadence is now event driven, forcing a choice between being wealthy and decadent or poor and pious. Decadence penalties to army morale reduced. High decadence now gives bonuses to demesne income to offset the penalty of having everyone hate you.

Intriguing Ideas - Not Started

More ways to backstab, undermine, and generally be a nuisance.

Nature VS Nurture - Started

More events and opportunities to shape your childrens' futures. Or screw them up for life. Your call.

Nature VS Nurture 2: Electric Boogaloo - Not Started

More events to shape the personality of adult characters.

Cultural Constructs - Finished

Province names, character names etc. Cultural buildings are now based on the province's culture rather than that of the province owner, so your culture-specific army won't dissolve when you change culture. It also means keeping foreign vassals is sometimes very useful.

Creating Realms for Fun and Profit - Started

New titular titles and such.

Cartography for Dummies - Started

Changes to de Jure realms.

On the Road Again - Not Started

Pilgrimages to holy sites for all religions.
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Why only framing enemies for crimes?
Money embezzlement, destabilising vassal realms by way of poltics et cetera
I have my ideas for embezzling funds and spreading anarchy. I'll update the list to include them.
Destabilising, not disestablishing!
I meant, messing up your vassal's or your fellow vassal's position by inciting his vassals against him, supporting a pretender, rallying the peasants et cetera
Can a moderator please add the [MOD] line to my thread title? I've been a bit of a tit and forgotten.
First part of An Intriguing Module is finished. Get Thee To a Nunnery has been scrapped, because it fits better with a seperate module.
Finished three sub-sections so far. It's only the tip of the iceberg, but I'd be a liar if I said it wasn't satisfying.
Updated with my current list of planned modules. I'm alternating between different topics to avoid burning out. I work till I break, so its a big issue.
To be honest I couldn't really think of a better name. Be my guest if you think you can beat my mediocrity.
Cultural Buildings are now based on province culture to prevent your hard-earned armies evaporating when your wrong-culture heir takes the throne.
To be honest I couldn't really think of a better name. Be my guest if you think you can beat my mediocrity.
Roog that Voodoo?
The British Isles are done. Here is a map with the new duchy layout. The numbers on the provinces are the maximum number of holdings that can be built there. The numbers are high, but this really just means that kings have less power in their own hands.

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