Macro (Normal Empires) and Micro (Independent Empires)

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Apr 10, 2018
Before i talk about the independent empire systems, i have to talk first about a change in habitats so that the independent empire systems can work.

Right now, you have to research the habitat technology level 1 to be able to build habitats, and then research the habitat level 2 and 3 technology to upgrade them. I think it would be better if the habitat level 1,2 and 3 is available to construct since the beginning of the game, because the game right now is too much tech rush to be the better empire, nad make all habitat levels available since the beginning would decrease this tech rush curse on this game, so the player would rely more on administration skills than just tech rush everything.

Now lets talk about the change in habitats levels. Each habitat level would have different skins and designs, and since you can build an habitat level 3 since the beginning of the game, you would have to choose to buld an habitat level 1, that costs less and is built faster, or you can choose build a habitat level 2 or 3, but the bigger the level, the bigger the cost and the longer it takes to be built. But if you construct a habitat level 1 and upgrade it with time to level 2 and then 3, it will take longer and cost more than have cosntruct a habitat level 3 from the beginning. To avoid habitats just being build for players to make powerplay, the habitats will be nerfed and have less districts they have right now and to encourage players to prefer planets, as you can see below.

Habitat 1 (Space Post): It has only three districts. The Habitation district gives + 4 housing, isntead of + 8 that gives now.
Habitat 2 (Space City) It has only four distrcts,. The habitation distrct gives + 4 housing and + 1 clerk job.
Habitat 3 (Space Colony) It has only five distrcts,. The habitation distrct gives + 5 housing and + 1 clerk job.

Leisure District: The leisure district whas alwyas kind useless in habitats, because it is always better and more compensating simple make a trader dsitrict to increase amenities, and still get more trade value with that, or make any other districts and increase amenities other way. So my idea is replace this district with someting i call Naval District.

Naval District. This is the district responsable for the ships that get inside and out of your habitat. Since the habitats are like little artificial planets, a district that manage ships makes sense to have. Each Naval District would give + 3 housing and + 3 Naval Operator jobs (it is a worker job). Each naval operator gives + 1 trade value and + 0.5 amenities produced by each clerk on the habitat, and each navel operator also gives +2 naval capacity.

Research District: I never liked this district because player this makes the game become even more tech rush, so this habitat is no longer available, including the research jobs it gives. The research district will be replaced by the Food District, that gives + 3 housing and + 3 Farmer jobs, now habitats can produce Farmer jobs without the need of hydroponic farm buildings. I think the game would be more balance if it didnt have any research districts in habitats, ring worlds, etc. Researcher jobs should only be gain with research buildings, not districts.

Void Dweller Origin: Since the game updated the pop growth system, this origin became very weak because habitats have less carrying capacity than planets, but i think i have a solution that fits with the cahnges in habitats that i already explained. The void dweeler origin would make the empire start with three level 3 (Space Colony) habitats, and the Void Dweller trait would give only the following effects: 100% habitability in habitas, increased pop growth in habitats, 50% less pop housing usage and amenities usage in habitats, since housing and amenities are the worst problens in habitats. The void dweller origin would decrease in 50% the cost of habitat building and time building. Some of you may say that it would be better if the origin icreased the number of habitats districts, but i dont htink that is a good idea, because it can make a normal empire profit by just getting better habitats by conquering a void dweller empire.

Habitat Construction Site (Outer Habitat): The game right now only allow us to build habitats above some planet, asteroid etc. But now you can also buid a habitat on the far point of the system, the same way you do when you build a gateway, you simple chose a site to cosntruct on the outer parts of the star system, but habitats districts taht are on the outer parts of teh system will have 4 energy as upkeep, instead of 2, and the number of outer habitats a star system can ahve is equal to the number of inner habiats it can have.

Finally, now that i wrote the change in habitat system, i can explain the Macro Micro Empire System. You will understand why i had to talk about the habitat system change first before talking about the main idea when you read it all.

Macro and Micro:

It never seemed realistic to me that we dont have independent states that are not empires (sovereign states), because if someday humanity start really expanding throught space, and it doesnt even need to be the galaxy, just the expansion through the Solar System will make many groups of people create self proclaimed independent states that are not regocnized as sovereign states by international law. This already happens today, and we are still on Earth, so why the game thinks it will not happen when a civilziation goes to space, that as a bigger and much more difficult place to administrate than a planet. I know that we have the enclaves, curators, etc, but they are not self proclaimed independent states that originated from our normal empires or civilizations. Anyway, i think you all can see where i am getting with all that.

Micro Empires: While the player starts the game with a Macro Empire (Normal Empire with or soveregn state), he micro empires are self proclaimed independente states that have not the sovereign recognized by the player empire or any other macro empire in the galaxy. Micro Empires will start appearng inside all macro empires territory. The micro empires can build habitat systems and even colonize planets without the player knowing, it will appear an alert to the player if a micro empire borns inside his territory. A Macro empire can have more than one micro empire inside his territory.

Chance of Mircro Spawn. The chance of a micro empire appears depends on the happiness of the pops. The less they are happy, the bigger are the chances of a micro empire spaws inside player territory. It is important to knwo that even if the pops have 100% happiness, it will turns the chance of micro spawn to zero, it will just decrease it a lot.

Micro Spawn Naval Capacity: A player empire starts with 20 naval capacity, but a micro empire will start with only 5 fleet power, and it can only improve with naval operators jobs, since the micro empires dont ahve a starbase, the starbase they ahve contact is just the macro empire starbase territory where they are.

Micro Ethics, Civics and Authority: The government of a micro empire dont necessary has the same ethics, civics and authorities of the macro empire where they came from. The less the pops are happy, the bigger the chances of appearing microm empires, and also from appearing micro empires with different goverments.

NOT Vassal: The micro empire can not be a vassal or tributary of a macro empire, even the macro empire where it originated, but the players can still get resources from there, this will be seen in the micro empires policies next. If the macro empire wants, he can give the micro empire a full state status, making it a normal empire, like when a vassal become independent.

Micro War: The micro empires can only declare war on the macro empire where they are. The micro empire has only the Freedom Casus Beli, if the micro empire wins, the territories where was his habitats and planets will pass to him and he will become a macro empire, any other territory that he didnt have habitats or planets before, will get back to the macro empire.

Micro Ally: As said above, a micro can only declare war on his macro, but if the micro likeshis macro, he can defend his macro territory with its own fleets. A micro fleet will never attack another macro that are not his own macro, but can defend the territory of his macro from another macro.

Independence: As you can see, it is almost impossible (for question of resources and naval capacity) that a micro empire get independence from a macro empire and becoming one macro itself through war without the help of another macro empire. A macro empire cant declare war or attack the micro empires that are inside another macro territory, but it can guarantee its independence, so if the micro decide goes to war against his macro overlord, he will join the war with the micro against the overlord.

Micro Territory: Micros can expand through any territory of macros, even macros thar are not the macro where they originated from, but is is too much rare. It is most probably that a micro empire will only stay in the star system where it was create.

Micro Trade: The trade value from the micros will also be received by their macro. So if a macro with 20 trade has two micros inside his territory, each one with 10 trade, the macro will have the total of 40 trade value without the two micros losing their 10 trade each.

Micro Integration: If a micro is very happy with his overlord and has similar ethics, civics and authorities, he may accepts be integrated into his macro overlord territory, making the macro get his pos, habitats, planets and all its resources without even had the resource cost and troble of building it all. Of course the macro can also get all taht by force, but the other micros and even factions of the macro will not like that. If a micro is integrated by force, the macro factions that have the same ethics as the conquered micro will be unhappy.

Micro Management: Now lets see the policies of the macros regarding the micros. Those policeis will only affect the micros inside the macro territory, not the micros from other macros, with Micro Orgin policy as exception .

Micro Tolerance:
Only Habitats: Micros will only be tolerated in habiats. If a micro colonizes or appears on a planet, the macro can simple take the planet back, making it its own, it doenst even need declare war on the micro. He can take it back without declaring war like it is a primitive civilization planet.
Total Tolerance: Micros will be tolerated by the macro in both habitats and planets.
No Tolerance: Every micro planet and habiat of the micros can be taken by their macro. Regardless of your Micro Tolerance Policy, you dont need attack the micro just because he violated your policy, the policy only allow you to do that.

Micro Fleet Power:
No Fleet. Micros cant have fleets, if a micro builds a fleet, it can be destroyed by the macro.
Fleet Limited: If the micro has more ships than its naval capacity, all his fleets can be destroyed by the macro.
Fleet Allowed. Micros can have as much fleets as they want, if they are able to afford it. This policy can benefit the macro because micro fleets decreases piracy as much as the macro fleets.

Mircro Origin:
Only From Macro: Only micros that orginated from the own macro will be tolerated if Micro Tolerance Policy is not No Tolerance. Micros that orginated from other macros can be conquered and taken by the macro.
From Everywhere. Micros that orginated from other macros will be tolerated on the macro territory. THis is specially useful if you want get more species from other macros that do not want make migration treaties with you.

Micro Tributes:
No Tribute: The micros dont need give any resource to their macro.
Light Tributes: The micros must give 25% of their energy, mineral and food to their macro.
Heavy Tribute: The same as Light Tribute, but it is 50%.

Micro Migration:
No Migration: Pops from the macro cant migrate to the micros, and vice versa.
Migration Allowed: Pops from the amcro can micgrate to the micros, and vice versa.

The more the policies are favorable with the micros, the bigger the chance of they appearing, and bigger the chance of they like their macro overlord, and more the chance of they helpinhg his overlord with gifts and other things. So think twice before you screw your micros, because if they are not happy with you, they can attack you when you are vunerable.

So that is my idea, as you can see the point of my idea is make the macro empire or player worry about his territory too, and not only other macros territories. I think this will be a good change in game because it can have many benefits and penalties if the player doesnt administrate his ow micros very well. A good amount of micros can be good if the player treats them well, or very bad if he treats them bad.

The player can also choose to control a micro empire in the single and multiplayer if his own macro empire is destroyed by the AI or other players. So that way a player will not need to leave anymore from the multiplayer, because it will always have a micro empire for him.
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