[Minimod] Alt. trait icons (2) & Templar cross

[Minimod] Alt. trait icons (2) & Templar cross

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This (very small) mod fixes a couple of pet peeves of mine, namely 2 trait icons which were always somewhat confusing to me, and the Knights Templar's symbol.

●) I've modded the "Greedy" and "Cruel" icons to make them stand out better from "Lustful" and "Zealous" respectively (I always needed a while to tell them apart since they were a bit too similar, IMHO; now it's easier to tell them at a glance).

●) As for the Templar cross, I've replaced it with an alternate, maybe more "classical" version of it (see screenshots below).


Simply download, extract and copy the content of this .rar file into your ...\My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ directory and check it in the launcher before you start the game.

Traits & Templar cross mod

The mod is updated for the latest CK2 patch (2.6.2) and should be Ironman-friendly as it doesn't alter the checksum.




For those of you who are guessing: yes, the new gold coins symbol is the one used in EU:Rome. Also, I reckon that a blood-red fist better conveys the idea of cruelty, and more importantly is more recognizable than the blueish one.


No comparison screenshot here. Also, I apologize for not having a Templar Knight unit screenshot at hand, but I can assure you that the new cross on the shield and flag looks pretty good (try it in game to see).
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