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Jun 20, 2011
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First i would like to congratulate you on a solid port. I have played the pc version since early beta and was not sure how well it would translate. Now having hit 1000 prisoners i feel i qualified to say well done, with a few notes. I am running pa on a shield tablet in case that affects any thing. The first thing i noticed is that when you are in the ci overly you cannot select a prisoner to change thier sec lvl. This makes intakes (and the nessecary prisoner sorting) more tedious then it needs to be. The 2nd thing was the absence of an advanced scheduler grid making the scheduling of advanced regiems more confusing then they should be. The 3rd thing is more difficult to explain i noticed it after a sickness event. I kept trying to send drs into densly packed areas to inoculate prisoners, but instean of sending them it would select a prisoner. The longer i played the more this 'snapping' issue bothered me, from trying to assign prisoners to specific cells, to sending staff to an area this is a problem. I would suggest adding a send to button when you click on a prisoner/staff member. Lastly please make the book shelves work. Seeing my literacy need spike when i literally have bookshelves everywhere is frustraing. It was the one mod i considered a must have.