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Jun 3, 2019
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Even though I randomise my colony name and flag color I have a tradition of choosing The Platypus flag, Platy Specialist and building the Pathfinder Statue at the end of the road in my colony. I Know this is a small inconvenience. But I use to be able to select the Platy specialist and be able to build the path finder statue. Now when I load the game I don't have the option to choose Platy or the flag that comes with it. So I tried buying the game "again" that's right I bought it twice!.. Now I can choose Platy and the flag but I can not building the path finder statue as it is not list in my buildings. If I use steam to play I gat Platy, if I use Epic game store I get Pathfinder. But I use to get both. And no linking my accounts did not work. Can anyone please help?


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May 3, 2022
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Hey! So the Pathfinder's statue comes with the Founder's Edition - if you purchased the game again directly through Steam then this is why it's not showing up, because the Founder's Edition was something we offered during the Early Access period.

Platy on the other hand will show up in your game when it is linked to your Paradox account. My thoughts are that by having the Steam version of the game linked with your Paradox account, this is preventing you from accessing Platy in the Epic version. You could try unlinking the Steam version (see here for information on how you can do this) and then linking the version you have on Epic.