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Apr 30, 2018
Greeting mates,

Finally, I've finished update for Mech Designer which contains Heavy Metal DLC support, and many other QoL improvements. You can find the latest installer in my subforum - link in my subscription.

Mods, please leave this thread here for a day or two before moving it into my subforum.

- Added mechs and equipment from Heavy Metal expansion; you need to choose appropriate option in installer.
- New equipment categories - Systems for mech quirks, and Mortars.
- Mech design window has been altered, and now contains in addition to old stuff:
  • Indicator for TAG/NARC multiplier. Just click button to set/clear it.
  • Slider to set Evasion Chevrons used to calculate damage and heat for COILs.
  • Mech walk and sprint distance in hexes. Fractional part means how likely a mech will reach next full hex due to terrain relief, or bias movement. WARNING! You have to install Flashpoint and Urban Warfare packs again to get newly added movement data files for mechs from these expansions! If a movedef file is missing the values will be -1.
  • Enemy Damage Reduction spin box. It has context menu for convenient setting of usual values.
- DFA damage info has been moved into separate tab.
- 'Environment' combo box now has effectiveness values shown on drop-down list.
- Label 'Heatsinks effectiveness' has been removed, information about environmental influence of cooling is merged into cooling value label.
- New mech dialog has reversed order of displayed hardpoints to better match what is seen in newly created mech design window.
- New mech dialog will get information about mech max walk/sprint speed, in hexes.
- New mech dialog got new sorting option - by walk speed.
- Equipment tooltip widget now shows effects of quirks, thermal exchangers, TAG/NARC multiplier etc. for damage/heat values of weapons.
- Jump range label now displays text "N/A" if there are no jump jets equipped on mech.
- Changed formulas for calculating heat, jump heat, and jump distance(thanks @Doctor Machete) - now they are more accurate, and consistent with data shown in game logs. In short, thermal exchangers now lowers heat better, and jumps generate 1 heat move.
- New component for installation - "Fixes for known .json data syntax errors", here will be places all .json data files messed up by HBS and corrected by me. If you see message box "Unsuccessful parsing JSON file: <filename here, then offset and error message>" run the installer again, and select the bugfix component. Currently it contains just CombatGameConstants.json, let me know about other errors. Original files are backed up by renaming to '<filename>.json.backup'.

Except same as in 0.77, here is new one - Missilery Suite gives only 50% SRM stability damage

Special thanks for Jaime Wolf, as without his savegame editor it'd be a way harder to test stuff in game.
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