Make "This information is hidden in multiplayer" optional

Make "This information is hidden in multiplayer" optional

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Apr 6, 2017
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Hi there,

I regularly play co-op multiplayer games and my friends & I just cannot understand the rationale for hiding the enemies' army numbers (in the war interface), as is already possible and user-friendly in single player games. At least, this could be an opt-out option (a checkbox) in the multiplayer settings, giving players more freedom regarding what stats are visible or not (as is already the case for limiting the ledger, I believe). If I remember correctly, it was recently changed but just for the observer. Why not make it accessible for those who want it?

I can understand why it is hidden in some multiplayer games -- for those being more competitive, and having a hard time assessing their *human* enemy's force may make the war more difficult. Okay, some players like challenges. Others less. And the information is generally available in the ledger anyway, it just takes more time, and it's just frustrating because it is readily available for single player games. I'd rather take the time to focus on the war (and enhance my gaming experience), without pausing (because that's we do anyway), then scrolling through a ledger and do some maths to know the strength of my enemies' total armies and the total losses (the latter being really fun to know).

Please, it would incredibly improve the multiplayer experience if we had that option!