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Feb 27, 2018
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I recently bought Magicka 2 and quite enjoyed the game.
(actually I always wants to play Magicka 1 but I don't use Windows)

In the process of testing how the elements work, I found that there might still be some bugs in the game:

1. Forward casting Steam + Lightning

Usually when casting magics that contain lightning on wet targets, the damage attributed to lightning will be tripled.
However, forward casting Steam + Lightning seems to be the only exception.

2. Walls damage is partially missing

I only list the ones I have tested here:
Fire + Death + Earth + Shield has no Death damage,
Steam + Fire + Death + Earth + Shield has no Fire damage,

Surprisingly, the Life counterpart above seem to work...

Poison + Fire + Death + Earth + Shield has no Death damage.
Poison + Cold + Death + Earth + Shield has no Poison damage.

Ice + Lightning + Cold + Death/Life + Shield has no Lightning damage.

I can't see the pattern. There may be more...

3. Wall + Beam does not explode

This one could be intended instead of bug.

If a wall (ice/earth) contains Lightning/Poison, it will not explode even if combined with Death/Life.

The most funny thing is,
while Ice + Lightning + Cold + Life + Shield has no Lightning damage but can explode,
Ice + Lightning + Cold + Death + Shield has no Lightning damage and cannot explode.