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Mar 4, 2019

Release date: 2022-05-18

Game Version: 1011166

Bug fixes
  • Fixed missing train sounds
  • Fixed issue with dome/habitat birth timing
  • Fixes issue where too many colonists would be gathered for transport (elevator and rockets).
  • Fixed an issue when "Remote Farming" is researched and but there are no stations or domes built on a map (building either will restore the game even without the patch)
  • Fixed stations not transporting colonists when it or the nearby dome/workplace was completed while on a different map. Should fix existing bugged stations on game load.
  • Fixed duplicated colonists in station infopanel when SetCommand is called while they are waiting for trains
  • Fixed issues when colonists are "teleported" to rockets, landers or elevator while in stations or trains
  • Fixed game hanging under some conditions when colonists use the elevator

  • Added option to manually make colonists exit trains
  • Select the train and right click on the colonist icons in the passengers list to get them out of the train. Can be useful if you want them to take their chances walking when the train is stuck on a damaged track.
  • Increases the number of colonists that can wait for trains at a station
  • If you notice colonists going home from work by foot or via more distant stations check if the station near the workplace doesn't get full when shifts are ending.
  • Fixed clogging for station depots
  • Station depots will try to reserve "desired amount" (DA) for each resource that it can accept from drones and trains. If DA is higher than the total space divided by the number of accepted resources, clogging may still happen but in such case that DA value also becomes a hard cap for each resource.
  • Changes to balanced mode for crates
  • If the source depot is in balanced mode (for a resource) and has more it's DA it will try to satisfy the DA of the destination then split the quantity that it may still have over its own DA between the two. If the source has exactly its DA it will send 1 crate of that resource if the target has less than its own DA of it.
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Ask your Antivirus Software company. It's on them...
it also always has problems with my c++ homeworks from classes in the past

its likely because the update is very new, but its the first time its ever said anything about a game from steam or epics lancher

i checked if there was a real update though because if there was not an post about an update then it is suspicious