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Jul 31, 2020
Hey there!
I'm currently experiencing an issue with metric fonts being too small in compare to what we could have at lower resolution/screens, than 4k.
Saying shortly, the game looks very nice with such resolution and UI scale helps there a lot, as well as mods with better fonts, but, even the base ones are fine.
But as soon as it comes to planning tool or covering areas with any kind of buildings/floors, I can't see the metric numbers, they are super small, they aren't increasing much at any distance, or they aren't affected by any of the things I mentioned above. UI scale doesn't affect them, other fonts don't affect them too. Especially it turns out into bigger problem on bright terrains.
I love the planning tool, and it helps a lot to keep a track on things a couple steps ahead. I also found more people having this issue, while I was seaching for a possible fix, and, based on the fact that their topics were abandonded without an answer, I would assume this issue wasn't solved.
That would be really nice to have additional option to scale these metric fonts, or any kind of possible fix, which could make them possible to read without any issues. Or, that could be a thing if these numbers would scale along with UI.
I really hope on some possible fix of this issue, because this game becomes pretty uncomfortable when you aren't able to see metric fonts, and this is one of the main tools we are running through. Basically, as I said, it affects any kind of metrics in the game, including the moments when we are covering areas with buildings or floors. And this game is pretty based on the right numbers for different rooms with different requirements, which becomes an important thing.
I will also attach screenshot to illustrate this problem.