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Third Angel

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Feb 8, 2005
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'Songs of an Angel' provides the songs from the various DLCs with expanded and more detailed conditions to be played. This is a single file I made for my personnal use so one of the basic ideas is that all songs should play for any character since I did not buy the DLCs to hear them only in one game out of ten. Every song now has the same chance of being played but the ones from the DLCs will play more often, rarely less, according to your character's culture, religion, traits, primary title, more occasionally stats, location, wealth or piety.

Note that some conditions are poorly documented even on the Wiki, so I would appreciate any help if some triggers I contreived appear to experienced modders as obviously not working as designed.

1. Download SoaA.rar here and extract it in your \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod folder
2. In the \common\Crusader Kings II\DLC folder, extract dlc003.rar, dlc004.rar, dlc006.rar, dlc009.rar, dlc017.rar, dlc019.rar, dlc023.rar, dlc025.rar, dlc035.rar and dlc036.rar
3. Cut and paste the newly created \common\Crusader Kings II\DLC\music folder to the \common\Crusader Kings II main folder so that it is merged with the vanilla one there
4. Delete all .txt files in \common\Crusader Kings II\music except songs.txt
5. Uncheck all musical DLCs in the launcher, and check the 'Songs of an Angel' mod

Requirements and compatibility
1. Requires all musical DLCs, though the mod should probably work even if some of them are missing, I expect the engine will just ignore songs listed in songs.txt but absent from the music folder
2. SoaA should be compatible with any patch and should not modify the checksum
3. SoaA should be compatible with any mod that does not include new music or alters songs.txt in any other way
4. "Songs of India" is not included as I do not own it, yet