[Machine Age] What will happen to biological empires that go for Synthetic Ascension?

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If a (formerly) biological empire completes Synthetic Ascension, will they get to choose between any of the three machine paths? Has it been mentioned already, or is it a secret for a future DD?
I'm not sure going from biological to "A NEVERENDING FLOOD OF NANITES" makes entirely a lot of sense.
I assume Synthetic ascension is intimately tied with organics and holds the key to turning more organics into machines, whereas virtual, nanite, and modular empires focus on the machines themselves.

Thematically synthetic ascension deals with those who consider the flesh inferior and machines to be the "Superior" self, so they want to become superpowered machines that can do what they could not.
The virtual, nanite, and modular ascensions are for machines that are trying to better their present self, they don't see organics as part of the equation.

Probably Synthetically ascended pops will hold a degree of power comparable to the other ascensions since they are the creation of a biological empire with approximately the same technological level as their toaster counterparts. Perhaps Synthetics are slightly below but have the potential to turn everyone synthetic by assimilation, something the other ascensions don't seem to be able to do outright.
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It seems like the advanced authorities are supposed to represent the virtuality thing if an organic empire synthetically ascends. The combat proxies thing and the mysterious other option about "facilitating hopping between bodies."