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Jan 3, 2014
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane
I've been looking at the mod files to try to make the AI harder. I'm focusing on two thing: AI doesn't expand fast enough and the AIs weaken each other by going to war.

1) Does anyone know what the minValue, maxValue, minStrength, maxStrength values do in ai.xml? I see them under attackLair and buildCity and am hoping they can tweaked to make the AI attack lairs more often and build more cities. These values are also in newForts, so maybe we can make them build less forts. I'll increase settler priority of the AI and increase settler cost/time-to-build to slow the player down. Maybe make settlers a little tougher so the AI's un-escorted ones don't get crushed by monsters/neutrals.
2) Are there any settings that handicap the player diplomatically? I've played other games where AIs are just more freindly to one another and prefer to attack the player. I haven't found any such settings in the warlock mod files. I am thinking that if I can lower bordersNervousnessK and violationsK in logicparams.xml then maybe the AI won't get so mad at each other. Also I was thinking of upping envyK so the AI hates the player more (since the player will usually be envied since he'll expand much faster, at least I always do). I'm also thinking of increasing the inter-capital distance so the AI's get some size before killing each other.
3) Another thought would be settings that have the AI upgrade units more often. I haven't found anything to this effect. They do seem to go crazy giving perks to units (with all of their money, why not?), but not so much upgrades. Maybe this is because they don't specialize their cities very well so they don't get to the advanced units just because they can't build all the prereqs. That, and they build so many forts that they use all their building slots.

I know this has been discussed to death, but that doesn't stop me from trying.