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Jan 9, 2023
unlike common belief i find mechanized infantry very useful.the other day i played a gameplay as america and i made an army of full mechanized.1944 when i attacked germans i just melted germans.it was very easy to make large and rapid encirclemens and i just crushed them within 6 months.dont you guys use them?also as germany i anexed soviet union within a year an half.like...they are overpowered.
The USSR depends on the UK/Canada/Australia continuing to fight and the USA to join the Allies and actually do something. Without the western allies opening a 2nd front and providing Lend Lease to them, they would have suffered far more losses and advanced far slower than in history.

Mechanized Infantery may be very useful - for someone as the USA who has plenty of everything. Most other countries can´t afford to build their whole infantery into mechanized without risking to run out of oil.