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Mar 2, 2017
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It's time for the last community-driven article featuring 3 casters and 2 top players of the League!

We hope that you enjoyed reading this series of articles, on our side, we really appreciated the interaction with the persons involved and all the knowledge that was shared.

In 1 hour from now, Rangroo and KhanUlric are casting 2 games of the American League, watch it on the official Paradox Twitch account!
Nice read,but we all know that 1 name is missing in the top players section..the 6 foot 8 german medallion wearing powerhouse Fussel.

By opening the link i was expecting a big interview with him,talking about how it is to be the 5 time award wining SD 44 tournaments champion,showing only 5 % of his trophies and a pic of a big hug with Madmat for all his work for the dlc-s but nothing :-(..