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Jan 20, 2020

Game won't even boot to main menu. Black screen appears and then instantly closes before even seeing a splash screen.

This only happens loading via Steam, if I load it directly by the .exe it loads up but can't play as it has no connection. I am using a AMD r9 390 (with 2nd newest drivers, as newest breaks some games), i5-4690k on Windows 10. I am not having any other issues with my system or games, only this game.

I've tried:
  • Using only 1 monitor
  • Editing user config forcing gfx settings
  • Verify install/reinstalling
  • Installing XNA
  • Checking DXDiag and dotnet framework installs
  • Loading Steam in offline mode
  • I'm not in any Steam betas either
Logs from the crashes, they are exactly the same each time:
09:33:30.931 [Window] Desktop resolution determined to be 1920x1080.
09:33:30.931 [Window] Opening window with size 960x540 and fullscreen = 0.
09:33:33.000 [Crash] Access violation (0xc0000005) in build (no build identifier)
09:33:33.000 [Crash] accessing address FEAB340C from FEAB340C
09:33:33.000 [Crash] In thread renderer
09:33:33.111 [BitSquid engine modules]
09:33:33.111 [BitSquid engine callstack]
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