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This was pointed out to me as a serious balance issue in Sengoku. Here's a way to get plotting vassals to declare independence and remain neutral.

Add this to the effect section of plot_attack_title_decision in decisions\plot_decisions.txt
any_plot_backer = {
        limit = {
          top_liege = { is_plot_target_of = ROOT }
        character_event = { id = 99999 days = 0 tooltip = "Declare independence from clan" }
and add this to events\vassal_events.txt
character_event = {
  id = 99999
  desc = "Declare independence from clan"
  is_triggered_only = yes
	option = {
		name = "Declare independence from clan"
		ai_chance = { factor = 100 }
		create_clan = yes
I can't figure out a way to get them to join the war, unfortunately. I had to make it a character event because create_clan didn't work inside the decision. The character event seems like it gets enqueued when the decision is made and accepted afterwards. At that point, the plot doesn't exist and their liege is the plotter, so I can't get a handle on the plot target's scope. And when create_clan fires the new clan isn't in any of its old wars.