Megacorp Civic Ideas (20)

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Part 1
  • Lazy Name

    Second Lieutenant
    Apr 26, 2020
    Part 1 | Part 2

    Some of my proposed Megacorp civics, both more standard minor civics and more complex ones. Credit to @Tamwin5 for some of the edits.

    Minor Civics
    Corporate Heir (Edited)
    This Megacorperation is run by a single family, which goes to great lengths to perfect their offspring and further their legacy.
    Increased Ruler experience gain and increased Ruler level cap. Uses Imperial leader system.​

    Employee Benefits (Edited)
    This Megacorperation has built up a reputation for its lavish benefits, which does wonders for raising employee satisfaction.
    All free pops have increased Consumer Goods upkeep, and must use Social Welfare or higher Living Standards. Amenities output increased. For every X pops creates the "Paid Leave" job, which produces Amenities, Unity and Trade Value.​

    Eccentric Founder (Edited)
    This Megacorperation is centered around the vision of its unusual and charismatic founder, whos legacy continues to steer it into the future.
    The first ruler starts with a slightly higher level and has the Charismatic trait. They will have the unique "Build Legacy" Agenda, which increases stability, resources from jobs, and monthly Influence. Uses Dictatorial leader system. Could also work as an origin.​

    Prestigious Reputation (Edited)
    This Megacorperation enjoys a reputation for prestige and greatness, and is able to pick from the cream of the crop across the galaxy to serve in their workforce.
    Has reduced migration pull. For every Migration Pact active, receives a small boost to specialist output. Increased opinion with other empires. Cannot be Xenophobic.​

    Worker Cooperative (Edited)
    This Megacorperation is jointly owned and run by its members, each of whom is simultaneously employee, owner and consumer.
    Must be Egalitarian. Can use the Shared Burdens living standard. Must use either Shared Burdens, Utopian Abundance, or Chemical Bliss, and uses the Democratic leader system. Increased happiness, and decreased pop demotion time.​
    Major Civics
    Capitalist Saviors
    Having risen to the occasion when their local governments could not, this Megacorperation will always be there for you in your time of need. They make sure of it.
    Can create Protectorates. Protectorates of this empire give them 25% of their energy output, and at less than 50% Technological Level difference will turn into a Subsidiary. Any subject empire that is or was once a protectorate has significantly increased loyalty with this Megacorp.​

    Joint Venture (Edited)
    Being composed of multiple formerly independent companies, this Megacorperation knows the benefits of cooperation quite well. With meticulous coordination, they and their partners will access greater markets then either of them could've reached alone.
    Is capable of signing a unique pact, a "Cross Promotion Agreement," with other Megacorps. Empires under a Cross Promotion Agreement have less effective Branch Offices, but gain the equivalent of half of their partners Branch Office output (e.g. Branch offices only access 40% of a planets Trade Value, but if your partner creates a Branch office you also access 20% of that planets Trade Value). Cannot be Xenophobic.​

    Insurance Group (Edited)
    This Megacorperation is skilled at convincing others of the dangers of the galaxy. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone on your side, just in case?
    Using "Guarantee Independence" on an empire this Megacorp has a commercial pact with increases the percentage of Trade Value this Megacorp gets. This Megacorp can guarantee the independence of up to 5 empires. Greatly reduced Influence cost for using Guarantee Independence.​

    Offworld Mining Company (Edited)
    This Megacorperation originated from a mining company which gained a complete monopoly over the market for natural resources, eventually taking control over the rest of society as well.
    Branch Offices access a smaller percentage of a host worlds trade value, but also provide this Megacorp with a percentage of the host planets minerals output. Minerals from Miners and Private Mining Consortiums is increased.​

    Mercenary Establishment
    This Megacorperation specializes in loaning out its fleets, willing to battle anyone for the right price.
    Must be some degree of Militarist. Commercial pacts with this Megacorp force it to join the other empire in all wars. The other empire pays the Megacorp a percentage of their energy as long as the commercial pact is active. Empires with neutral attitude are willing to create commercial pacts if they are at war, but are less willing when they are at peace and may break off commercial pacts then.​
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    Part 2
  • Lazy Name

    Second Lieutenant
    Apr 26, 2020
    Part 1 | Part 2

    Thought I'd consolidate some of the new civics in this thread that I liked for easy viewing, as well as adding some more of my own. Credit to @GOLANX and @RedCyber for ideas. Feedback on how they could be improved is very much appreciated, some of them are a WIP.

    Minor Civics
    Luxury Services (Edited)
    This Megacorperation focuses on providing high quality products reserved for the rich and privileged, disregarding the masses incapable of affording their services.
    Must be Authoritarian. Branch offices gain significantly increased trade value from ruler pops and decreased trade value from workers. Certain Branch Office buildings are reflavored. Increased ruler pop happiness.​

    Private Academies
    Are you ready to make your ambitions a reality? This Megacorperation is built around a number of prestigious privately-funded academies, and attendance at one is practically a prerequisite for a well-paying position.
    Must be some degree of Materialist. Trade Value from Specialist and Ruler pops is increased, and Worker happiness is decreased. Branch Offices can access more trade value from Specialist pops, but less from Worker pops. Cannot be Egalitarian.​

    Social Enterprise (Edited)
    This Megacorperation is built on a foundation of altruism, claiming that their methods are merely a stepping stone to fund their greater goals.
    Must be some degree of Egalitarian. Egalitarian pops have increased job output and produce more Trade Value. Significantly increased faction influence gain, but decreased base monthly influence.​

    Pharmaceutical Consortium
    As the holding company for a large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers, this Megacorperation has become one of the largest distributors of quality medication.
    Medical workers are replaced with "Pharmacists," which also produce Trade Value and Society Research. Creates a Pharmacist job for every X pops. The Commercial Forum Branch Office buildings produces a few Pharmacists instead of a Merchant job.​

    Estate Brokerages (Edited)
    The trading of property and housing is constant and very lucrative within this society, something which this Megacorperation works to facilitate and profit off of.
    City Districts and Luxury Housing now produce Trade Value. For every X housing creates the unique "Estate Agent" specialist job, which produces Trade Value and increases automatic resettlement chance. The Amusement Megaplex branch office building is replaced by the "Housing Complex," which produces housing instead of amenities.​
    Major Civics
    Brutal Competitors (Edited)
    This Megacorperation rose to power through the use of violence and brutality. They shall conquer the market and eliminate all competition, by any means necessary.
    Must be Fanatic Militarist. Cannot be added or removed after game start. Has a large relationship malus with all Megacorp empires, and cannot engage in diplomacy with them. Gains the Total War Casus Belli "Eliminate Competition" against all other Megacorps, which will also transfer Branch Offices to the winner. Can use "Demand Commercial Pact" on regular empires, going to war if they refuse. Has increased naval capacity and increased alloy output.​
    Callous Extractors (Edited)
    This empire values short term profit over all else, with no regards for the consequences. If something is in the way of potential gains, then it won't be for long.
    Gains the planetary decision "Destructive Extraction". When used, that planet will be marked as an Extraction World, which reduces building cost and significantly increases mineral, energy, food, and strategic resource output on that world. After a certain amount of time has passed the Extraction World modifier is removed, the planets habitability decreases significantly, positive planetary modifiers are removed, and a planetary modifier that decreases all future material resource output is applied. The Extractor empire is incapable of terraforming worlds that they have exploited.​
    Technological Giant (Edited)
    This Megacorperation profits through constant innovation, attracting customers and clients through their cutting edge research and technology.
    Must be some degree of Materialist. Trade Value from Commercial Pacts is proportional to relative tech level (e.g. 40% if you are Overwhelming to 0% for Inferior). The host empire gains much less trade value from the Commercial Pact, but has decreased research cost for technologies already researched by this Megacorp. Has increased Private Research Enterprise output.​
    Hazardous R&D
    This Megacorperation employs the use of sapient experimentation in their product development process, ensuring that no item reaches shelves with a mortality rate over 0.09%.
    Must be Fanatic Materialist. Can use a unique slavery type, "Subject Research," and enslaved pops are given the "Test Subject" job which produces a small amount of research output and has reduced pop growth. If Purging is allowed can use the "Reckless Experimentation" purge type, which produces more research and kills a pop every 3 months. Random events may occur regarding experimentation results for both types, with both positive and negative effects. Enslaved and purged pops produce research of all types, but Biological pops produce more society research while Mechanical pops produce more engineering research.​
    Monopolistic Exploiters
    This Megacorperation wears its acquisitive intentions on its sleeve, undercutting the competition and exploiting their customers. To them, the galaxy is nothing but another market to monopolize.
    Branch Offices have have reduced output for the owner, a greatly lowered empire sprawl cost, and provide the host empire with significant benefits. This Megacorp can use a unique subject type, a "Monopoly." Monopoly subject empires must provide their overlord with a large percentage of their Trade Value and cannot have commercial pacts or trade deals with any empire other then their overlord, but otherwise have full freedom. Neither the subject nor the overlord are obligated to join any of each others wars, and AI empires are more likely to accept becoming a Monopoly then other subject types. If this empire Demands Monopolization and declares war, the defending empire gains more war exhaustion for each of this empires Branch Offices on their worlds.​
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