Make It Count & Precinct Known Issues

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Jun 12, 2018
Hello everyone!

The following is a set of known issues that have been reported to us over the past day since the Precinct Update and Make It Count expansion release.

  • PS5 players may experience issues downloading Make It Count despite purchasing the Premium Edition of the game. The temporary workaround for this is to go into the game contents and install 'The Good Son' pack
  • XBOX One players might be unable to start a new game or load save. A workaround is unfortunately unavailable at this time, though we are investigating it.
  • Make It Count might not download for Mac players.
    • EDIT: We’ve found a solution for this which is already fixed and in place!
  • There is a Coloured Graphical noise on MacOS. This is under investigation, also.
  • Players may experience exterior Fog of War failing to lift after taxi travel into another neighborhood during long sessions of play (2+ hours.) We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Players may notice they are unable to open some Thug loot crates. No current workaround is available, but we're investigating.
  • Safehouse combat sometimes does not end, despite dispatching everyone inside. No workaround at this present time, but we recommend saving before safehouse combat just to be safe until a fix is found.
  • The game currently doesn't autosave if you don't manually save beforehand. A workaround for this is saving when you start a new game - but we’re looking into a fix.
  • Occasionally, on Xbox One, the game soft locks when the player enters ambush mode. They can rotate the camera, but cannot perform any other action. If you experience this often, we recommend saving before any large street combats to avoid losing progress. We’re investigating the issue currently
  • Playing Empire of Sin through GeForce Now currently doesn’t work. We’re looking into this.
  • It's All Irish To Me: Players may experience issues if they kill the thugs outside before attempting to enter the racket. A workaround is not available currently, but we're looking into it.
    • Workaround: Wait another faction takes out the racket. Then, the mission will go to another location. You will find Frankie inside that racket. Go inside, then outside, and declare war against White Hand gang protecting the racket you just left from. kill the guards outside. Go again inside and you should be able to finish the mission.
  • There is a rare mission Blocker with Placeholder Text affecting the Making A Killing mission.
    • Workaround: Break your protection treaty with the faction whose bar you poisoned in Loose Threads before talking to Bill.
  • Players may encounter an issue with "Follow the Money" and "Play 'Em High, Play 'Em Low" completing prematurely when starting those missions on a loaded save.
    • Workaround: These missions will work correctly when starting a fresh playthrough by choosing "New Game" or "Quick Start" from the main menu.
  • Ragen’s mission Prohibition Agent No. 1 cannot progress past talking to Izzy. There is no workaround available, but we’re currently investigating the issue.
  • Once Burned mission currently has no dialogue options for the first conversation and the mission cannot progress. We’re investigating this. If you find yourself stuck in the conversation, you may have to relaunch the game.
  • Hoffman’s Game moles and events can sometimes break the mission. We are currently investigating this. There’s, unfortunately, no workaround at the moment — just make sure your mole events won’t fire during the mission
  • If Ragen's 'Batter Up' effect is triggered after using his boss ability, ranged combat (including Overwatch) breaks and cannot be used correctly for the remainder of the fight.
    • Workaround (before, during, and after combat): If you have a primary and secondary weapon equipped when this happens, swapping the weapons fixes this issue as well. Swapping the weapons twice allows you to use the gun that this issue happened with.
    • Workaround (during combat if no secondary weapon): for this is if you use his ability, be careful not to have the Batter Up effect triggered by enemies running into immediate melee attack range for Ragen. The issue should fix itself after combat has ended until the boss ability is used and the effect is triggered in the next combat.
  • Players may notice allies disappearing during combat. There is currently no workaround, but we're working on fixing this.
  • Alcohol production might display NaN. There is currently no workaround available, but we're investigating.
    • Workaround: When faced with this problem let the game run until your weekly net profits roll in. Then the Infinite X will change to NaN. When this happens save the game and load that save and it should restore your previous values.
  • Players may rarely not be able to equip their gangsters with certain items. We’re investigating this issue, as it doesn’t appear to happen all the time.
  • Rarely, players might not be able to buy out another faction even though they have met all the required criteria.
    • Workaround: Reload the game 2-3 times. We're investigating this.

As always, we are always looking for any other edge cases that were missed during testing and issues that you run into. If you encounter a problem at any point, please feel free to report it in our Discord server or over on our Bug Reporting forums.

As always, we welcome feedback so feel free to let us know what you think either in the discord above, here on the forums, or on our social channels.

Happy Sinning!
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22 Nov: Updated with new known issues and added workarounds/fix notices.
25 Nov: Removed a duplication issue in General and Mission. Added workaround to 'All Irish To Me' mission issue.
26 Nov: Added workaround for NaN issue. Edited formatting to better display workarounds and fix notifications.
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