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Apr 23, 2019
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Looking for the toughest and most enduring players (not necessarily most skilled) for a mega campaign: Monday,Wednesday,Friday(Game will be finished in the same week). Starting 27th April, 2020 AD.Game time: 8pm-4amCET, Session Lenght: 8 hours (40 minutes pause +7,20 hours of gameplay).Currently 4/20 slots are filled.If you are interested let me know by replaying Here on this thread .Need only Reliable players in terms of not rage quiting and presence/finding subs.If we do not reach at least 15 people, we will not start the session,so dont worry about getting sucked into a weak game.Goal is 20 players tho.if u have any questions feel free to ask any time

this is not a messy casual game,for any "standard once per week" players who are doubtful but are considering joining