Magicka is actually unplayable now

Neon Demon

Aug 4, 2021
This is a bug report, but I think this isn’t just me. I just got a full wizarding set of Magicka for my friends and all of them have the same issues that I do, and it makes the game completely unplayable. Whatever you guys did over the past year actually killed the game.

  • Crashes during loading levels
  • Crashes during Challenges
  • Crashes during Versus
  • Crashes during Adventures
If I can finish a level in Adventures, then it crashes during loading the next level (100% Chance) and all of my friends have to alt-F4 out of it, because their games become unresponsive.

None of us can keep the game running for more than 30 minutes without it crashing.
The Crash to Desktop spell is very funny, but it gets less funny when I’m actually crashing to desktop.
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