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I have bought EU 1 (at a bargain price of a dollar) and am really having fun with it. It seems a bit complicated and I was wondering if anyone had an electronic copy of the manual. I realize I can hit the faqs hard and probably glean most of what I need to know from there, but a manual would be a nice thing to peruse through.



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Well, no. The manual was nice for the historical information, but it said very little about the game :D

Try http://playeruniversalis.cjb.net/ for some old information (but hey, it is an old game ;)) or just ask anything. Most has been asked before, in old threads.. but hey, that was a long time ago. :p

I'm on once daily, usually, so as long as you are not in a hurry, you should be able to get a reply. (And if you are in a hurry - just change the "Showing threads" from "last month" to "the beginning" and start browsing ;))