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Jul 9, 2007
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Small update on that AI project- I can compose simple plans now using brute-force simulation-sampling, which is a little messy, but if I get a chance I'll try to combine that with a proper search algorithm for action-plans. (I've largely been focusing on rewriting my citybuilder engine the past few weeks, so I might shift gears again now.)

EDIT: Proper search-algorithm now functioning, which seems to be drastically more efficient aside from being more reliable. (I still need to work out how to anticipate other agents or handle probabilistic effects, though...)

(in world
  (element hall        is_location)
  (element living_room is_location)
  (element kitchen     is_location)
  (element bedroom     is_location)
  (element toilet      is_location)
  (element gift        is_item    )
  (actor   jill        is_actor   )
  (actor   roger       is_actor   )
  ((borders hall    living_room) = true)
  ((borders hall    kitchen    ) = true)
  ((borders hall    bedroom    ) = true)
  ((borders bedroom toilet     ) = true)
  ((at gift ) = living_room)
  ((at jill ) = bedroom    )
  ((at roger) = kitchen    )
  (able roger travels )
  (able roger collects)
  (able roger gives   )
  (wants roger (has jill gift))

...and here's the final output:

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