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Since the manual had to get printed some time before the game was released it is not entirely up to date. Here are some corrections:

There are no alliances in the game, plots can be used to have several clans attack your enemy, but these are one time deals.

There is only one start point in Sengoku, although there are several "bookmarks" to highlight interesting Clans and provide a little historical detail.

Ruler Intrigue does not affect demesne limit, every ruler has a limit of 5 Kori (provinces).

Children become adults at 16 in the game, not 15.

Your wife only adds half her stats to your ruler.

Vassals no longer command their own leveies if they are strong enough, instead the clan leader always controls all vassal levies, vassals only command their own retinue.

Court rank Jugoi is only the first of 10 court ranks, and is not too expensive, but you must wait one year before you can ask for the next rank.

Horse breeder gives cavalry fire, not morale.

The Gunsmith building produces arquebuses, which you can use to hire arquebuser units.

The Barracks increases levy reinforce speed and raises your retinue limit, but does not affect hiring of Ronin.

Invite to clan cannot be used on independents, only on direct vassals of another Clan leader.
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