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Oct 30, 2016
I recently rediscovered this mod buried in the recesses of my harddrive. I made it a few years ago for the random map/history generator created by @yemmlie101, before it was stripped down to integrate with Holy Fury. It includes 24 distinct religious symbols, each with three color schemes, which in turn each have reformed and heresy variants, for a total of 216 icons. The attached file includes the big, medium, and small religion icon strips in dds format; and a visual index of where each icon triplet falls on the strip. The modified generalstuff.gfx file originally bundled with the mod was long out of date, but here's the relevant code:
    spriteType = {
        name = "GFX_religion_icon_strip"
        texturefile = "gfx\\interface\\religion_icon_strip.tga"
        noOfFrames = 216
    spriteType = {
        name = "GFX_religion_icon_strip_small"
        texturefile = "gfx\\interface\\religion_icon_strip_small.tga"
        noOfFrames = 216
    spriteType = {
        name = "GFX_religion_icon_strip_big"
        texturefile = "gfx\\interface\\religion_icon_strip_big.tga"
        noOfFrames = 216

I figure folks might like to use these with their random starts, or adapt them for fantasy mods, etc.


  • religicons.zip
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  • religicons_all_indexed.png
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