Master List of Fixes for Crusader Kings 3

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Hoping to consolidate the various fixes that are available into a single post so users can refer to this list and begin basic troubleshooting


Note that you should be trying ALL of the fixes in this section. These are general troubleshooting tips that should be attempted regardless of your underlying issue.

Run A Full Windows Update

Ensure your OS is fully updated by manually running a Windows Update

Ensure Your Video Drivers Are Up To Date

Ensure you're running the latest drivers from you vendor

Intel Drivers

Note: Do NOT use the Intel Driver Update Utility to update your Intel video card drivers, make sure you download them directly. That tool is somewhat unreliable at identifying some older hardware.

You may need to uninstall your existing drivers from your vendor, reboot, and install the Intel drivers

Apple BootCamp Drivers

Perfom a Clean Uninstall of AMD Drivers

Its possible you may still have graphical issues wiht some drivers. Doing a full uninstall of your existing AMD drivers may help

Download this utility, run it, then reboot your system. Then proceed to install the latest drivers from AMD

Perform a Clean Uninstall of Nvidia Drivers

  • Download this utility
  • Uninstall your existing drivers
  • Reinstall the latest Nvidia Drivers


Laptop users should force their Nvidia/AMD cards

Use the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD CCC to force the game to use your built in GPU instead of the Intel one

This guide should help you depending on your video card:

Disable or Move OneDrive

OneDrive has a tendency to steal focus/permission for your "My Documents" folder causing all sorts of issues especially with save games. Try disabling OneDrive on your "My Documents" folder

Disable or Whitelist Crusader Kings 3 In Your Anti-Virus

Anti-virus can cause issue or conflicts with the game. Please refer to your anti-virus documentation as to how to whitelist Crusader Kings 3 in your program. Note that 'heuristic' or '0-day detection' modes are especially problematic and may be a separate component from your standard anti-virus scans, so ensure you white list it in there as well

Disable Audio Enhancement Tools

Some Audio Enhancement tools can cause issues. Try disabling them. They go by various names depending on the vendor
  • Nahimic (installed on MSI laptops)
  • Sonic Sound 2 (installed on Asus laptops)
  • Sonic Suite
  • Razer Chroma (and possibly Synapse) - note your headset will still be usable

Click PLAY instead of RESUME From The Launcher

Its possible your existing save game is corrupted and clicking "Resume" causes the crash due to your corrupted save game (expecially when combined with the steam cloud issue above). Thus try clicking PLAY from the launcher instead.

Check if MS Security is Blocking App

  • Open Windows Security
  • Click on Virus & threat protection
  • Under "Ransomware protection," click the Manage ransomware protection option.
  • Click the Allow an app through Controlled folder accessoption.
  • Click the Add an allowed app button.
  • Click the Recently blocked apps option
  • Click the + (plus) button for the app you trust and want to allow.

Unplug Controller Or USB Peripherals May Cause Issues

Try unplugging any controllers such an xbox controller

Also Some esoteric/odd USB peripherals may cause issues. Try unplugging an odd USB peripherals and see if that helps

Remove Overclock On Video Card

Some reports that overclocks on your video card can cause instability in the game. Disable any video card overclocking.

Reinstall the Paradox Launcher

  • exit the Steam app entirely
  • uninstall Paradox Launcher v2 from the Windows "Apps and features" utility, if still present.
Delete the following folders if still present:
  • C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Local/Programs/Paradox Interactive/
  • C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Local/Paradox Interactive/
  • C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Roaming/Paradox Interactive/launcher-v2/
To see the AppData folder you'll need to enable View Hidden Items in File Explorer.

Paradox Servers Unavailable

This is generally due to your ISP blocking the Paradox servesr
  • Ensure ck3.exe is whitelisted in your firewall
  • Change your DNS settings to OpenDNS or GoogleDNS
  • Reboot your router


Steam - Run As Administrator

  • Go to c:\program files\steam\
  • Right click ->Properties on steam.exe
  • Click the Compatibility tab
  • Check "Run this program as an administrator

Steam-Verify Game Data

Verify your game data in Steam
  • Right click -> Properties
  • Local Files tab
  • Verify Integrity of Game Files

Steam - Disable Cloud Saves
  • Find CK3 in your library
  • Right Click -> Properties
  • Updates tab
  • Uncheck "Steam Cloud" section

Steam-Do a Manual Clean Reinstall
  • move any valued save games elsewhere
  • "uninstall" in Steam-CK3
  • manually delete both the Steam/SteamApps/common/CK3 AND Documents/Paradox/CK3 folders
  • re-install game in Steam, run a Steam Verify when done.
  • add CK3.exe to the exceptions list of your antivirus app; ESPECIALLY if you have Windows Defender, add it to the Ransomware "Apps Allowed Through" list.
  • start the game with no mods active and test

Steam - Wipe Out All Mods
  • unsubscribe from all mods
  • delete the folder Documents/paradox/CK3/mod/
  • delete the file Documents/paradox/CK3/mods_registry.json
  • delete the file Documents/paradox/CK3/launcher-v2.sqlite
  • subscribe to a few mods
  • run the game up and see if those mods are now available to you.


Game Pass - Ensure you have the Xbox (beta) App Installed

If you recently purchased the Game Pass and downloaded the game directly from the Microsoft Store. You need the "Xbox (beta)" app to actually run the game. Download and log into the "Xbox (beta)" app from the Microsoft Store.

Game Pass - Update "Gaming Services"
  • Open the "Microsoft Store"
  • Click the "..." in the upper right
  • Click "Download and update"
  • Click "Get Updates"
  • Click "Update All"

Game Pass - Delete wgs Folder

For Game Pass users try deleting the "wgs" folder from your local install. You can find this folder in this "very easy to find" location of


Note the "AppData" folder is a hidden folder so you'll either have to navigate to it manually, or enable the option in Windows Explorer to show hidden folders

Game Pass - Disable Cloud Saves
  • Create a New game
  • Enable Ironman mode
  • Click Start
  • When selecting the save game, uncheck the box with teh 'cloud' icon beside it

Game Pass - Run As Administrator
  • Click Start
  • Right click "Crusader Kings 3"
  • More -> Run As Administrator

Game Pass - Repair Installation
  • Click Start
  • Right click "Crusader Kings 3"
  • More -> App Settings
  • Click "Repair"
  • If that doesn't help, try using the "Reset" option, though this likely will delete your local save games

GamePass -File system error (-2143322101)

Please check that your Game Pass subscription is active

GamePass - Cannot Add Or View Mods

This is due to a weird privacy setting on your account
  • Open the Xbox Game Pass app
  • Click your avatar in the upper right
  • Click Settings
  • In the middle section there is a link for "Manage Privacy Settings" click this
  • You will be redirected to your MS account on a web browser, you'll need to log into your xbox account again
  • Under "<your user> can:" scroll down
  • Find the section "You can see and upload community creations"
  • Set this to "Everyone"
  • Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page
  • Relaunch the game and you can now see and subscribe to mods

How To Report Issues

If you continue to have issues you should make a post for it. However please include some basic information so that Paradox can see what's going on with your system

  • Click Start
  • Type "dxdiag"
  • Click Save All Information
  • Upload dxdiag.txt to the forum through the "Attach Files" at the bottom
Paradox Logs
  • Attach your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/pdx_settings.txt file
  • Go to your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/logs/ folder, attach system.log , error.log , debug.log
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This thread is for recording known fixes for this game. It is NOT a general support thread.

If you have any problem not covered here please make a new thread of your own in this forum (rather than a me-too post in someone else's thread), and provide a full problem description and history there. Thank you.
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