Tannhäuser Cake

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Nov 22, 2020
Stellaris feels empty without a reference to this.
The specifics are of secondary importance, as long as a reference gets added.

Random ideas so far:
  • An uninhabitable/toxic world that has a rich food resource that can be mined.
    • A habitat orbiting a meat planet gets agricultural districts.
    • Alternative: not a meat planet, but a meat moon?
      (no need to consider habitat implications then)
  • If the empire has any governor with the corrupt trait, they may eat the meat sample brought back.
    (3:48-4:17 in the video; who among us cannot sympathize?)
    • Effects: corrupt leader gains xp and lifespan, instead of the empire getting a society research bonus?
  • Lithoids freak out over the discovery.
  • Devouring swarms (organic) get the option to devour the meat planet.
    (deleting it, or turning it into a shattered world, or something else)
  • Possible name: Suecia (latin for "Sweden", reference to "Swedish meatballs")
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May 15, 2016
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