Management Weekend and Activites!

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Hello Wardens,

Welcome to the Management Weekend with full of activities and sales on several different Paradox brands!

Check out the Management Weekend Sale:


Join the Prison Architect Build-off contest where all wardens can showcase their creativity by creating the most impressive prison they can by only using the small world size map. Do you have the skill to compete against other wardens? Head over to the official Prison Architect Discord and share your prison in the #contest-entry-and-discussion channel.

Complete list of Rules:

Join our amazing and creative community of wardens and participate in all the activities on the official Prison Architect Discord. Here you can ask for help and share your prison builds with the rest of the community.

“The Roundhouse” Update
Earlier today, we released “The Roundhouse” Update introducing two new pre-made prisons to try out!
‘Jungle Retreat’
Deep inside the dense tropical jungle, you can find a hidden retreat where the most adventurous prisoners would not even dare to stay. Are the tropical weathers too much to handle, or do you have what it takes to become its new warden?


For the full list of changes check out the patch notes

If you are new to the game and don’t know where to start your new career as a warden, this guide can help you learn everything you need to know to start building your prison! This guide will also show you some neat tips and tricks that will make everything a lot easier.

If you have crates and boxes lying around in your prison and they are not getting carried away, that means that you are missing a storage area to store all materials.


By creating a storage area, you will have the space to store materials and crates, and you will see workers getting all the boxes around your prison.

Tip: If you have the Going Green DLC, you will have access to Storage Shelves, and by using them, you will get more room, and the storage area will look cleaner.


For even more guides and tips check out the Guide of Guides!

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Prison Architect Team