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The official Millennia community wiki is now up and running.

As always, our aim is to turn the wiki into a source of information for both new and experienced players alike, all with the help of our wonderful community members.

If you'd like to help improve the wiki, there are some suggestions available here.

If you have a moment to spare, please be sure to thank editors if they added/modified content you were looking forward to. This can be done from the article's history page via the "thanks" link on the edit line.


Paradox Wikis moderation team

On a more personal note, I added support for Millennia to my tool PyHelpersForPDXWikis which can parse the game files and generate lists and other things for the wiki. Currently it can generate Buildings, Lists of units, Improvements‎‎, Goods‎‎, Ages, Technologies, Government‎‎, National spirits‎‎ and some more. Eventually I plan to generate most lists on the wiki. Please let me know which missing lists are the most important, so that I can prioritize them. Some of the lists still have a lot of unformatted content for which I didn't write any handling yet. Also please let me know if you have suggestions for improvements for the lists. I will publish the python code soon, so that others can contribute to the project.
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