Major Bug in Doomday device?

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Apr 15, 2016
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So, I was about two turns from the doomsday counter in the second (REALLY TIRESOME) Syndicate mission and the counter just... Vanished. After trying to work out what the hell happened, it appears the enemy can just... Make it go away with some sort of counter-op. I saw it get a success a couple of times, which is one thing (albiet something NOTHING suggested on trying to look it up via google search suggested was possible, since it was never mentioned). "Dirge cancelled." Okay.

But the rest? The counter-op FAILED, and it said "Doomsday counter reduced by 2 (clock)." And the effect just disappered. I don't understand. It's clearly not supposd to do that, is it, since why would it say definitvely that the op was cancelled on a success. Is it supposed to make the counter go back up to 4? Trigger immediately? Or it is really just badly phrased, and it is THAT easy for the AI to now just go "yeah, you can't win with Doomsday now at all, since I can just use an op in the last two turns and it doesn't matter whether it suceeds or not, the counter goes away."

I figured I should check to see if it was, in fact, a bug, before I filed a report (though with very dubious expectations of it being fixed at this point, of course.)

(After an hour of retrying the same several turns to a) see if I could even work out what was happening and b) do ANYHTING to stop the AI from just... No selling it, I gave up and told the RNG to stuff itself with the oppenhiemer cheat. )

Also, is the random seed really fixed? I honestly can't tell, since sometimes it appears to be and sometimes it doesn't when I reload.

If so, does anyone know of a mod that makes it, like, NOT do that (like there was for X-Com 2, since Firaxis loves to disable that option for some reason)? (Since the only thing I actively hate more than RNG* is RNG that screws you by being fixed hours before.)

(*And yes, yes, yes, I know every single game in this genre, and RPGs and every other genre I care to play uses RNG for everything and that I am the only person in the entire world that actively hates RNG while everyone else loves it or at least has no strong feelings. The alternative is to never play anything again ever, which would remove literally the ONLY distraction left to me.)


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Apr 28, 2018
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I've never had a doomsday countdown stopped by anything but loosing one of the towers. If you have a savegame before that happens I'd just file a bug report and send the savegame to the devs describing what happens and if it is reproducible (and how)