Magicka Finally Fills its Spellbook: Final DLC Chapter Released

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Oct 7, 2013
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Magicka Finally Fills its Spellbook: Final DLC Chapter Released

Wizards of the Square Tablet Also Arrives on PC to Attend Wrap Party

NEW YORK — October 31, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and undisputed spelling champion, today released the very last piece of DLC for Magicka, the best-selling, fast-spelling, and loud-yelling action-misadventure. Since its release in 2011, wizards everywhere have had the chance to enjoy dozens of updates, side-quests, backstories, and a few bits of foreshadowing – but today’s release of “Dungeons & Gargoyles,” marks the final addition. Today, Paradox and the entire Magicka team are officially content with the downloads of their downloadable content.

Magicka: Dungeons & Gargolyes caps off the original Magicka tale by continuing and concluding the fan-favorite Dungeons & Daemons expansion. Player-wizards will find themselves stuck in the buried city of Old Aldrheim, searching for a way home while confronted by new creatures and foes, new jokes, and a new tale that explores the fate of the lost town. Paradox does not want to offer too many spoilers, but there’s probably gargoyles in it. Dungeons & Gargoyles is available now for $3.99.

See what happens when you combine dank dungeons and pesky gargoyles by viewing the spooky launch trailer:

[video=youtube;unO0RZDD9rg] QT_IRDkni9lvkWS_RqWESorUsjCGq0E8X9cFL3wibkPxMoQVOC ngMJw8K3RVBOA&_hsmi=Optional.of%2810748279%29[/video]

The two-dimensional team from Wizards of the Square Tablet, a Magicka adventure released on iOS and Android early this year, have made their way to the PC in a new release on Steam. Players who purchase Wizards of the Square Tablet for the PC will receive all in-game robes and staves for free, and those items can be transferred to mobile platforms (if the mobile version is already owned) with the use of a Paradox account. The PC version is also cross-platform compatible, enabling the game to now support real-time co-op between PC, iPad, and Android. Wizards of the Square Tablet on PC will be available for $4.99.

In addition, the original Magicka and the assembled Magicka Collection will be on sale this weekend at 75% off at participating digital download sites.


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