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A friend and I decided to play Magicka yesterday, and he made a hidden game so that strangers couldn't try to join us (we're both too lazy to make passwords and the ones we do make get figured out anyway). However, doing that made it impossible for me to join him and for him to invite me. At first I thought it was something like you have to be friends via Magicka and not Steam, but there is no friend list on Magicka to begin with, so...

Also, there was a metric shitton of crashes during gameplay. Most of them were when we tried to move on to the next chapter, but there even was one when we were just walking in an area. And if you skip a scene to the loading screen while the other watches it, you get dropped from the game because of "timeout".

I would post this in the bug forum, but that one's "private" for whatever reason.