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Dec 15, 2018
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Hello there!

I'm doing some research on many of the events in Stellaris. I already noticed that Gestalts do not get the Horizon Signal, which deeply dissapointed me.

Please unlock the Horizon Signal for Gestalts aswell.

I did it with my Synth Species, they got Intelligent, so it also works for Machine empires.

Another event I have never encountered: Impossible Organism, the Nivlac event.

Apparently this event is also impossible for Hiveminds. Please change this so that Hiveminds can also get the Nivlac trait.

Please unlock the Brain Slug event for Hiveminds. Who says that 2 Hiveminds cannot co-exist? You can have Hivemind pops from 2 different empires. Why is this event not allowed for Hiveminds?

We have been waiting for more tools, civics etc for Hiveminds forever. Hiveminds should be able to discover the Nivlac via this very rare event and assimilate the tait into their main species.

What about self-modification events for Hiveminds? Please add these events for Hiveminds aswell.
Regular empire pops self-modify on <40% habitable planets and low happyness. The same should be possible for Hiveminds, along with getting a free trait and modify it across your entire species. Just like Regular empires can do.

Overall, there is just a huge, huge discrepancy between the possibilities that Hivemind pops have and regular organic empire pops have. Which is very dissapointing. Hivemindes should atleast have the same amount of options for pop traits, considering they only have Biological Ascension. Not less. Some form of Xeno-Compatibility for Hiveminds would be awesome!

I simply want to be able to do something like this with Hiveminds:

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