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Apr 30, 2018
Hey mates,

I've just released version 0.79 of Mech Designer. Changelog:
- Added buttons for switching to other mech locations, and button to clear to add new equipment dialog in floating mode
- Added context menu to main work area. The menu contains the same options as the main toolbar.
- Corrected z-order of add new equipment dialog in floating mode - now it always shows properly over other windows.
- Added missing equipment information messagebox during using options "Load mech" and "Reload".
- Fixed bug in add new equipment dialog - on Windows 10 close buttons didn't had intended, red color.
- Improved drawing blue frame around inventory for which add new equipment dialog is called - now the frame is not covered by items.
- Added option to fill inventory with the same item by holding CTRL and clicking an item in add new equipment dialog.
- Update for the manual - better description of the add new equipment dialog, and hint that main desk now has context menu.
- Fixed duplicated LB-2X ammo in add new equipment dialog bug.
- Fixed display bug in current tonnage label for 100t mechs.

Same as in 0.78

From now I no longer put the installer on this forum, but on Nexus Mods due to how they messed up it. Direct download link in my signature is updated.
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