Make Gaia world a planet modifier, not a planet class. - And some other colony class options

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Jul 2, 2017
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Here's an idea. Instead of having a series of planets that grant 100% habitability to everyone instead make Gaia Worlds a modifier to standard planets.
Standard planets are: Arid, Desert, Savanna, Alpine, Arctic, Tundra, Continental, Ocean, Tropical

So we have a Gaia Modifier. It adds
  • +20% habitability
  • +10% production output from jobs
  • +10% happiness to biological pops
  • -5% pop upkeep
The World Shaper perk still adds the 25% terraforming cost reduction but instead of being able to terraform planets into gaia worlds we get a planetary decision that adds the Gaia modifier
  • Costs 2,000 energy credits and 2,000 minerals and 1,000 food
  • Takes 720 days to build (uses build queue)
  • Benefits from terraforming cost reductions and speed bonuses
Gaia World preference trait no longer exists as a habitat preference, instead it's a normal preference that gives -20% habitability to all planets without gaia modifier and +20% habitability to all planets with it.

Life Seeded origin now lets you choose a planet class again. Guaranteed world have 50% chance to have gaia modifier.

Habitats no longer have a 70% across the board habitability, instead they have 4 options
  • Artificial Wet: gives 80% habitability to any Continental, Ocean, Tropical preference pops and 50% to others
  • Artificial Dry: gives 80% habitability to any Arid, Desert, Savanna preference pops and 50% to others
  • Artificial Cold: gives 80% habitability to any Alpine, Arctic, Tundra preference pops and 50% to others
  • Generic Artificial: gives 70% habitability to all pops
Habitats can change habitability type with a planetary decision, costs 500 energy credits and takes 60 days to "build"
Voidborn perk and pop trait benefits still apply.

Ring Worlds
Ring worlds have the same 4 options as habitats with one main difference, bump habitability across the board with 20%, meaning habitability on ring worlds vary from 100% - 90%. Ring worlds should be awesome.

Ecumenopolis and Relic World
Keep em as they are

Tomb worlds
Keep em as they are

Hive and machine worlds
Keep em as they are
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Honestly I want both as separate things.

- Gaia Planets which are rare and valuable, which you can't spam everywhere
- Some kind of "Gaia-fied" planetary modifier which you can apply everywhere

In addition:

- Special sub-type(s) for each of the big 9 climates, as rare as Gaia but better for you if it fits your preference
- Weird sub-types which bridge climates, so you can have a plantary love-nest for liaisons between Tropical Blorg and Arctic Jeff, but not get immigration from desert reptilians or continental plantoids or whatever else

Gaia Preference is a penalty. I don't mind if it remains in the game. It's not supposed to be balanced with other preferences -- it's a penalty you pay for having a better homeworld in that one origin, and you can usually genemod your way out of it well before the midgame.
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