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Arianism mod v1.0


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Sep 6, 2011
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Well before CK III was released I started this thread asking if Arianism could be a religious tenet or faith in the game. Alas, my prayers were not answered, so I have finally gotten around to adding it as a mod. This mod adds four new Christian faiths to the game: Arianism, Docetism, Marcionism and Montanism. They are all dead religions that must be revived, and have not been assigned to any historical characters.

This mod will be compatible with other mods so long as they do not change or add any Christian faiths.

Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2250248126

Arianism: "Arians choose to reject the Trinity, believing that Christ was a distinct entity either created by or in some way divergent from God, rather than the two being equal forms of the same higher being. Their faith is highly syncretic and moulded by regional variance, whilst rejecting conventional monasticism and strict clerical hierarchy."

Docetism: "Docetae ('Illusionists') are an early Christian sect encompassing Gnostic elements. Dating back to Apostolic times, Docetism stresses Christ's divinity and rejects his humanity, stating that Christ had no human form and that the Crucifixion was a symbolic apparition."

Marcionism: "Marcionism is a dualist faith that rejects the Old Testament and its vengeful Hebrew God, Yahweh, in lieu of the all-forgiving Christian God of the New Testament. Their founder, Marcion, compiled the first Christological canon and, like the Paulician sect, considered Paul to be Christ's only true apostle."

Montanism: "Also known as Phrygians, the followers of Montanus are an early Christian sect who preach the New Prophecy of the coming of the New Jerusalem at Pepuza. Their faith combines elements of Church orthodoxy with heretical nontrinitarian dogma, female bishops and the prophetic revelations of oracles."

I hope it's of use/enjoyment to some of you.
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Arianism mod v1.1
I've released a small update.


- changed the colour of Arianism (so it contrasts more with Catholicism)
- changed the colour of Catholicism (so it contrasts more with water when in Paper Map mode)
- added Arianism to a couple of religious events and decisions (so it's more likely to appear as a heresy now)
- Catholic heresies are now more likely to appear in their specific historical regions (e.g. Cathars in Occitania)
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Arianism mod v1.3
With the release of the Celtic Paganism mod I've updated some of the others to increase modular compatibility. For Arianism, I've also added two new Christian heresies and made a couple of fixes to the Apostolic faith.


- added Docetism and Marcionism as Christian faiths
- replaced the Aniconism tenet with Vows of Poverty for Apostolic Christianity
- changed the Suenik holy site to Dvin for Apostolic Christianity
- removed some earlier database changes to improve compatibility with other religion mods
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Arianism mod v1.4
Added Montanism (from the suggestions forum) and tweaked an Arian tenet based on user feedback.


- added Montanism as a Christian faith
- replaced the Communal Identity tenet with Alexandrian Catechism for Arianism
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Any idea why Arianism was emitted in the first place? It was a pretty relevant sect historically
Well I agree, of course, hence my original thread on the subject - and I wouldn't even call it a sect. Arianism was a major branch of mainstream Christianity for quite a long time, and was only retroactively considered heretical after a certain point. It could very easily have become one of the two or three dominant strands of Christianity.