Jun 17, 2018
Some interesting thoughts from mauvebutterfly:
Regarding the CP costs of spells, my main concern is that this seems like a buff to non-summoning classes. By making it easier to cast non-summoning spells you are benefiting players who don't have summons to begin with. For this change to be okay I must imagine that either

a) summoning classes are better than non-summoning classes, so helping out non-summoning classes is a good idea


b) at a competitive level, all non-summoning classes take specialisations (or rely on finding summon spells from treasure sites) that give them a reliable summon, which makes my concern a non-issue

Additionally, if the goal is to encourage the casting of non-summoning spells, increasing the upkeep of non-summoning spells seems like it would have the opposite effect for a summoning class.

The underlying assumption of this whole thread is indeed "b)" that most people take summoning specs or get summons froms treasure sites. It's however true that the changes might weaken Sorcerer and to a lesser extent AD. They might require a boost as a consequence.


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Sep 19, 2018
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b): If the number of competitive builds is currently enough for non-summoning classes, then don't buff these classes too much, please. Let other, non-competitive builds be fun for SP, for diversity and challenge sake. Long live partisan, explorer, and expander warlords in SP!