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Vahan Checher

Aug 8, 2018
I haven't played HoiIV neither. Pardon my english, it isn't my mother tongue. The attachments a division can have, is it modable? I can't find a particular passage in the misc file and when I edit the max_allowed_brigades = 5 to a bigger number in its db/units/division txt file the game will crash saying in the savedebug:
ERROR : Invalid max_allowed_brigades for armor (6). Set to 5.


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I read in either a dev diary or in a thread here a few years ago that five is the limit so it must be hardcoded
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I read in either a dev diary or in a thread here a few years ago that five is the limit so it must be hardcoded
IIRC is was due to graphic limitations, which is a big factor on what can or cannot be done in DH unfortunately.
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Sep 13, 2011
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The attachments [5] a division can have, is it modable?

But 5 is a lot and not used within the game anyway except for some capital ships. INF can have 2 brigades, most (if not all) other land unit types only 1 brigade.

By the way, I think you define number and type of allowed brigades for divisions not in divisions.txt but for each division-type in its own file like infantry.txt, militia.txt etc., below an example:
[file: ...\Darkest Hour\Mods\Darkest Hour Full\db\units\divisions\infantry.txt]

# MODEL_0_

allowed_brigades =  artillery
allowed_brigades =  super_heavy_artillery
allowed_brigades =  medium_armor       
allowed_brigades =  anti_air       
allowed_brigades =  cavalry_brigade
allowed_brigades =  tank_destroyer
allowed_brigades =  light_armor_brigade
allowed_brigades =  amph_armor
allowed_brigades =  heavy_armor   
allowed_brigades =  super_heavy_armor
allowed_brigades =  armored_car
allowed_brigades =  engineer   
allowed_brigades =  police

max_allowed_brigades = 2


Odds and Sods... - Modding Questions (Pasha)
Odds and Sods... - Modding Questions (Slaughter)

Your idea of defining a different number of allowed brigades for infantry depending on wether it is built by III.Reich or SU might be difficult, though. I guess they are defined for all countries. A workaround might be using special units and different ones for each country.
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