Male Vanguard Character Portraits Should Show Other Side of Face

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Jul 23, 2020
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
When we customize a male Vanguard character, all of his possible distinct facial markings (scars, light streak in hair) are on his left (our right) side... and yet, all his character portraits show his right (our left) side. Making it so in the portrait you can't even see those markings! The only one where you can is the front-facing view. And that's pretty boring.

So, could you guys please either allow a "flip" button (it can't just mirror the image, but takes a proper pic of the model on the other side of their face) for side-facing profile pictures? Or add new ones that feature the side of his face with his markings.

Also, the eye color is very difficult to see on both the portrait and the main model while editing the character. Some way to zoom in would be nice, or to use a color-chooser the way you have it for skin color, logo color, etc. Because I just can't tell what half the eye colors are until I start a "New World" game and they show my commander, whereupon his eye color has become clear.

Thanks for this great game, I love it! But it could still use a little tweaking. ;3