Aug 29, 2017
So I'm sure many people have had this problem where you don't see any ore to mine in the game. No mining means no grindstones, no achievement, no fun!
Well, after searching for a long time with no results, I had an idea that would fix the grindstone issue, and it works! You simply need to install a previous version (2.31 or lower) and the grindstones will be in the game!

What I did was cloud save data with paradox account (Or lose it all!) Then I uninstalled the game and downloaded the 2.31 APK (google search it) and installed that version of the game. Then I mined the grindstones needed for the achievement and updated the game back to 2.32. Needless to say, the grindstones are gone again in this version, but I got the ones I wanted and got my achievement! Yay!