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May 18, 2013
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I have the Steam version of Impire. I am enjoying the game however, since the last update, the game seems to think certain rooms/items no longer exist so wont even show them on the DEC build menu. I am at Chapter IV-2. With the update it would not load my save game so I simply started that chapter from the beginning (I wasn't that far into it anyway). Now the save works but... In this chapter I need to forge some coins, however, I have no option of building the forge any more, no matter how many DEC points I have. This room no longer shows in the menu (it did show in Chapter IV-1 which I played before the update) so I seem to be at a standstill. This also occurs with some of the other rooms, some monsters and some workshop items. Where there use to be stuff to build/make, now there are just blank spaces. I looked in my profile and saw no place to put them back. Please help.



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Feb 15, 2013
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Hi Bunnyish, I'm sorry you experience this problem. Let's try to fix this for you.

Can you attach the following files:

- the impire.log (MyDocuments/Impire)
- the impire_<digits>.log
- the <replay>. rpy (MyDocuments/Impire/Replay)

try to match the files that use the same time stamp and make sure the files refer to the correct level.

Also, can you answer these questions:
1. Are you playing with Oscar or Velvet as an advisor?
2. When you say you can't forge the coin, did you build a workshop?
3. Can you attach some screenshots including the missing elements?

Suggestion: Have you tried to delete the local content of Impire and re-install the game from scratch (I know it's a pain, but sometimes the steam update will mess things up...)