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Sep 19, 2018
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I think I already posted about this in the Incorrect Descriptions thread, but I need better visibility to make Hiliadan change his mind :p .

It's about a handful of MCU-related unit abilities not having a correct description in vanilla game (not using the usual phrasing). Also, the source for all these MCU-related unit abilities should clearly be the MCU building itself, and not some "Inherent" character, which usually refers to the unit's template.

As you all know, DLC2 introduced the new Mystical City Upgrade concept and subsequent new unit abilities:

Mercenary: "This unit has..." (source: Mercenary Camp)
Supercharged: "If this unit dies in combat..." (source: Arcane Catalyst)
Stylite: "This unit has..." (source: Pillar of Stylites)
Enchanted Armour: "This unit has...) (source: Enchanted Armory)
Vigorous Mount: "This unit has..." (source: Stables of Life)
Flowrock Machinery: "This unit has..." (source: Flowrock Citadel)
Killing Momentum: "This unit has..." (source: Slaughter Pits)
Bound Soul: "This unit has..." (source: Altar of Bound Souls)
Focused: "This unit has..." (source: Focus Chamber)​

For all of them, we have an original unit ability (different from the MCU building's name), the usual phrasing for any unit's ability, and the source which the ability originates from.
  1. Please ensure that MCUs are always the sources, and not "Inherent".

Then DLC3 added othe MCUs:

Mount of Unlife: "This unit has..." (source: Stables of Unlife)
Blessed by the Forefather: "This unit has..." (source: Hall of the Forefathers)
Solar Spire: "All produced Pikemen gain Blinding Aura and {SpireDef}."
Mariner's Guild: "All produced Irregulars gain Water Concealment."
Library of the Dark Arts: "All produced Infantry and Monster units gain Fear Strike."
Magic Academy:"This unit has..."​

To which we add the three alignment-based unit abilities: (Embrassed

Meditate: "This unit meditates..." (source: Spiritual Freedom, Torchbearer's city spell)
Scales of Fortune: "This unit is..." (source: Scales of Fortune, Grey Guard's city spell)
Embraced by Darkness:"All units produced in the target city are embraced by Darkness. They gain Life Stealing and are Dedicated to Evil (except Machine units)." (source: Embrace Darkness, Shadowborn's city spell)
Now if we play the game of "Which thing doesn't belong?", we can easily see that the four last DLC3's unit abilities, and to a certain degree "Scales of Fortune" and "Embraced by Darkness" as well, stand in contrast to the other MCU-related unit's abilities. Three of them indeed copy the MCU's description that is found in another file, to which we add "Embrassed by Darkness" ("All units..."). Four (+Scales of Fortune) copy the MCU's (or spell's) name.

  1. Change four ability names: "Solar Spire", "Mariner's Guild", "Library of Dark Arts", and "Magic Academy" are MCUs, not abilities. Please see hereafter for proposals.
  2. Change the Grey Guard 's ability name: "Scales of Fortune", as it is the name for the spell.
  3. Change four descriptions, using either the short, bland version: "This unit has...", or a more written version, adding some contextual lore.
  4. Ensure that MCUs (or spells) are always the sources, and not "Inherent".
Hence the proposals:

  • Solar Lancer: "This unit has Blinding Aura and {SpireDef}." (source: Solar Spire)
  • Marine Troop: "This unit has trained for onboard operations and has Water Concealment." (source: Mariners' Guild)
  • Mystical Warrior: "This unit studied the Dark Arts and has Fear Strike." (source: Library of the Dark Arts)
  • Battlemage: "This unit..." (source: Magic Academy)
  • Fortune Fighter : "This unit..." (source: Scales of Fortune)
  • Embraced by Darkness: "This unit has Life Stealing and is Dedicated to Evil." (source: Embrace Darkness)