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If you're like me, then you have a hard time determining when the Wikipedia icon on a character is valid or not. The distinction between the active and inactive icon is incredibly subtle.

This mod addresses this issue by making the active and inactive icon far more recognizable. If a character has a Wikipedia link, the icon will be yellow and orange. If there is no link, the icon will be gray.



You may be wondering why I didn't go with the standard black and white Wikipedia icon. The way the game works is that it uses a single image file for the active and inactive icon. To create the inactive icon, the game desaturates (turns to black and white) the image file. Thus a black and white icon cannot be used, since the active and inactive icon look the same. This is why the base game's icons are so difficult to distinguish; there isn't much difference between faint gold and silver.

This mod does not change the game's checksum, so it's fine with ironman games and multiplayer.

Download below or get it on the Steam Workshop.


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Nifty idea!