Madness reached - Sun Tzu Reborn - Thoughts/observations/Mini-guide

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Paradox Staff
Jun 12, 2017
My answers for TLDR part

1) Yeah, that was a bug. I am fixing it atm. It will give 30 xp per unit that has been killed in encirclement (shared between leaders if there are multiple)

2) There are a few factors on how you gain XP. How long a combat lasts and how much damage you do compared to enemy. I imagine the different values you get are caused by this

3) I will do that later, but summary is you get a xp per hour of combat for every unit that has been fighting. this xp is calculated by duration of combat and relative damage you are dealing. if there are multiple units in combat with different leader they split xp.

other than that, we have a special case for overruns and encircled/killed units. in that case you should get constant xp