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    The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers.

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Oct 10, 2010
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Toccs and Cabe have both provided this solution in various threads on our Citadel forum, so here it is.

For anyone experiencing this

It does not necessarily mean that your PC is unable to run the full version of mod. It just means that your grphics card cannot handle the new custom map terrain such as firey Valyria or the new marshes.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110524765/map graphics hotfix.rar

Placing these files in your "A Game of Thrones/map/terrain" folder will fix the issue. They are the files from immediatley before the custom terrain graphics were added.