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Hey there everyone!

If you are ready for war, you can get March of the Eagles here:

If you want to try it first, here is the demo:

Want to know more before you buy March of the Eagles?
Read the latest reviews and previews below! :)Cheers,

March of the Eagles review at Pixeljudge – Score: 4,5/5
“The Verdict: Paradox has done an exceptional job at making this game beginner friendly and removing those ‘unfair’ fail moments of their previous titles. MotE is a smallish game yet brilliant and addicting with many moments in which you truly feel like you can take on the whole of Europe yourself – and succeed.”

March of the Eagles Review at StrategyPrime -4,5/5
“Final verdict: March of the Eagles is an action oriented strategy that gives the extra kick by focusing on good, old-fashioned warmongering. I could go on talking about it for hours, as I have missed out on a ton of relevant info, but you know what? There is one thing better than talking about it. That is playing it! So, yeah, go and grab the game, you definitely won’t regret it, and if you are by any case a newly arrival to Paradox strategies, it will be a good choice to get into this specific genre.

March of the Eagles Review at Softpedia – Score: 8,5/10
“March of the Eagles is closer to Hearts of Iron than any other Paradox title and is unique in its focus on warfare and clearly defined objectives. This is a game that offers a lot of options, models 19th century battles in complex detail and gives players plenty of variety with eight major nations to fight as. March of the Eagles creates a middle ground between grand strategy and the tactical level, and I quickly found myself spending hours planning my next strikes, creating armies that follow complex tactics and worrying about the geography of rivals and how it influences supply limits. Paradox has also included manuals, tutorials and hints that make March of the Eagles their most accessible title for the general public, which might help recruit a number of new grand strategy fans.”

March of the Eagles review at RealGamerNewz – 8,5/10
“Where this game really shines is definitely the multiplayer because there you get a whole lot more interaction and backstabbing. As I said before, MOTE (March of the Eagles) can essentially be considered a more advanced, better version of Risk. For those that are new to the Grand Strategy genre, be ready for some intense battles of wit and might.”

March of the Eagles review at PC Gamer – Score: 80/100
“With short 15-year campaigns and target provinces determined by nation choices, there’s an urgency and focus that you don’t find in other Paradox fare. Friendship cultivation and province improvement is possible, but most of the time I’ve found I’m too busy recruiting and expanding to bother with such long-term projects. The pace and constant warmongering is well suited to multiplayer.“

Wot I Think: March Of The Eagles at Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“There is a correct way to play March of the Eagles and it involves more war in its fifteen years than my cowardly Crusade-dodging Dukes usually experience in a lifetime. It might be one of those map games but compared to Victoria, EU and Crusader Kings, March of the Eagles is an action game, so blisteringly fast and vicious that I almost expected QTEs to pop up from time to time when I crossed national borders.
My idea of ‘blisteringly fast’ may differ from yours. Playing as England, a particularly large army that I’d ordered to cross France took around eight months of game time to arrive. That worked out as about an hour, give or take, during which I drank a great deal of coffee and listened to Flying Lotus, occasionally tabbing across to Chrome and shaking my fist at a picture of Napoleon that I’d saved in a tab. It was dramatic.”


Three Moves Ahead Episode 207 - EAGLES MARCHING
Awesome Out of Ten's Fraser Brown and PC Gamer's T.J. Hafer join Rob to talk about Paradox's March of the Eagles.

March of the Eagles review at Myth-Games – Score: 8/10
“I thought I'd miss complex trade and economics, but to be honest, I don't - this is warfare done right.”

Recension: March of the Eagles - Örnen har marcherat -8/10
”Sammanfattningsvis blev jag ändå positivt överraskad av March of the Eagles. Att det är ett rent krigsspel ger spelet en egen identitet och motiverar dess plats i spelhyllan. Det är dessutom glädjande att se att Paradox fortsätter sitt arbete med att höja kvalitén på deras spel vid släpp. Förutom lite stadsnamn som flyttats runt spontant över kartan har jag inte upplevt några tydliga buggar under min tid med spelet. För den som är sugen på en liten avstickare med storslagen strategi kan jag definitivt rekommendera March of the Eagles.”

Plotting for World Domination: March of the Eagles Review at Gamerliving – 4/5
“When you take a look at the world around you, March of the Eagles is a fun playthrough, with a great Multiplayer option, and a clean look that will help newcomers adapt to the very detailed and intense grand-strategy war game genre. There are a few setbacks and glitches, but overall you’ll enjoy creating tactics and guiding your country to victory in this political whirlwind of a game.”

March of the Eagles Review: War, War & More War – Score 4/5
“What I needed, really, was a game somewhere between Crusader Kings and Risk in terms of complexity that I could sink my teeth into.
One thing that wouldn't hog all my waking hours but still would provide a compelling experience. Enter March of the Eagles.”


March of the Eagles: A streamlined take on conquest at Snackbar-Games – Score: 4/5
“With less complex gameplay comes a much better multiplayer experience. As the game has essentially become a giant game of Risk, multiplayer feels familiar and accessible.”

I Review.... March Of The Eagles - Score 8/10


March of the Eagles Review at RTS Guru - Marching Ever On and On - Score 8/10
"March of the Eagles is a wargame that offers just the right balance between deep information, satisfying combat and immersion in a short playtime. MotE provides a great platform for mutliplayer."

March of the Eagles review at Gamer.no – Score 8/10 (Norwegian review)
"Show Napoleon who the best commander is
March of the Eagles is a very good strategy game, a good entry to the genre and a game that can steal many hours of your day.
Both physically while playing, not to mention when you plan your moves when you are away from your computer.”


March of the Eagles review at Spaziogames.it - Score: 8/10 (Italian review)

March of the Eagles review – 8/10 (Polish review)

March of the Eagles Review – Score: 4/5
“All in all, March of the Eagles is a brilliant game that makes you feel brilliant whenever you manage to bring down a country. The level of strategy is grand, the game itself is challenging and feels as real as it gets: one wrong move can cost you the war and one bad decision can take you 10 years back. And in a game that lasts for just 15 years, that is a lot.
So do yourself a favor – especially if you are a fan of completely hardcore war games and strategy titles, or at least are willing to give them a try – and get March of the Eagles. Conquer Europe, polish your skills, then go for a multiplayer game. Then check the box near “Satisfaction level: 100%”


March of the Eagles review at family Friendly Gaming – Score 81/100
“The sum of my experience with March of the Eagles was a very positive one. I feel smarter already thanks to this game.
Maybe the bloated government could learn how to enact spending cuts if they played March of the Eagles for a few weeks. Okay, maybe not, but it was worth a shot.”

http://www.familyfriendlygaming.com/Reviews/2013/March of the Eagles.html

March of the Eagles review at Historia games- Score 8/10 (French review)
“March of the Eagles is a great wargame, where we take the pleasure to play. Strategies enthusiasts have a great time on it, and the great strategists find the challenge of difficulty to the height of their experience. Offering clear, personalized and comprehensive management, for a modest price, March of the Eagles will take you several hours of fun.”

March of the Eagles review at IGN – 79/100
“March of the Eagles may have more limited ambitions than its grand strategy cousins, but in limiting its goals it makes its successes more evident.
It's a relatively brief and accessible strategy experience that's good alone and better with friends.”


March of the Eagles review – Score 8/10
“I give March of the Eagles an 8 out of 10, while not perfect, it’s still the enjoyable game and offers quite a bit of satisfaction in playing it, and I can recommend the game to friends or fans of the Grand Strategy genre or just wish to give the game a shot.”

March of the Eagles review at Gamerscritic.it – 7,9/10 (Italian)

March of the Eagles review at Games4Me – Score 79/100 (Dutch review)

March of the Eagles review at Ragequit – 77/100

March of the Eagles review at Gamegrin – 7,5/10
“…if you're more interested in a war-centric experience and fancy a little bit of multiplayer backstabbing.

March of the Eagles review -7,5/10
“Have you ever played the board game Risk and thought “I really like this game, but I wish I had more control over formation and strategy. It would be really nice if economics and treaties played a bigger role?” Well then, March of the Eagles for Steam might just be the game for you.”

March of the Eagles review at Hooked Gamers – 74/100
“Playing a Paradox grand strategy game is a little like getting back together with an old girlfriend. The initial excitement of rekindling the old chemistry wears off a little too quickly and after you have discovered in what ways she has changed, you simply settle into a familiar, comfortable routine. If you have come back to her because your other adventures weren’t satisfying enough, you’ll be happy to spend more time with her.”

March of the Eagles review at Gamespot – Score 7/10
“Yet the intrigue and backstabbing in multiplayer can be fantastic. If a real-time version of Risk on steroids mixed with Diplomacy's double-dealing sounds appealing, then March of the Eagles is well worth picking up.”

March of the Eagles review at 7idgaming.de - Singleplayer 72% - Multiplayer 75% (German review)

March of the Eagles review at Destructoid - 7/10
"...I've been staying up till 6:00am playing the damn game. Why? The multiplayer is something really special. When each major power has a human player behind them, the issues with the AI, diplomacy, and the serious lack of intrigue vanish. Suddenly it becomes a tense game filled with shaky alliances of convenience, betrayals around every corner, and lots of nasty surprises. "

March Of The Eagles Review at Dealspwn – 7/10
“The Short Version: If you're willing to play dirty, twist the knife and lose many friends, March Of The Eagles will be a delightfully sadistic multiplayer experience. Like Risk, it's best enjoyed with others rather than sat on your lonesome in front of the board.”

March of the Eagles review at Strategy Informer - 7/10
"...as a multiplayer experience, it transcends anything I’ve experienced before, even other Paradox games.
The game time is shorter and the goals are more defined, leading to a more immediate need for diplomacy and warfare, and the stripped down nature of the game actually does it credit when playing with others."


March of the Eagles review at Gram.pl - Score: 7,5/10 (Polish review)

March of the Eagles Review at Gamezebo – 3,5/5
“Convincing blend of resource management, military tactics and diplomacy. Relatively accessible and well-presented for a grand strategy game. Great multiplayer, if you can find the time.”

March of the Eagles review at Hardcore Gamer – 3,5/5
“In fact, it’s the perfect entry title for anyone looking to get into the genre. “

March of the Eagles (PC) – Review - Score: B+

March of the Eagles review at ThisisMyJoystiq – verdict: Try it!
“RISK veterans will likely already understand the subtle skills needed to manage a military campaign on this scale and may relish in the sheer amount of options available.”

March of the Eagles review at MMORPGItalia.it (Italian review)

March of the Eagles review at Wargamer.fr (French review)

March of the Eagles reviewed: Too simple& too complex, but fun all the same
“The saving grace is multiplayer, which seems to have been Paradox’s primary focus with March of the Eagles. A campaign across Europe with a full complement of human players is a wargamer’s dream. The victory conditions ensure that whatever alliances you might make, only one player can ultimately win, a foolproof recipe for backstabbing and treachery, guaranteed to ruin friendships.”

Feature article: March of the Eagles: Grand Stategy Vs a N00b
“Hardcore strategy gamers make the rest of us look like apes walking round with our fingers up our arseholes.
But... I'm getting there. Just ahead of me, I'm getting whiffs of a deep, rich gaming (I'm sorry) experience that takes a hell of a lot more out of you than Call of Battlefield of Honour, but might just give you a whole lot more back, too.”



March of the Eagles Impressions by Out of Eight

March of the Eagles Gameplay Impressions

Let's Look At: March of the Eagles! [PC]

NEW! Backstab your friends in March of the Eagles (No Spain, no gain) at Destructoid
“The diplomacy, backstabbing, and rivalry that I love so much remains very much intact when you add in human opponents, especially in a LAN setting, and it was genuinely one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had with a grand strategy title.”

NEW! Hands On: March Of The Eagles at Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“In brief, it’s a Paradox strategy game with victory conditions and it’s a wargame that doesn’t demand a huge time investment. It also has the friendship-shattering flow of a particularly devious boardgame. Ideally it’d be played by people in one room, as we experienced it, but failing the resurrection of LAN parties, conquest from afar might work for you. I didn’t attach to my nation or its people as I so often do, but I did attach to the people in that multiplayer session. I wanted to attach myself to their throats, half of them, in a bid to strangulate. Good times. Just remember: today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy. And in the game.”

NEW! Paradox Development Studio Hands-On Special: Master Class at Strategy Informer
"I’ve been a Paradox fan for years, but I’ve never really gotten involved in the multiplayer side of things – mainly due to a lack of friends to play with and Paradox’s traditionally poor backend coding for multiplayer. It was a truly transformative experience – the politics, the tension, the drama... the f***ing Lollards. It was a fantastic experience, and it’s changed the way I look on Paradox games."

NEW! Preview: Many Frenchmen Die in Multiplayer March of the Eagles Mayhem at The Escapist
“I don't usually play the big bad guys. There's too much of the underdog in me, I suppose. But when I was given first choice in what faction I wanted to play in a multiplayer match of Paradox's upcoming Napoleonic war-simulator March of the Eagles, I went with my gut. "I'll be France," I blurted out. If you're going to test a game from that era, you have to see what it's like to be Napoleon. The next two hours was a master class in how to slaughter my own Frenchmen in the futility of war. France didn't lose any ground in Europe, but it took nearly 300,000 casualties to claw my way to a stalemate on the continent.”

New! March of the Eagles PC preview at Avault
“March of the Eagles is a faster-paced strategy game than some of Paradox’s other titles, and I see a lot of potential in its multiplayer mode.”

NEW! Chris King from Paradox Development Studio – Q&A Session on March of the Eagles at The Koalition
“Firstly it is not an open sandbox since we have scripted victory conditions, and secondly it has a strong focus on war. So although March of Eagles will have a certainly familiarity to fans of our previous games, it will play very differently. It takes place in a short time period and the game is all about warfare with set victory conditions. But just because the stage is small, that doesn’t mean the performance can’t fill the house… Internally we talk about March of the Eagles as a love child with a lot of parents. It has the war focus from Hearts of Iron, the time frame and visuals from Europa Universalis, and victory conditions similar to those you’ve seen in Sengoku.”

NEW! March of the Eagles Hands-On Preview – A Tall Order at The Koalition
“Overall though, I enjoyed March of the Eagles, and am eager to give it a go in full release sometime soon this year. With tweaks to the AI and Balance, this can be another great game released by Paradox to augment their already rich array of historical simulations, and prove to be a bit more accessible to gamers not wanting to stare at decades of peace, while still preserving much of the depth of their other series that we have come to expect.”

NEW! March of the Eagles preview at RTS Guru - Marching with the Beat of War at RTS Guru
“The fun here is to plot, scheme, and use the bigger nations to your advantage. While one side of the strategy coin is to lead Napoleonic troops through Europe, expanding and enveloping, the other side is one of political intrigue and prospering from the upheaval.”

NEW! March of the Eagles Preview at Elder Geek
“It goes without saying that we look forward to spending countless hours in conquering Europe in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte or as another great power in March of the Eagles.”

NEW! March of the Eagles - Game Designer Interview at GameReactor TV

New! March of the Eagles preview at Strategium Alliance (French)

New! March of the Eagles preview at Multiplayer.it (Italian)

New! March of The Eagles - preview (italian)

NEW! Strathursday - Episode 1 Recap - Marching with the Eagles!
"March of the Eagles features victory conditions, with regions as my goal to capture. I cannot win via diplomacy or talking.. it has to be war.
To "win" at March of the Eagles is no easy thing, with my three current games seemingly recoiling in horror I've yet to win, but I'll keep trying. "


Hands-on with March of the Eagles, Paradox's Napoleonic war-game
“March of the Eagles is a high-level wargame focused exclusively on Napoleon’s European wars from 1805 to 1815.
It’s not a self-directed journey through history, it’s a pitched battle to become the master of Europe.”

Paradox Strategy Tour - Presenting Europa Universalis IV, March of the Eagles and East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game

The Jekyll and Hyde of Strategy Gaming – Feature at Gamespot
“Nowhere is that difference more apparent than in two of its upcoming games: the diplomacy-heavy Europa Universalis IV and the straightforward war game March of the Eagles.”

March of Eagles - Developer Walkthrough live at Gamespot!

Fear the French - March of the Eagles preview live at Destructoid
“The Napoleonic Wars are the subject of Paradox Development Studio's latest strategy outing. Covering 1805-1815, it's a rather focused affair, one that has something of a military bent as one might expect for that period. I got to terrorize Europe with the Grande Armée for 45 minutes, and after I got over my initial feelings of guilt, I found myself becoming quite the would-be conqueror.”

March of the Eagles video interview live at GameReactor:


March of the Eagles interview live at Strategy Informer:
"Strategy Informer: If you break down March of the Eagles, what are we looking at here? A Napoleonic Hearts of Iron?
Johan Andersson: Yeah… imagine EU and Hearts of Iron having a hot night and 9 months later, this is the result. And then the game goes to the same kindergarten class of Sengoku."



Web-page: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/games/march-of-the-eagles
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marchoftheeaglesgame
Twitter: http://twitter.com/marchoftheeagle

March of the Eagles Gameplay Impressions

Let's Look At: March of the Eagles! [PC]

[video=youtube;xbsAVFG6eHQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbsAVFG6eHQ [/video]
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