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Lux Invicta Contemporary Chronology
[repository for Lux Invicta changelogs post-TOG]

v6K3 (aka the Giri Choco update )

Inexhaustive Changelog
> Buildings tentatively returned to old-LI style
> Various mechanics tweaks, removals, and additions
> Partial adoption of CM and WoL mechanics
> New stuff for LI-BLC (some integrated, others requiring the DLC-compatibility submod)

> NO CHANGEROG FOH YOU... again (a proper comprehensive changelog will be done next time, once all changes have been properly trawled through ... probably)
> Minimal documentations update to the LI pages in the forum (that'll happen in the next "proper" release)
> Minimal mechanics from CM adopted so far (they're still a WIP)

Older Changelogs:
v6K2 (aka the Nippon Geimu update )

> NO CHANGEROG FOH YOU (a proper comprehensive changelog will be done next time, once all changes have been properly trawled through)
> Minimal documentations update to the LI pages in the forum (that'll happen in the next "proper" release)
> All buildings were reverted to vanilla pending a redesign. Pre-built building are also haywired due to improper history-definitions of technology (ie. to-do-listed)
> Minimal mechanics from CM adopted so far (we're working on them for the next release)
> Culture names reverted to vanilla (we'll probably release a submod that returns them-pretentious names eventually)
> Various random mechanics may have been accidentally and/or intentionally reverted to vanilla values during the post-RoI and post-CM updates. Some are (temporarily) WAD, some are not-so-WAD. If you noticed any, please report them to the forums (we only have so much manpower, so we'll need your help with these matters).

v6J2 ( aka the Unborn update )

#> special troops
> comprehensive troop rebalance
> reduced short reign malus to -4 per year (max -40), and made long reign start at 15 years
> tweaked diplo distance. Base distance now 500, with co-culture/religion gives +500, while co-religion/culture group gives by +300
> reverted multiple modifiers to proper LIBERT3 values, and doubled Jungle Defender bonuses

> never saw the light of day :rofl:
> that "changelog" above is obviously vestigial, but whatever

v6J1 ( aka the Summer Scorch's Spiel update )

> New LI music: All credits to the teams of 0 A.D., Europa Barbarorum, and the composers Morgan Casey, Nick Wylie and Omri Lahav.
> New nomad mechanics (altaic cultures)
> Formed Brittania event (with Celts having their own titular empire)
> Made every religion hostile with it's own religion group (because in the grim light of LI, there's only war)
> Reshuffled some vanilla tactics for LI cultures, and a hellensitic phalanx and roman triple line tactic
> Custom CoAs for some LI dynasties (Argead, Argeadai and Sassanid at the moment)
> Changed all the game resign screen dynasties to LI ones[note: localisations not yet finished]
> Sacred Band retinue for Afrophoenicians (made them HC/PI)
> Pendragon nickname
> Added obj_raise_worthy_daughter, title_favored_daughter and favored_daughter opinion for enatic, enatic-cognatic and cognatic realms, restricted title_favored_son (and thus obj_raise_worthy_son) to agnatic, agnatic-cognatic and cognatic realms.
> Recolor for a few cultures
> added religious icons for all the heresies.
> Added trial by combat to martial soul religions and heroic cultures
> Expanded battlefield duel to martial soul religions
> New sacrifice decisions: zealous/lunatic/cruel characters of the norsegerman/zalmoxian/serer/slavic/solar/aztec/celtic/ahrimanic religions can sacrifice a character for 150 piety
> Zoroastrian religions now pre-reformed (workaround for an issue)
> d_almaqah now a vassal religious head to k_saba. Almaqah religion given investiture (but not laws) and the ability to give claims and money on request.
> Added vassal religious heads, when possible, some of these religions have to king-tier rulers so they're independent instead
> Ash-Shams is now Shamashi, direct descendant of ancient Mesopotamian cult of Shamash
> religions that allow for female temple holders also have the "feminist = yes" line now
> New republic mechanics (WIP): for now, just a length of term demesne law exclusive to Merchant Republics, tied to a flag timer. An event should trigger at the end of the timer depending on the term length and prompt you to hold vanilla republic elections of face public disapproval.
> Yearly event to kill off useless courtiers
> Dynamic fighter (duel mod) trait assigner added to startup event.
> Updated VIET components
> Custom tooltips for some decisions
> modifications of AI loan mechanic
> more LI-fication
>> adapted Dulcinian events (VIET) for Populist/Messianic
>> Rokkatru keeps with the pattern of naming the reformed religion in Old Norse.
>> Modified names for Berbers: more Tamazight ones and less Latin ones
>> Adapted most buddhist features to all the Buddhist and Pseudo-buddhist faiths and some to the indohelen religions (except the choose branch for any other than indoh_bud and the caste system)
>> Changed Asturias to a more era appropriate name
>> León is now Legio
>> Phoenician and Nabatean king tier title now are the proper semitic root mlk (Melekh: king)
>> fixed bulgar and kurdish culture's names.
>> made available RoI's Buddhists shenanigans to LI's Buddhists.
>> SELENized Hindu and Jain religions
> Slavery mechanic tweaks
>> added custom tooltips to explain which religions can('t) be slavers
>> lunatics can now enact chattel/thralldom regardless of religion
>> Arbitrary/lunatic no longer required to enact chattel slavery or thralldom
>> Enacting any slavery law will automatically give slave owner trait.
>> Removed light infantry from slave camps
>> lowered prices all-around
>> made slave raids less ubiquitous
>> AI should buy/sell slaves less frequently, and will choose AI slave traders more often
>> made slavery less restrictive and more attractive to AI (where appropriate)
> Council job tweaks:
>> New event for populist rally job action
>> Added localisations for every job action.
>> Some experiments with the court job buttons
> experimental raiding rebalance:
>> raid aggression significantly reduced (workaround for AI behavior oddity)
>> increased gold and reduced authority from looting
>> made the raids tick per week instead of daily (lag reduction experiment)
>> further lowered gold protected per fort level (making more county targets viable raiding targets)
> Boosted base tax holding income to vanilla levels.
> Added missing ck2+ steward events
> Used vanilla's convert to province culture/religion, and convert to liege's culture or religion
> Modified republican titles localization
> Disabled young/old age modifiers
> Tweaks to the family_relations events for speed optimisation
> Reverted font to vanilla (still available at submod section)
> Reverted to (new) vanilla decadence ambition
> Added missing decision icons
> Updated the custom map buildings
> Fixed Westfriesland being an ocean
> Fixed Suez sea portage
> fixed Donatist holy order's name
> Fixes for Akademia events
> Fixed battle crashes
> Fixed some survey events
> Removed do Seid
> Fixed concubine decisions
> removed the against liege treason and betrayal plots.
> Added missing ambition, traits, and their respective education events.
> Fixed some women/children job title code
> Corrected some capitals.
> Corrected perform state rituals events
> Loosen clan control faction war should now work, and will now declare war as a united faction revolt like the lower crown authority faction
> Disabled pledge mod (suspected CTD trigger)
> Made human-useful-only events player-only
> Fixed SELIN province modifier events to go in accord with Numahr's template (and possibly enhancing performance)
> Fixed costs on CBs
> Fixed Exalted ambition icon
?> test to fix the claim faction cbs...
?> Removed Pentarchy and reunite the faiths related decisions until I get a chance to take a look at them deeply
?> tentatively removed Finnish haltija mechanics to speed up the game

> theocracy buildings still unimplemented
> some missing/unassigned icons and localizations for some decisions (e.g. romantic interest ones, etc)
> localisations for LI dynasties at the end game screen (we probably should just copy-paste the stuff Shaytana wrote for the bloodlines)
> siath70's noted issue with levies. I'm unable to replicate it but I removed the possible cause anyway since the relavant line is vestigial
> the standing armies of raider realms still exists, but at a much less severe rate it would seem. I'm still guessing it's a vanilla AI issue

v6I4 ( aka the Frozen Salt update )
> added placeholder buildings to eliminate the cause of the bugs
> returned the Cult buildings

> Survey Realm events still continue despite being "interrupted"
> localisations for placeholder buildings are hit and miss

v6I3 ( aka the Precision Thawing update )

> Fixed duplicate headhunter events
> Approval of Clans system for tribals preliminary test (I'll add a personal duel feature in the future, but right now, if the ruler isn't worthy a random vassal gets a strong claim on the main title)
> Updated celtic flavor events.
> disabled the Convert to Attacker's Religion decision (might be reactivated in the future with tweaks)
> made some Veteran, et al., traits persist (at the cost making it a potential random trait)
> disabled the martial Cult buildings for feudals as they were causing the game to freeze when checking holdings you don't own that have them (no idea why)
> fixed the excessive health/fertility bug for independent characters
> removed the sacrifice decisions for now
> tweaked the Character Tooltip design
> integrated the Pledge Mod with some tweaks
> LIBERT3v12d:
> gave a 10% fertility effect to the bloodline traits
> Ransom All (decision) now costs 25 authority (not worth it for less than 5 prisoners)
> Release Prisoners (decision) now gives 10 piety and 5 authority (same as individual release)
> Execute Prisoners (decision) now costs 100 authority (not worth it for less then 4 prisoners)
> doubled the authority loss but removed piety loss (made no sense for many LI-religions) from having loans unpaid
> Survey Realm and Laws are now not available for landless* mercenary companies
> made the organize spies action also give the same arrest chance
> tweaked the Renowned Puppetmaster to give 15% assassinate chance and 10% arrest chance
> AI now seek a concubine or 2 if they lack a son
> reduced the initial health for special characters from 9 to 7
> Reduced monthly siege morale loss to 0.16 (previously 0.2), and increased defender damage factor to 0.555 (ratio now 1:18) as well as troop kill factor to 0.009 (vanilla 0.015), to make sieges slightly longer and assaults slightly faster
> craven characters now +5% retreat
> systematically reduced the "Legendary Units" sizes
>> heavy infantry types now only give 150 (previously 250)
>> pikemen types now only give 165 (previously 280)
>> archer types now only give 200 (previously 330)
>> light cavalry types now only give 180 (previously 300)
>> horse archer types now only give 100 (previously 200)
>> heavy cavalry types still give 50
> increased mercenary upkeep by 25%
> tweaked event offset to 25 instead of 30 or vanilla 20
> AI realms now raid until they have 100 holdings, plus do it more often and now also attack same-culture/religion groups.
> reverted patrician tax-to-liege to 50%
> tweaked Mercantile Code tech to give +50% Global Tax instead of City Tax
> reduced the global supply limit bonus of Feudalism tech

> random possibility for the game freezing when clicking certain holdings you don't own (they're "reproducible" as in they're save-consistent, but the affected holdings seem to change per campaign - currently, incidence rate is minimal)
> Survey Realm events still continue despite being "interrupted"

v6I2 ( aka the Unconquered Heart update )
> fixed CTD's when clicking some holdings
> fixed kingdom titles being uncreatable unless emperor
> fixed Indoctrinate Child scoping
> disabled random CoA's for muslims (caused bugs)
> fixed gfx bugs
> corrected Title Breakup for traditional religions (will be replaced at the future)
> implemented new icons by AnaxXiphos
> implemented the papal history backdraft by Hawkeye
> updated BLC component
> updated Norse Mod component
> added an entry for slavery in the intro events [used Spice and Wolf screens ^_^]
> added a decision to retrigger the intro events (sans the very first one)
> tweaked misc localisations
> LIBERT3v12c:
> made the intro event give health=1 and fertility=0.5 for all independent rulers
> reduced AI slave purchase probability (AI now has 1/2 chance to buy when conditions met, versus 20/21 before)
> tweaked Arminius bloodline to give diplomacy/martial instead of intrigue/martial
> converting to Atttacker's Religion costs 500 authority and 100 piety (bug note: this actually shows up for all CB's from non-religionists, and won't invalidate the war for non-religion-related wars)
> reverted tech requirement to unlock trade posts to level 1 (level 0 wasn't working)
> the Convert to Attacker's religion still shows up despite when it won't do anything (ie. converting to enemy religion won't end the war for non-religion-related wars)
> the veteran/champion trait doesn't persist betweens saves
> Survey Realm events still continue despite being "interrupted"

v6I1 ( aka the Eve of the East update )

> various localisation tweaks for different components, from SELIN to LIBERT3 to LI-original and vanilla-tweaks
> updated a lot of submods to their new versions
> added placeholder descriptions for SELIN religions (yay!)
> made No Hassles Vassals cost 50 gold/authority
> made Hand Out Minor Titles cost 50 gold but give 10 authority
> returned base Morale Recovery to 25%
> tweaked the raider events from the Norse Mod, and added a Monster Slayer/Survivor modifier for the chimera event (reduced trigger chance for the chimera event as well as death chance, but increased chance for the generic raiding events)
> fixed duplicate castle buildings in city holdings
> fixed VIET buddhist and other misc event bugs
> fixed multiple bugged decisions
> removed the decision to restore rome to the pope
> disabled the Restoration of Rome event (more accurately, made you required to be 10,000 years old to have it) because it's not yet finished
> disabled the Jeane of Arc events for now
> integrated PB stuff (loans, icons, misc) and borrowed some decision icons from there as placeholders
> made titular empires creatable from the decisions tab (the AI gets some discount in creating the titles to make them appear more likely)
> added new bloodlines (not all assigned in-game yet): Mithridates, Hieron, Maccabeus, Viriathus, Chlorus, Theodoric, Arminius, Asander.
> integrated jordarkelf's "A Little Sanity in Duchy & Kingdom Creation" in the code
> implemented the Slavery mechanics from AGOT with some rebalancing and tweaking - a new realm, Qart-Hadast (formerly Gambia) will serve as the main map slaver realm (there might be an off-map implementation in the future)
> integrated non-DLC parts of BLC (please use the virtual memory tweak noted in the front page if you're experiencing Runtime Errors)
> added Alternative Mongol Children by AnaxXiphos
> LIBERT3 v12b:
> made buildings 10% cheaper than base
> made City economic buildings take longer to build (from 300/365 to 450/600/700 months base) and some are more expensive to balance their benefits
> made an undeveloped new holding cost a base of 250 to build (vanilla 500)
> made Patricians able to build trade posts at the very start (tech level 0 requirement)
> tweaked threshold for courtier child penalty to 15 (half of vanilla)
> reduced natural deaths for ages 0~9 to 1 per 10k (previously 3)
> increased natural deaths for ages 10~19 to 5 per 10k (previously 1)
> halved extra base NR of children for players
> reduced base fertility to 0.25 (vanilla 0.5)
> increased chance of stillborns to 5% (vanilla 0%) and maternity death to 5% (vanilla 2%)
> rebalanced land organisation (vis-a-vis SELIN) to make armies recover morale always
> tweaked Renowned Puppetmaster to give +0.25 fertility and health only, but upped assassination chance to +25%
> increased Renowned Scholar to give -10% build cost and +25% tech spread
> Legendary Wisdomseeker now gives +50% tech spread and -25% build cost
> Legendary Puppetmaster still gives +0.5 health and fertility like before, but now gives +25% arrest chance modifier as well
> Enforcer of the Public now only gives +0.5 health and fertility, but gives +25% arrest chance
> tweaked patrician modifiers to appear at level-25 stats
> tweaked the tax decisions to also cost/give a base amount aside from the scaled amount
> gave Irminsuls (Saxons) access to the Traditional-soul honorary titles as a special exemption (they'd have none, otherwise).
> made the Cupbearer not available to the "pagan" religions, to match the other christian honorary titles
> halved the tax penalty of Pacify Province
> rebalanced the Rebuild Persepolis modifier, to now give -200% tax, -50% levies, but -50% build time and -50% build cost. Also increased the length of the modifiers by 25% and buffed the tech spread to 30%
> fixed a coding oversight with pagan laws
> removed callous as a restriction for Control Policies
> made the survey realm event take 30 days per segment, with preparations lasting 10 days, for 100 days
> corrected the settler's event localisation, and made the conversion of province require 150 gold but give 25 piety and 50 authority, while the second option triggers the event that allows you to embrace the province's culture
> reduced authority cost of enforced taxation (war tax and peace tax) decisions by 1/3rd , but buffed opinion malus
> made the Marriage Duty collection event gold option scale with rank (higher rank gets higher base gold, but lower annual income scaling to compensate)

> aside from the noted theocracy buildings being locked, most known bugs have been resolved with this update (keep the reports coming of course)

v6I ( aka the Anno Domini patch )

> FnF deeper integration
> integrated SELIN updates involving religious sites, holy orders, reformation mechanics, and general bug-fixing.
> integrated the Project Chronos's Fvror Africanvs update
> utilized a new terrain texture map
> integrated Vyllis's SFX
> Updated interface to CK2 2.0
> Character sheet now uses the big 32x32 religious icons. Interface edited to accommodate these
> Fixed wrong modifier icon positioning
> tweaked Humble piety to match Pride authority
> removed 50% discount on buildings
> fixed the Moderate Crown Policy of pagans requiring Devoted instead of just Loyal Disposition.
> added "markers" for the pagan disposition laws
> fixed a bug with provincial conversion requiring 12 Millenia to convert. it now requires just 1/2 millenia to do so :p
> *probably* fixed crown authority ultimatum bug for pagans
> Most SoA events and decisions ported and adapted to LI setting
> All instances of judaism_group replaced with jewish_group (Jews only playable with SoA now)
> Integrated Damocles' MB-GOTW
> Integrated Consort mod
> Integrated No Hassles Vassals (with edited EN localisations for clarity)
> Removed Koeppen Climate provincial modifiers due to lag and maintenance overhead. Kept the seasonal flavour events.
> Removed some lagging useless events (CK2+ leftovers mostly)
> Deleted friend checker decision (useless)
> A lot of new religious icons by AnaxXyphos
> made the required sites 4 instead of 5
> Lowered the authority per holy site to 15 from 20
> the Solar-Imperial religion has investiture = yes now. It doesn't get the investiture laws (intended, those are restricted to Catholics), BUT makes it so that you can request money from the pontifex maximus.
> Lowborn Concubines decision now costs 5 authority
> Norse Mod old viking system events should now fire on looting a holding (for all religions who can loot, de-norsefied the events properly)
> added the Abbey of Crime mod events, making it available for all religions, tweaked requirements (like removing the ward and reducing the MTTH to 1/5 of the original), and tweaking the event text as appropriate
> added Danevang's "better skulls"
> swapped Traits, Claims, and Modifiers around in the interface
> added some Vyllis sound effect
> removed the old Duel Engine events and referencing the new Duel Engine one (un-Luxified, ie. no distinction between Heroic Cultures and regulars yet)
> removed the old CK2+ ai-decision giving money at war
> added a Levy War Tax decision and a Demand Peace Scutage decision based on TPATT's kingdom tax
> added an intro chain of pseudo-tutorial events (with a choice to skip them), and a small decision to re-trigger the part regarding the hotkeys
> LIBERT3 v12a:
> nerfed Martial Code by re-adding a Garrison Size malus of -50% (balanced by Principles of Defence) at most and halving the morale bonus to +0.5 at most
> nerfed Principles of Defence by reducing Garrison Growth to 100% at most
> nerfed Call of Adventure by reducing Levy Reinforcement to 50% at most. Retained the +- levy/garrison mechanic (counteracted by the building system anyway).
> tweaked Realm Intrigue to give revolt risk: -0.1%, assassinate chance: +0.2%, and vassal tax +0.1% per level (base-25 still applies)
> tweaked Diplomatic Disaster to give -15 opinion and -1.5 authority monthly instead
> tweaked the "Travelling" trait from Survey Realm and event due to the short duration to 2
> tweaked the Realm Event, making it potentially restart as early as 1 year (original 5) and have a base of 5 years to restart (original 20), and doubled its duration.
> removed minimum demesne count of survey realm (but made AI even less likely to trigger it to compensate)
> tweaked Price of Power modifiers to be less punishing (-70 instead of 75)
> decreased MTTH of Spymaster's Conduct Subterfuge actions
> made Pacify Province only cost 1% tax loss per diplomacy point
> doubled tech spread modifier of councilors
> ambition to convert province culture now reduces MTTH to 1/3 (previously to 2/3), thus 166 years MTTH. Succeeding now gives 1000 authority and 3 stewardship
> swapped the titles-requirement for dejure swapping and creation in-code to follow intended parameters
> reduced chance of death for 0~9 age
> reduced effect of war and peace on fertility (now 10%) and health (now 0.5).
> increased fertility of trying for child to 15%
> tweaked patrician campaign fund and authority factor to 4 and 5 (previously 2 and 3)
> demanding the main plotter to stop costs 50 authority, while plot-backers costs 20 authority
> reduced revolt triggering chance 25% even further
> tweaked the Young Age modifier to not give a health malus and instead give an Authority malus yet a general opinion boost
> tweaked the Old Age modifier to not give a health malus, but amplified attribute/fertility loss loss yet give an Authority boost
> Revised the Traditions mechanic:
>> abandoned the province flagging mechanic for Martial Traditions
>> buffed the command modifier of the tradition traits to twice in exchange
> Combat Rebalance:
>> Increased base morale by 0.5
>> Reduced base morale recovery from 25% to 10%
>> Reduced morale loss factor to 3 (vanilla 6)
>> Reduced troop kill factor to 0.007 (vanilla 0.015)
>> Reduced tech gain from battles to 90% (overcompensated by lengthened battles)
>> added a "Ruler Taking Command" modifier for feudals when leading troops at war that increases land morale and morale recovery by 0.1, authority by 0.5, and general opinion by 5 but instead get a -0.25 fertility
>> added a "Ruler Shriking Command" modifier for feudals when not leading troops during war, decreasing authority by 1 monthly and general opinion by -5. This does not trigger if the feudal ruler is a councillor though.
>> Increased Defender Bottleneck modifier by 25%
>> tweaked defending against infidels/foreigners to +30/25 from +75/50
>> made Aggressive Offensive War not give a morale recovery malus
>> returned battle authority gain to vanilla
>> made War Knowledge not trigger when already previously triggered and active (for a year)
>> removed effect of realm size on retinue cap
>> reduced impact of leader martial on Damage Bonus and Command Modifier to 3%
>> returned center leader's martial effect on attrition to 0.10%
>> reactivated three generic retinues: Hedge Knight Cohorts, Rhodoki Crossbow Contigent, Elite Spearwall Company
>> doubled combat bonus of retinues and gave +1 morale for both units for culturals (+1 for dominant unit only for generics)
>> regular mercs cost 25% of their unit-weight to hire and 50% to maintain
>> vassal mercs cost 1/3 of regular mercs to hire but 3x to maintain
>> holy orders cost 1/3 of gold-cost in piety
>> retinues cost 1/3 of unit-weight to reinforce/maintain and further 1/3 to hire
>> reduced all event troops to 50% (of highest garrison level) from 100%
> Levy Rebalance:
>> Increased liege levy to 75% to skew importance to the top-liege's role
>> Tweaked martial effect on levies - now base 75%, but each martial point gives 2.5%
>> Increased scale of opinion effect on levies to old vanilla's -50~100 instead of new/old vanilla/LI's 0~100
>> Vassals in your capital's de-jure-duchy give 100% of liege levy, in de-jure-kingdom get 90% of liege levy, and de-jure-empire get 75% of liege levy.
>> Liege levies outside your de jure are 50% smaller (to represent local auxiliaries).
>> Vassal barons in capital-county give 125% of liege levy (to represent efficiency in the capital recruitment).
>> Realm Duress scaling for vassal levies reduced to 2% per tier (previously 2.5%). Vassal tax scaling retained at 2.5%
> Buildings Recalibration:
>> restored and rebalanced all city-holding and patrician-palace buildings
>> cultural military buildings now take a base of 550 days (~1.5yrs) to construct (750days/~2years for temples/cities) and cost 50/87.5/125 for the 1st/2nd/5-7th levels, and cost 1 gold for upkeep per level (1.5 for cities, 0 for temples [for now] )
>> reduced levy size effects of buildings by 10-fold (while tentatively retaining garrison effects, pending an observe game)
>> added a +25% garrison size to Traditions while systematically reducing retinue points from them
>> reduced initial retinue size bonii from all holdings and made the total castle-holding retinue size to 25,000 from 30,000 (most are concentrated around mid-game to very-late-game buildings anyway)
>> nerfed all SELIN-related martial buildings to 25% of previous for feudals and 50% for temples.
>> tweaked Town 1 and Small Bands requirement a bit
>> tweaked Wall/Keep/Stronghold relationships
>> the Keeps now only require level 5 walls
>> replaced the Defence System requirement for Military Settlers to Defence Policy, and downgraded it to a level-2 tier while adding a Feudalism requirement to it.
>> downgraded Military Holdings to a level-3 tier
>> Local Assemblies now need Military Settlers 7 instead of Military Holdings 7
>> Removed the feudalism requirement except for the Military Holdings chain, as well as the odd Military Assembly tie-in requirement for Conscription centers
>> Tweaked the Local Judges so that it upgrades from Court and requires >> Magistrates instead of the other way around

> still the occasional bugged localisation and whatnot here and there
> temple holding still not worked on aside from the early tiers (others still locked behind level 8)
> some SELIN events aren't perfectly up to date
> mid-game may be laggier than previously
> not all religions have tooltips
> there seems to be a bug about being hostile with the world - it's unknown if this has been fixed, but it seems to occur with Martial-soul religions

v6H ( aka the Ragnarok Transcendent patch )

> implemented and integrated accumulated SELIN, VIET, and F&F event updates
> cumulative tweaks to transferring de jure scopes of titles like Italia, Slavinia, Bulgaria, Syria, et.al.
> added the vanilla siege leader trait
> added a "generous" trait in conjuntion with SELIN pagan-traits
> completed post-TOG rebalancing for feudal holding buildings
> added in the remaining yet-rebalanced City/Temple/Patrician buildings with a level 8 tech requirement to lock them out (for save compatibility in the future)
> made buildings generally 30% cheaper ( might affect the AI? )
> disabled a couple battle ambition events
> enabled current Duel Engine events for all cultures for now pending a comprehensive integration/rebalance
> tweaked the present debutante to have either attractive, gregarious, shy, lustful, deceitful.
> rebalanced Better Armies's (non cultural) Tactics to increased weighting for composition for skirmish tactics (now 20~30%)
> reused vanilla Ruler Designer values with some reductions
> returned the custom black internal borders graphics
> preliminarily edited PB-factions file a bit (no balancing yet)
> new loading screens
> LIBERT3 rebalance:
> declaring war on allies costs 500 authority
> modified the visual weighting of units to be equal
> made AI create kingdom titles (might help shake things up)
> reduced Aztec invasion armies to 40% of vanilla while tweaking composition ratio to 4:3:3 of HI/LI/AR (previously 2:1:1 HI/LI/AR)
> tweaked the peasant revolt a bit to have slightly less units and no light cavalry
> tweaked the peasant leader trait to have command maluses (to make peasants easier to defeat )
> reduced base revolt chance of TOG version to half of vanilla
> tweaked the imprisonment event after sieges to fire half of the time
> increased the province-cultural conversion MTTH to 1000 years, the settler's event to 750 years, while decreased Ruler Assimilation to 25 years.
> Ruler Assimilation is now less likely with high diplomacy, while Conversion/Settler's events likelier with both high diplomacy and learning.
> Holy Orders and Mercenaries 5x less likely to culturally assimilate.
> added AI ambition to Vestigial Empire to incite them to expand more (until the modifier is no longer valid )
> tweaked short reign years to 10 (max -50 at zero Divine Right tech, minimum -10 at max Divine Right tech) , and made long reign years start after 20 years
> halved effect of marriage tiers on authority
> reduced Shrine piety effects (+0.05 max) while giving minor tax income (+0.35 max)
> added a base of 10 LI and 5 AR to cities, and adjust minimum fort level to 3
> implemented SELIN-virtue/faults system for Lux Invicta-defined pagans (extra authority/piety source) [disabled vassal opinion effects tentatively and instead increased authority effect]
> standardized decadence gain to 50% of vanilla, but doubled realm-size multiplier
> disabled/nerfed effect of realm diplomacy/intrigue on vassal taxes , but triped/doubled ( for diplomacy/intrigue) revolt risk reduction (while disabling base RR and vassal tax modifiers to compensate
> disabled the effect of State Martial on minimum vassal levy (still affects MAX levy)
> weakened land morale effect of bankruptcy while amplifying the monthly authority loss instead
> Decreased MTTH of Corruption Uncovered, Vicious Rumors, and Sow Dissent events of the Spymaster's Subterfuge option to 1/3 of vanilla (and the chance of getting caught to 1/2 of vanilla )
> Tweaked the Spymaster's Spy Ring action to give 0.3% revolt risk reduction and assassination chance addition per level (previously 0.5% and 0.1% respectively)
> Added a small revolt-risk addition to the Steward's Collect Taxes option (0.5%/level)
> Rebalanced CB's
>> Made the Conquest CB available for neighboring seazones, but increased cost to 100 gold (previously only 50 gold spent )
>> Vanquishment War (traditional/martial) now only needs 250 authority stockpiled, and has no authority cost when declared (but has an amplified losing authority penalty ).
>> Glorious Conquest (previously Invasion) now requires 500 authority (but 1000 stockpiled), 200 gold, 200% annual income, and either ambitious/authorative/naturalleader/proud/arrogant/selfish/greedy/pompous/demanding but NOT content/weakwilled/submissive, and now works as a similar to the subjugation CB
>> Prepared Invasion (populist/messianic) requires 500 authority stockpiled, but instead costs 250 piety. Tweaked max target/attacker de jure holdings to 30. Now also applies the recently conquered modifier
>> Grand Invasion (only used by Aztecs and mercenaries ) only require positive authority, but removed authority gain on victory
>> Sacred War now only requires to NOT be cynical/tolerant/content and 250 authority and positive piety to declare
>> made the Conquest, Expansion, Vanquishment, and Sacred War CB's transfer 50 gold when defeated in addition to current scaled wealth
>> made the Holy War, Total War, Subjugation, and Glorious Conquest transfer 100 gold when defeated in addition to current scaled wealth
>> made the Crusade, Sanctioned Invasion, Grand Invasion, and Prepared Invasion transfer 150 gold when defeated in addition to current scaled wealth
>> tweaked "conquest" CB's so that those with Vanquishment and/or Expansion War (11 religions can use both ) can't use the base Conquest War
>> tweaked the Holy/Total War so that those they are mutually exclusive
> Rebalanced authority/piety requirements
>> removed piety cost for Transfer Vassal
>> Releasing Prisoners now GIVES 10/5 piety/authority
>> Send Gift now 5 authority
>> Offer Vassalization now 10/30 piety/authority
>> Ransoming now 5 authority
>> Demand to end/leave plot now 15/30 gold/authority
>> Asking to Ransom now costs 10 authority
>> Asking to Join War now costs 10 authority
>> Releasing Vassalage now costs 25 authority
>> Make Consort now costs 5 authority
>> Retracting Vassals now costs 10/50 gold/authority
>> Tweaked authority gain from VIET random battle events higher.
> Rebalanced Looting
>> increased the tax penalty of the Looted modifier to -75%
>> further lowered effect of fort level on looting to 0.2 (so 5 fort level protect is necessary to protect 1 tax base )
>> further increased maximum fort level of adjacent counties to rivers that disable river raiding to 80 to compensate
>> increased looting speed by twice of previous (now 1/4th of vanilla)
>> increased looted tax to twice the holding value (vanilla 1.5x)
>> a holding now needs at least 50 "buildings" to be immune from eradication, but chance of incidence reduced to 0.5%
>> a successful loot is guaranteed to destroy a random "building"
>> reduced TOG revolt incidence rate to 1/2 of vanilla
> Rebalanced Tech
>> increased tech spread from the Sypmaster's Conduct Subterfuge job to 2.5%
>> rebalanced tradepost tech spread bonus to 1%
>> slightly rebalanced tech to year 1000 +100/level
>> Increased ahead penalty to 50%
>> further reduced the gain of techpoints from stats, making tech growth slower in general (vanilla 0.4, LI 0.015 )
>> doubled the effect of many techs aside from opinion, tax, and build time/cost related ones, which got variably amplified
>> made the War Knowledge give +50% martial tech spread from capital, but reduced to 4 months
> Rebalanced Ruler modifiers:
>> halved vassal tax bonii of Respected Ruler modifiers
>> Legendary Worldwelder now piety +1 authority +3 monthly
>> Legendary Warmaster now +20% min/max vassal levy
>> Legendary Wealthbringer now +10% vassal tax but +25% global tax and -25% building cost
> Rebalanced Authority:
>> removed authority from baron/count titles/vassals, and reduced the rest
>> reduced the pre-Imperial Administration authority bonuses
>> increased authority loss from low attribute modifiers from 0.15 to 0.25
>> reduced authority from Realm of Man to +1.5 and Prestigious Empire to +1
>> increased division of dynasty-prestige-to-authority from birth/marriage to 50
>> removed opinion bonus from Respected Ruler modifiers (is already part of the general Authority opinion modifier )
>> increased authority from Lux Bloodlines to +0.5 monthly
> Rebalanced Opinion
>> weakened the Lux Bloodline bonuses to +5 vassal opinion
>> removed Realm of Man/Prestigious Empire opinion effects
>> converted all existing triggered modifier non-SELIN vassal-opinion values to general opinion (vassal opinion doesn't work as is known)
>> increased foreigner opinion to -30 and related culture to -15
>> increased infidel opinion to -20
>> tweaked linear conversion to +1 opinion from 200 authority or 50 piety (max 6k authority or 1000 piety)
>> disabled general opinion effect of Respected Ruler modifiers (retained them for negative values)
>> made the Administration modifiers (now "Realm Duress") give increasing opinion maluses (-2/level for Expanded and -3/level for Imperial starting at -20, with max -70 opinion for size 500 realms )
> Rebalanced base values for holdings (fort/tax)
>> castles: 5/3
>> churches: 4/4
>> cities: 3/5
>> palaces: 3/8rs.
>> tweaked Tradition buildings to give relevant tech points as well as retinues size
> Rebalanced Warfare
>> disabled the previous offensive/defensive warfare modifiers for a generic Offensive/Defensive one for now
>> declaring war on allies now costs 500 authority
>> battles now contribute a maximum of 50% warscore (each, and scaled by size) - previously 100%
>> increased total occcupation scale necessary for 100% warscore to 150% for balance.
>> warscore target worth 2.5x warscore, enemy capital now worth 1.5x, private demesne of enemy ruler worth 1x, and demesne of vassals of enemy worth 0.5x,
>> ticking warscore (of non-independence wars) reduced to 5% warscore anually to accomodate longer wars (independence wars are still faster as before)
>> troops detached for garrison increased to 33.3% (vanilla 10%) to further minimise recapture
>> decreased monthly siege morale loss from 0.3 to 0.2 (longer siege times)
>> slightly increased battle prestige multiplier (previously 15, now 20 )
>> corrected terrain effects which somehow got reverted to vanilla - they now are again twice as important than vanilla
>> increased effect of flanking damage to 50% (vanilla 30% )
>> increased terrain specialization bonuses to 50% (vanilla 25%)
>> increased effect of leader martial damage to 7.5% (vanilla 5%)
>> doubled days before retreating successfully
>> amplified Recently Conquered modifier to -500% to account for excess modifiers.
>> reduced AI Naval Invasion Range to 0.5x
>> returned AI DOW aggressiveness to vanilla
>> increased ratio of AI assaulting to 20 (ideal assault ratio is 25 based on damage/defence ratio of assault in general )
>> rebalanced attrition multipliers to 0.25/1/5 (vanilla values of 0.5/1/2) for attrition levels of base/50%+/100%+ to slightly assist maintaining sieges while still punishing disproportionately large armies
>> increased mild winter attrition to -1.5, normal to -2.5, and severe winter to -4
>> increased attrition when no adjacent territory is controlled to -0.5 (previously 0 )
>> tweaked attrition reduction per martial point of the center-leader to 0.15%
>> reduced pagan attrition effect to 15% of total supply (originally only 5% is possible)
>> naval maintenance is now further reduced to 30 gold (merely 10% of vanilla)
>> increased naval attrition to 3% (compensated by the reduced cost)
>> reduced naval movement speed to vanilla levels of 15 (previously 20)
>> further increased land movement speed to 5 (vanilla 3)
>> war contribution from battles increased to 0.5 (previously 0.2)
>> reduced lethality of combat by 50% of previous
>> reduced holy order hiring conversion cost to 25%
>> reduced retreat threshold to 10% of morale
>> returned AI DOW aggression to vanilla
>> tweaked leadership traits to 2 again while rebalanced their values to make them more potent
>> made the AI prioritize cultural buildings as soon as they are available to upgrade
>> increased battle event frequencies
> Comprehensive Rebalance of crown/demesne laws, using PB, NM, and LI laws as a base:
Crown Policies
Control Policy
lvl 1: +5 opinion, generals chosen, no external inheritance, -30% vassal max levy, -20% vassal tax
lvl 2: -5 opinion, revocation possible, -15% vassal max levy, -10% vassal tax
lvl 3: -10 opinion, free infidel revocation, -5% vassal max levy
lvl 4: -25 opinion, vassal peace, +5% vassal min/max levy, +5% vassal tax
lvl 5: -40 opinion, vassal no wars, +15% vassal min/max levy, +10% vassal tax

Economic Policy
lvl 1: -30% vassal tax, +5 opinion
lvl 2: -15% vassal tax, + 5% global tax, -2.5% build time
lvl 3: +10% global tax, -5% build time, -10 opinion
lvl 4: +10% vassal tax, -20 opinion, +15% global tax, -7.5% build time
lvl 5: +20% vassal tax, -30 opinion, +20% global tax, -10% build time

Military Policy
lvl 1: -40% vassal min levy, +5 opinion
lvl 2: -20% vassal min levy, + 5% organisation, +0.025 morale
lvl 3: +10% organisation, +0.05 morale, -10 opinion
lvl 4: +15% vassal min levy, -20 opinion, +15% organisation, +0.075 morale
lvl 5: +30% vassal min levy, -30 opinion, +20% organisation, +0.1 morale

The requirements for changing crown policies are as below:

level 2/3: Loyal Disposition for all vassal types
level 4/5: Devoted Disposition disposition for all vassals

Control Policy - defaults at level 2
lvl 1-3:
ambitious/diligent/scholar/just/hardworking/restless/gregarious/magnetic/practical/authoritative/noblespirit/naturalleader/rebellious, but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled
1000 authority and 100 gold
lvl 4:
ambitious OR authorative but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled/practical/noblespirit/naturalleader/just/kind/temperate/patient/humble/charitable
2000 authority and 100 gold
lvl 5:
ambitious OR authorative but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled/practical/noblespirit/naturalleader/just/kind/temperate/patient/humble/charitable
3000 authority and 100 gold

Economic Policy
for all levels:
ambitious/diligent/scholar/just/hardworking/restless/gregarious/magnetic/practical/authoritative/noblespirit/naturalleader/rebellious, but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled
500 authority and 100 gold

Military Policy
for all levels:
ambitious/diligent/scholar/just/hardworking/restless/gregarious/magnetic/practical/authoritative/noblespirit/naturalleader/rebellious, but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled
500 authority and 100 gold

AI Behavior Notes:
A Diplomatic/Intrigue-education ruler will favour Control Policy
A Stewardship/Learning-education ruler will favour Economic Policy
A Martial-education ruler will favour Military Policy

Demesne Laws
General Category Laws:

Noble Emphasis:
Martial: +40% min/max levies, -50% tax
Levies: +20% min/max levies, -25% tax
Balanced: +10% min/max levies, -10% tax
Taxation: -10% min/max levies, +15% tax
Mercantile: -20% min/max levies, +30% tax

Noble Demands:
Lax: -25% min/max levies, -15% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -10% min/max levies, -5% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +10% min/max levies, +5% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +25% min/max levies, +15% tax, -30 opinion

Merchant Emphasis:
Martial: +20% min/max levies, -20% tax
Levies: +10% min/max levies, -10% tax
Balanced: -10% min/max levies, +10% tax
Taxation: -20% min/max levies, +20% tax
Mercantile: -40% min/max levies, +30% tax

Merchant Demands:
Lax: -15% min/max levies, -25% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -5% min/max levies, -10% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +5% min/max levies, +10% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +15% min/max levies, +25% tax, -30 opinion

Clergy Emphasis:
Martial: +30% min/max levies, -30% tax
Levies: +15% min/max levies, -15% tax
Balanced: +5% min/max levies, +5% tax
Taxation: -15% min/max levies, +15% tax
Mercantile: -30% min/max levies, +30% tax

Clergy Demands:
Lax: -20% min/max levies, -20% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -20% min/max levies, -10% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +10% min/max levies, +10% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +20% min/max levies, +20% tax, -30 opinion

Muslim Category Laws:

Iqta Emphasis:
Martial: +20% min/max levies, -25% tax
Levies: +10% min/max levies, -10% tax
Balanced: +5% min/max levies, -5% tax
Taxation: -5% min/max levies, +5% tax
Mercantile: -10% min/max levies, +15% tax

Iqta Demands:
Lax: -25% min/max levies, -15% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -10% min/max levies, -5% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +10% min/max levies, +5% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +25% min/max levies, +15% tax, -30 opinion

Tajr Emphasis:
Martial: +15% min/max levies, -10% tax
Levies: +5% min/max levies, -5% tax
Balanced: -5% min/max levies, +5% tax
Taxation: -10% min/max levies, +10% tax
Mercantile: -25% min/max levies, +20% tax

Tajr Demands:
Lax: -15% min/max levies, -25% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -5% min/max levies, -10% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +5% min/max levies, +10% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +15% min/max levies, +25% tax, -30 opinion

Imam Emphasis:
Martial: +20% min/max levies, -20% tax
Levies: +10% min/max levies, -10% tax
Balanced: +5% min/max levies, +5% tax
Taxation: -10% min/max levies, +10% tax
Mercantile: -20% min/max levies, +20% tax

Imam Demands:
Lax: -20% min/max levies, -20% tax, +20 opinion
Lenient: -10% min/max levies, -10% tax, +10 opinion
Lawful: <default>
Heavy: +10% min/max levies, +10% tax, -15 opinion
Excessive: +20% min/max levies, +20% tax, -30 opinion

AI Behavior Notes:
A charitable/noblespirit/generous/kind AI will prefer decreasing Demands
A greedy/cruel/ambitious/authoritative AI will prefer increasing Demands
A just/practical AI will prefer going towards Lawful Demands
A submissive/weakwilled AI will not increase Demands
A content AI will not change Demands at all
The AI will not change the Emphasis sliders from its default.

Pagan Category Laws:

Martial Disposition:
apathy: [<500 authority] -30% max levies, -40% tax, -20 opinion, castle_levy_size -25%, levy_reinforce_rate -25%
interest: [<1000 authority] -15% max levies, -20% tax, -10 opinion, castle_levy_size -10%, levy_reinforce_rate -10%
respect: [<2000 authority] +15% min/max levies, +10% tax, +10 opinion, castle_levy_size +10%, levy_reinforce_rate +10%
loyalty: [<3000 authority] +25% min/max levies, +20% tax, +20 opinion, castle_levy_size +25%, levy_reinforce_rate +25%
devotion: [>3000 authority] +50% min/max levies, +40% tax, +40 opinion, castle_levy_size +50%, levy_reinforce_rate +50%

Mercantile Disposition
apathy: [<500 authority] -40% max levies, -30% tax, -20 opinion, garrison_size -25%, garrison_growth -25%
interest: [<1000 authority] -20% max levies, -15% tax, -10 opinion, garrison_size -10%, garrison_growth -10%
respect: [<2000 authority] +10% min/max levies, +15% tax, +10 opinion, garrison_size +10%%, garrison_growth +10%
loyalty: [<3000 authority] +20% min/max levies, +25% tax, +20 opinion, garrison_size +25%%, garrison_growth +25%
devotion: [>3000 authority] +40% min/max levies, +50% tax, +40 opinion, garrison_size +50%, garrison_growth +50%

Missionary Disposition
apathy: [<500 authority] -30% max levies, -30% tax, -20 opinion, land_morale -0.25, land_organisation -0.25
interest: [<1000 authority] -15% max levies, -15% tax, -10 opinion, land_morale -0.1, land_organisation -0.1
respect: [<2000 authority] +10% min/max levies, +10% tax, +15 opinion, land_morale +0.1, land_organisation +0.1
loyalty: [<3000 authority] +20% min/max levies, +20% tax, +30 opinion, land_morale +0.25, land_organisation +0.25
devotion: [>3000 authority] +40% min/max levies, +40% tax, +50 opinion, land_morale +0.5, land_organisation +0.5
> certain levels of City, Temple, and Patrician buildings have a level 8 tech requirements - these buildings were intentionally "locked" as they haven't been properly tweaked and rebalanced post-TOG
> the summer fair, hold feast, grand hunt are currently only available to catholics, and the grand hunt itself doesn't fire properly, as the cause is tied along with other events
> many religions still don't have their proper localisations for descriptions, as SELIN is still a WIP

>>Continuation of Older Changelogs<<
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Lux Invicta - Chronology Continuity

Lux Invicta Chronology Continuity
[archive for Lux Invicta older changelogs post-TOG]

v6h alpha series:
alpha-007 (aka the Iceberg Tip patch )
> updated Arumba's shortcuts
> updated the integrated VIET stuff coourtesy of futuregary
>LIBERT3 rebalance:
>> slightly rebalanced fort level and tax income values to account for some mistakes: base fort value now 3/5/8 and tax 3/5/8
>> lowered base tax of family palace to 12
>> increased piety from church gifts to 5
>> doubled movement cost for embarking/disembarking

alpha-006 (aka the Authority of Gold patch)
> reimplemented the separate GUI line for traits (courtesy of Korbah and Elder Kings )
> removed the Glorious Invasion CB pending corrections
> corrected a republic trade event issue with bracketing
> corrected temple holdings being scoped elsewhere
> rebalanced castle/temple/palace holdings a bit: added + 15 LI + 10 AR to simulate light skirmishers present in any army (because, tactics aside, an all-knight army is just inherently unrealistic )
> increased number of castle buildings giving retinue size, while making retinue cap decrease with realm size (-5/holding)
> added back Mercenary Contracts, Foreign Auxiliary, and Militia chains to castles
> added in the rest of the government-tree buildings for castle holdings (not that many of these rely on economy/military/education-tree buildings that aren't in yet to advance anyway)
> updated the technology list of building transitions for Feudal Enlightenment
> tentatively integrated the tactics component of Better Armies (at least until I get my own ABCDE project off the ground )
> implemented project balance factions (unedited yet)
> implemented project balance demesne laws (ie. non-crown laws) (NOTE: maay not be accessible to current save-games)
> tweaked the existing Lux Invicta crown laws (pending comprehensive PB crown law integration )
>> Tweaked Economic Policies to have a -15% vassal and global tax at minimum to +15% at maximum
>> Tweaked Military Policies to have -15% minimum vassal levies at minimum to +15% at maximum, with +5% land organisation per level after 0
>> modified changing requirements: can now enact laws with ambitious/diligent/scholar/just/hardworking/restless/gregarious/magnetic/practical/authoritative/noblespirit/naturalleader/rebellious, but NOT with slothful/content/gullible/oldfashioned/cautious/callous/submissive/weakwilled
>> reduced requirements to 500 authority and 100 gold instead of 800 authority and 200 gold
>> tentatively retained the "control policy" as it is to preserve save-game compatibility (?) [will reuse this for a more comprehensive integration of PB laws ]
> LIBERT3 v12 balancing:
>> tentatively disabled the possibility to use the Glorious Invasion without naturalleader/ambitious
>> made vassal mercenaries slightly more expensive to hire and cheaper to field by 25%
>> made contractual mercenaries slightly more cheaper to hire and expensive to field by 25%
>> incresed geographic distance mercenaries can be hired from 450 to 500
>> increased de jure assimilation for (adjacent to dejure) de facto duchies to 150 years
>> reduced de jure assimilation for kingdom to empire titles to 50 years
>> reduced patrician tax to liege to 33.3%
>> Nerfed effect of realm stewardship and realm intrigue on tax to 0.2% per realm attribute level (previously 0.5% and 0.4%). Intrigue now increases vassal tax, while stewardship increases global tax.
>> Increased "break even" realm stats (to avoid penalties) to 25 again
>> Added a minor +0.3 monthly authority and +0.15 monthly character piety for low decadence muslims (<10) in addition to prior effects
>> Gave a -0.25 and -0.5 monthly authority malus for medium (50~75) and high (75+)decadence muslims respectively in addition to prior effects
>> reduced tech gain from attributes back to a third of vanilla (0.03)
>> increased spread of tech via trade
>> increased maximum effect of demesne bonuses (to tech spread) to 100%
>> reduced assassination costs to 50/tier as well as authority cost to 50 to... slightly encourage it in-game, as is period-appropriate
>> modified Diplomatic Disaster to give -15% revolt risk instead of -20% but have -30 general opinion and -0.5 monthly authority
>> reduced patrician prerogative authority to 1.5 monthly but boosted minimum vassal levy to 30%
>> gave patricians a modified version of feudal stat-bonuses that trigger with at least 20 points:
> Arbiter of the People get 1.5 monthly authority, 0.5 monthly piety, 30 opinion
> Champion of the Masses get 40% minimum levy, 10% max levy, +0.3 land morale and reorganization, +20% levy size, and +1 monthly authority
> Harvester of the Community get 15% vassal tax modifiers, 25% global tax modifier, -25% building cost modifier, and 1.5 monthly authority
> Enforcer of the Public gets 0.25 assassinate chance, -10% global revolt risk, 1.5 monthly authority, +1 health/fertility
> Illuminati of the Society gets techpoints, +2 monthly authority, +0.5 monthly piety, +10 general opinion
>> Rebalanced Realm Administration Mechanics:
> Reduced size of max holdings for Centralized Administration to 20 holdings, and Localized Administration to 40.
> Reduced gap between Administration tiers to 20-holding gaps.
> Expanded Administration now ranges from 40~200 holdings.
> Imperial Administration now ranges from 200~500 holdings (max -60% reduction all throughout )
> Price of Power now starts at 500 holdings, and gives -75% flat reduction all throughout
> Prestigious Empire (for empire-title realms) now at 250~500 holdings, with a stronger version (50% bonus) at 500~750 holdings
> A lot of buildings still not in (mainly because I didn't add that many buildings in really ), thus "nobuilding" requirements in many buildings
> the summer Fair CTD event is still in there
> icons for some tactics are not showing up correctly
> Demesne laws are not changeable for mid-game updates
> Visby is still ... oddly positioned with this update (solved in the internal build, but left untouched for compatibility)
> The Norse Mod laws haven't been properly integrated with the new demesne laws yet.

alpha-005 (aka the Restoration Update)
> Increased the level of incoporated castle buildings by a couple of chains (enough for history settings to be reincorporated properly)
> Added early-tier city and temple buildings
> Added regional levies/traditions for cities and churches, and removed their basic static modifier units.
> Added the Martial/Mercantile/Missionary Traditions buildings back in (and thus the relevant event mechanics)
> Added and rebalanced the Serene Merchant Republic building - it now in total gives: Levy Size +25%, Tax +15, Galleys +10, Garrison Size +100%, Tech Spread +1%
> Reincorporated SELIN martial-soul buildings, and made coastal versions of these have +10 galleys (to facilitate raiding)
> Updated SELIN mechanics as collectively discussed in the thread, with the exception of the heresy mechanics as agreed upon
> Removed .gfx files from unit scaledown [80] that got accidentally reincorporated and causing CTD's
> Added a new decision: "Reforge the Roman Empire!". Requires a kingdom in both Roman empires, control every ducal province in both empires, be of either Roman cultures, and 5000 authority. "Two halves shall become whole, and Europe shall once more tremble and bow before the might of Rome."
> Fixed a Ruler Designer related mistake that causes CTD's. Made all RD variables cost 0 age to give the player freedom to customize their characters.
> Removed the BLC module for now, pending an update/overhaul it
> Removed alpha-004 SI event pictures
> Incorporated Cesar de Quart's event picture set into the LI SVN (but not in the main upload), to be used and included as referenced.
> Integrated latest version of Arko's COA packs
> Integrated antigravity's Clouds of War
> Integrated chatnoir's Koeppen Climate Classification
> integrated Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish events and some mechanics for Zoroastrians.
> tentatively reintegrated Better Rebels and locked it for non-TOG builds. currently not yet revised
> improved localisations of cultures
> (partially) implemented SELIN religious sites
> updated some NBRT+ textures and used the Painterly CK2 terrain map
> tentatively disabled the LIBERT3 intro events
> made some modifications to the Norse Mod component
>> Made prior raiding events happen during raiding only
>> Removed the Niding events
>> Removed TOG-redundant traits
>> Removed NM-mercenaries
> LIBERT3 v12 balancing
>> pagan peace penalty -1 authority a month after 3 years now
>> prepared invasions (for those with them) now no longer requires holdings in target kingdom. also only 500 authority now required.
>> base declaration of war requirements removed (to be integrated with CB's directly)
>> modified revolt risk. Generic Revolts now only 30% as likely to fire as vanilla, while TOG revolts now twice as likely.
>> reduced Muslim wife authority reduction to 0.15/month/wife
>> removed negative monthly piety from Unrespected Rulers modifier while increased the monthly piety for Well Respected Rulers by 100%
>> reduced monthly authority loss for rulers with low character attributes to -0.15 from -0.25 (except for low diplomacy stat, which is now -0.3 from -0.45).
>> increased monthly authority for high stat modifiers (both the middle-tier "Rennowned" and higher tier "Legendary" ones) universally by +1 authority/month. Increased the monthly authority/piety of the Kwisatz Haderach modifier by +2 /month.
>> Added a +0.5/+1 monthly authority per month for defending against a minor/major war.
>> Increased tech points per attribute from 0.04 to 0.05
>> Adjusted ideal year levels. Tech level zero "starts" at 1060, and 80 years passes between each tech level (thus "end game" by 1700)
>> Ahead penalty is now only 25% (previously 30%)
>> Modified disease parameters: a minimum of 20 income is needed for a town to be vulnerable to outbreaks, while an income of 50 guarantees the chance for an outbreak (with a 25% chance).
>> Reduced minimum ideal raiding party to 100
>> Increased ship maintenance of raiding-capable factions from 10% to 25%
>> Increased loot frequency from 4 days to 1 days, but each day gives 0.5% of total lootable
>> Reduced conversion of loot to tax to 75% from 100%
>> Reduced fort level protection on looting to 0.5 gold per fort level
>> Reduced lootable gold regeneration to 2% from 2.5% per month
>> Tripled monthly authority when defending from wars (now +3 per month for defending against major invasions and +1.5 for minor wars).
>> Boosted Patrician Prerogative authority to 2.5/month to both compensate from lack of the feudal character modifiers and reflect their republican legitimacy.
>> Lowered threshold for "Renowned Diplomat/Commander/Investor/Puppetmaster/Scholar" to 15. They now trigger in the 15~29 range (30+ is still reserved for the "legendary" modifiers).
>> Made the Centralized and Localized Administration modifiers (for small realms) also give authority (+2 and +1.5 respectively), for a jumpstart boost.
>> Gave the Expanded Administration a decreasing amount of authority (+1 max)
>> increased bonus of trade post connected to capital to 50%
>> doubled Assist Arrest revolt risk reduction for Marshals and a proportional tax reduction
>> added revolt risk reduction to the Organize Spies action of Spymasters in exchange for reduced assassination chance
>> modified the Chancellor's Revolt Risk job to a Pacify Province job, which reduces revolt risk more than Assist Arrest and Organize Spies, but reduces income and build speed
>> Made the spymaster's "steal technology" job to a "Subterfuge" job option, and transferred the Vicious Rumors (spy) and Sow Dissent events (chancellor) here.
>> Increased income and authority/piety from Council jobs ten-fold (and added 0.15 monthly authority for spymaster )
>> reduced income disparity of republic councils to 1.5x (from 10x) to account for above change
>> reduced income disparity of republic councils to 1.5x (from 10x) to account for above change
>> titular tiles now 25% cheaper instead of more expensive to make
>> reduced piety costs for kingdom and empire creation to 150 and 350 respectively
>> tagged the Divine March and Revolt Wars as "Just Wars"
>> tagged the Prepared Invasion and Divine March as "Massive Wars"
>> added 10 galleys for the Martial soul cults
> Rebalanced holdings
tax: 5
fort level: 5
garrison: +100%
galleys: 2
levy reinforce: (+)100%
morale recovery: 0.2

tax: 10
fort level: 2
garrison: +250%
levies: -50%
galleys: 5
levy reinforce: (+)50%
garrison growth: (+)100%
morale recovery: 0.1

tax: 8
fort level: 3
galleys: 2
garrison size: 100%
levy reinforce: (+)150%
morale recovery: 0.3
morale bonus: 0.1
liege piety: 0.01

Trade Post
tax: 5
fort level: 2
garrison: 100 (50/50 AR/LI)
build cost = 150

Patrician Palace
tax: 20
fort level: 2 (relevant?)
garrison size: (+)200% (does this matter?)
levy size: (+)100%
galleys: 5
levy reinforce: (+)75%
morale recovery: 0.2
> Rebalanced the way buildings give technology:
> scribes give economy techpoints (+0.15/full chain)
> libraries give culture (+0.15) and some economy techpoints (+0.05)
> roads give some tech spread
the planned differentation between holdings with regards to tech buildings are:
> castle education buildings cost quite the amount of tax to upkeep
> city education buildings give a weaker amount of techpoints but no tax upkeep
> church education buildings have no tax upkeep but give the same amount as castle buildings, but cost slightly more

the planned differentiation with regards to tech sourcing:
> available only for cities are the university building chains, which cost tax upkeep but give a decent amount of techpoints (economy & culture )
> military techpoints will come primarily from the different military and government tree buildings of castles holdings, with some from temple holdings and a handful from city holdings
> many temple holding buildings will have small amounts of tech spread to them
> Rebalanced CB's
I Claim
a) Generic Claim 1
b) Generic Claim 2
c) Claim on Liege 1
d) Claim on Liege 2
e) Plot - Claim on Liege
f) Plot - Claim on Vassal
g) Claim All
h) De Jure County Claim 1
i) De Jure County Claim 2
j) De Jure Barony Claim 1
k) De Jure Barony Claim 2
availability: presence of a valid claim (any of above)
effects: obtainment of claimed territory. no "Recently Conquered" modifier
requirements: 50 gold stockpiled, 100 authority stockpiled, 10% annual income used
victory: transfer of tiles, +50 authority
draw: -50 authority OR -100 authority for plot-CB's
surrender: -100 authority, -100% annual income (OR imprison for Liege-target CB's), loss of claim (OR -100 authority more for plot-CB's )

II Politics
a) Independence - Bid
b) Independence - Faction
c) Depose Liege
d) Overthrow Ruler 1
e) Succession on Liege 1
f) Succession on Liege 2
g) Succession 3
h) Seniority War
i) Primogeniture War
j) Feudal Elective War
k) Gavelkind War
l) Lower Crown Authority
m) Weaken Vassal
[unmodified from vanilla]

III Invasions

a) Sanctioned Invasion
availability: Christian group
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: religious head approval (500 piety)
victory: lands sieged and title transfered, +250 authority
draw: -200 authority (+250 for defenders)
surrender: -500 authority, -500% annual income (+500 for defenders)

b) Grand Invasion
availability: Horde cultures, Mercenaries (AI), 500 authority stockpiled
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: 100% annual income, 250 authority
victory: lands sieged and title transferred, +250 authority
draw: -200 authority
surrender: -500 authority, - 500% annual income

c) Glorious Invasion
availability: EITHER 1250 authority, 500 piety OR naturalleader/ambitious/..., 750 authority, 250 piety AND 250% annual income
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: 500 authority, 250% annual income
victory: lands sieged and title transferred, +250 authority
draw: -200 authority
surrender: -500 authority, - 500% annual income

d) Prepared Invasion
availability: Populist-souls
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: 500 authority
victory: lands sieged and title transferred, +500 authority +100 piety, won-vikinginvasion
draw: -500 authority
surrender: -750 authority, -200 piety, - 500% annual income, lost-viskinginvasion

e) Decadence Invasion
availability: decadence revolters (AI)
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: decadence flag (AI)
victory: lands sieged and title transferred, +500 authority, +250 piety, won-decadenceinvasion
draw: -250 authority
surrender: -250 authority, -1000% annual income, imprisoned, lost-decadenceinvasion

IV Religion

a) Holy War
availability: positive piety, EITHER zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/scripture spouter, NOT cynical/tolerant/content/patrician
effects: ducal-tier conquest
requirements: 10% annual income, 25 piety, 25 authority, bordering/close-by target
victory: transfer of titles, +100 piety, +100 authority, won-holywar
draw: +50 piety
surrender: -200 piety, -200 authority, -250% annual income, lost-holywar

b) Total War
availability: Ofridartrivaric, Tengri-Ahrimanic, Ahrimanic, Angra Mainyui, and Ragnarokric, positive piety
effects: ducal-tier conquest, +25 piety, +50 authority
requirements: 100% annual income, bordering/close-by target
victory: transfer of titles, +50 piety, +250 authority, won-holywar
draw: -150 authority
surrender: -500 authority, -100 piety, -500% annual income, lost-holywar

c) Crusade/Jihad
availability: Crusade-capable religion-groups
effects: obtain title and lands
requirements: Can Call Crusade/Jihad, 5% religious authority
victory: transfer of titles, +250 piety, +250 authority, won-crusade, shared 1k authority/piety
draw: -100 authority, -50 piety
surrender: -250 authority, -250 piety, -250% annual income, lost-crusade

d) Sacred War
availability: martial-soul
effects: EITHER +50 authority, +50 piety OR -100 authority, +15 piety OR (n/a) RESPECTIVELY
requirements: EITHER holy-war-traitset OR 500 authority OR positive piety, 50-250% annual income depending on piety RESPECTIVELY
victory: +250 authority, +100 piety, won-holywar
draw: +50 piety
surrender: -100 authority, +15 piety, -100% annual income, lost-holywar

f) Excommunication War
availability: holy-war-traitset, 100 piety stockpiled
effects: abdication of excommunicate, +50 piety
requirements: 25% annual income, 100 authority
victory: +50 piety, abdication of excommunicate, paragon-of-virtue, tier-dependent piety/authority rewards (10/50, 25/75, 50/100, 75/150, 100/300 )
draw: +25 piety, -50% annual income
surrender: -100 authority, +10 piety, -250% annual income

V Conquest

a) Conquest CB:
availability: all, with 100% annual income stockpiled
effects: transfer of one county to your realm
requirements: 50% annual income, 50 gold, 100 authority
victory: transfer of county, +100 authority
draw: -100 authority
surrender: -250 authority, -250% annual income

b) Expansion War
availability: selected religions, with 30% annual income stockpiled, positive piety
effects: ditto Conquest CB
requirements: 30% annual income, 50 gold, 50 authority
victory: transfer of county +25 piety, +50 authority, won-countyconquest
draw: -50 authority
surrender: -250 authority, -250% annual income, lost-countyconquest

c) Subjugation
availability: non-reformed Traditional/Martial, with 500 authority 100% annual income stockpiled
effects: take enemy duchy if same/lower tier, vassalize rest
requirements: 50% annual income, 50 gold, 200 authority
victory: subjugated target, +150 authority, +10 piety, (cofaith) unreform
draw: -200 authority, -50% annual income
surrender: -500 authority, -500% annual income

d) Vanquishment War
availability: non-reformed Traditional/Martial, with 250 authority and 100% annual income stockpiled
effects: long-distance, ditto Conquest CB
requirements: 50% annual income, 50 gold, 100 authority
victory: transfer of county, +100 authority, +10 piety, won-countyconquest
draw: -50 authority, -25 piety
surrender: -250 authority, -50 piety, -500% annual income, lost-countyconquest

VI Patricians

a) Coastal City
b) Coastal County
c) Embargo
d) Sieze Trade Post
[unmodified from vanilla]

VII Revolts
a) Peasant Revolt
b) Heretic Revolt
c) Liberation Revolt
d) Adventurer Invasion
[yet unmodified from vanilla]
> Many localisations regarding CB's and Council Jobs (or at least events) are slightly... off.
> the Glorious Invasion CB shows up despite you not meeting prequisites (the gui code probably doesn't detect the conditions correctly)
> TENTATIVELY disabled the Conversion War and the Religious Subjugation CB until I could fix what's making them... odd next time
> holdings still aren't at full "capacity" yet as well (though currently present ones have increased a fair amount)
> the vanilla siege and duel events are still not yet in (couldn't find them yet)
> somehow the Marshal's research military tech is missing (no idea why, and can't fix it right now T_T )

alpha-004 (aka threadlocker patch)
> attempted to mitigate some CTD issues by including SI event pictures (due to misinterpratation of an error log), and failing at it
> temporarily disabled the Academy events
> got the thread (wounded) and earned a paradox icon (scarred)

alpha-003 (aka base-zero version)
  • Technology Rebalanced, with some techs redesigned to also circumvent CTD's
  • Buildings Removed, with only certain levels of castle holding buildings, patrician palace, and trade posts present. More to be reintegrated later as technology triggers are worked on ground up.
  • Integrated part of futuregary's republic additions as discussed.
  • Integrated relevant SELIN component updates as discussed.
  • Added darkgamma's greek-number iconography for the construction menu
    Known Issues:
  • Norse Faces DLC is now also required (tentatively I'm guessing based on futuregary's indications).
  • A lot of counties have pre-built buildings that may or may not make sense (e.g. Mali counties are more developed than Rome).
  • Some CB's may need finetuning and correction
  • A lot of special/unique dynasty COA's are not showing up properly
  • A lot of buildings are missing: cities and churches don't have any at all.
  • A lot of unrelated-to-each-other minor bugs that we'd appreciate you reporting about.

alpha-002 (aka futuregary's updates)
  • adds in project chronos, and further bug fixes
  • adds in libert3 tech updates

alpha-001 (aka darkgamma's updates)
made "compatible" with TOG with no small effort


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Lux Invicta - Ancient Annals 1

Lux Invicta Ancient Annals
[archive of old changelogs of LIBERT3 for v6g]


LIBERT3 v11 archive
> replace the Pedemontium flag with the 15% different one futuregary provided
> updating/expanding the libert3 province-tradition event localisations
> some rebalancing for authority based on previous playtesting and ideas
  • further decreasing malus from muslim-wives and unlanded sons by a small bit
  • grant landed title now only 10 gold instead of 5 gold and authority
  • grant honorary title now requires 5 gold and 5 authority instead of 10 gold (essentially swapped with landed titles)
  • increasing dynastic prestige/authority summing weights x2
  • increased authority obtained from dynasty prestige of spouse x2
  • increased authority obtained from dynastic prestige on birth x1.5
  • slightly tweaked authority from held titles (imperial/kingdom/ducal titles reduced authority, baronies and counties increased)


    > removed the unit scaledown files properly this time
    > reduced effect of muslim wives on authority by half
    > corrected naval attrition to 2.5% (previously typoed at 2%) to match computed values
    > partially updated and changed several libert3 localisations, such as the provincial tradition granting/removing events.
    > used the Piemonte flag as the pedemontium flag (as sapaudia was split into two as agreed upon previously)


    > used darkgamma's edited terrain.bmp
    > integrated futuregary's latest fixes
    > removed the unit scaledown module as it was causing CTD's for those without the relevant dlc's. relinked in the portal as an optional module


    I Uncategorized modifications
    > Corrected typos and oversights and returned vestigial values to vanilla.
    > Updated localisations as relevant
    > Increased event offset process offset from 20 to 30 (ie. "Events are checked every 30 days per character or province") to slightly reduce lag from maintenance events.
    > Increased priority for the basic government building chains and education buildings for castles since they were the main bottlenecks for building development.
    > Returned garrison size addition for city walls and slightly made them cheaper to balance them against temple and castle walls (an oversight that weakened them).
    > Removed the Hansa Formation code to clean things up
    > Added a series of tutorial-prologue hybrid events that start with a New Game, and the mechanism to deliver it (Chuunibyou Codex), with the following "chapters"
    • (Intro/Prologue)
    • (Summary of Concepts)
    • Authority and Action
    • Rulership and Renown
    • Succession and Sedition
    • Warfare and Weaponry
    • Might and Manpower
    • Logistics and Land-Ruling
    • Money and Merchants
    • (Arumba's shortcuts)
    > Removed the first-month lag-spike caused by unoptimized events
    • ramadan_events.txt [placed the updated vanilla file to overwrite ancient LI copy - deletion of the redundant LI copy is preferred]
    • dynasty_events.txt [placed the updated vanilla file to overwrite ancient LI copy - deletion of the redundant LI copy is preferred]
    • campaign_events.txt [placed the updated vanilla file to overwrite ancient LI copy - deletion of the redundant LI copy is preferred]
    • ff_balance_events.txt [placed a blank file for now - will study optimization at another time]
    • improved_genetics.txt [placed a blank file for now - will study optimization at another time]
    > Replaced Miaphysite references with Solomonic Christian as per SELIN changes
    > Added SELIN-side modifications to buildings
    • scholarly soul gets Admin 1, Scribes 5, and Shrine 1 for free
    • statist soul gets Admin 5 and Shrines 2 for free
    • clerical soul gets Control 5 and Local Cult 2 for free
    • traditional souls get "Ancient Traditions of the Faith", which can downgrade to "Ancient Traditions of the Land" if not both the ruler or province have a traditional soul religion
    > fixed a few SELIN modifiers

    II Rebalanced some base mechanics:
    > Replaced the concept of "Prestige" with "Authority", a value that represents your capacity as a ruler to enforce your right.
  • Modified a lot of interaction values to require Authority, as well as piety and gold as appropriate
    • Imprison: 10 authority
    • Execute: 25 authority
    • Exile: 100 authority
    • Demand Conversion: 25/10 piety/authority
    • Invite: 10/25 gold/authority
    • Transfer Vassalage: 10/5/10 gold/piety/authority
    • Claim Title (usurp?): 100 authority
    • Revoke Title: 25/50 gold/authority
    • Award Honorary: 10 gold
    • Assassin (base): 25/75 gold/authority
    • Declare War: 10/25/50 gold/piety/authority
    • Send Gift: 10 piety
    • Offer Vassalizaition: 20/20 piety/authority
    • Ask for Vassalization: 25/25 gold/authority
    • Arrange Betrothal: 10/25/10 gold/piety/authority
    • Break Betrothal: 150/150 piety/authority
    • Offer Marriage (2 variants): 5/5 piety/authority
    • Ransom Character: 10 piety
    • Educate Character: 5 authority
    • Demand to end/leave plot: 10/10/25 gold/piety/authority
    • Grant Title: 5/5 gold/authority
    • Appoint Council: 5/5 gold/authority
    • Resign from Council: 50 authority
    • Ask for Invasion: 500 piety (vanilla)
    • Ask for Divorce: 100 piety (vanilla)
    • Ask for Excommunication: 250 piety (vanilla)
    • Call Ally: 25 authority
    • Lift Excommunication: 150 piety (vanilla)
    > Lowered monthly authority from vassal and held titles.
    > Duchies and kingdoms require 50% of de jure land to create but require 75% to usurp
    > Empires require 60% of de jure land to create but only require 40% to usurp
    > Emperors now only need 1 kingdom title, but require 1000 authority, 750 gold, and 500 piety to create.
    > Kingdom titles require 500 authority, 300 gold, and 200 piety to create.
    > Ducal titles cost 250 authority and 150 gold to create.
    > Titular titles require 25% less to create.
    > Made de jure kingdoms take 200 years and de jure duchies take 250 years to assimilate and will only assimilate duchy titles which contain the assimilating Kingdom's capital or border existing de jure land of that title
    > Increased ideal year gap for tech from 97 to 110.
    > Slightly lowered base decadence gain and increased decadence loss with council jobs and combat/siege (almost doubled), and doubled effect of decadence on economy and morale.
    > Removed necessity to have one of each holding type to make another.
    > Changed base income of castles-churches-cities to 6-8-10 respectively
    > Disabled tax-malus with revolt risk while keeping the garrison/levy (at 0.3%)
    > Increased gavelkind bonus to 2/3rd of base (to compensate for generally lowered holding capacity)
    > Increased revolt aggressiveness to vanilla (previously 1/2)

    III Rebalanced attribute/triggered-modifiers
    > Lowered stewardship effect on demesne to 0.1 (vanilla 0.15) and lowered base bonus of kings and emperors from 3,4 to 2,3.
    > Removed the large king/imperial demesne maluses in conjunction with lowered demesne sizes.
    > Integrated most prior triggered modifiers relating to attributes and made them linearly realm-attribute governed. Relevant values (with an * below) have a base-zero of 25 (below which maluses will be felt) except for tax laws (which has a base-zero of 15).
    • diplomacy affects global revolt risk, morale recovery, and vassal tax laws* (1/5 of stewardship level)
    • intrigue affects global revolt risk, assassination chance*, and tax income* (1/5 of stewardship level)
    • stewardship affects build cost*, build time*, vassal tax laws*, and tax income
    • martial affects morale amount and recovery, defensive bonuses, and vassal levy laws*
    • learning affects character piety and build time*
    • base malues for relevant effects (with *) mentioned are 25x the sum of total values except for tax laws, which is 15x the sum of stewarship-values only.
    • transferred fertility/health malus/bonus from war/peace to modifiers. Being at peace has a fertility and health bonus of 0.2 and 1 respectively, and being at war the exact opposite.
    > Added tweaked decadence modifiers from Balansegang (+10% max vassal levy and general opinion +15 for <10 decadence, and -10,-25 opinion for 50~75,75+ decadence respectively)
    > Modified the "bankruptcy effect" to include CK2+ maluses (morale -0.5, a reduced monthly authority penalty -0.5, general opinion -10), with increasing effect (0, -500, -750, -1000) as the debt increases (at most morale -2, monthly authority -2, general opinion -50 for -1000 debt) (idea taken from... ck2plus?)
    > Replaced the "weak ruler" (ie. low diplomacy/martial) with a "low authority" effect that reduces monthly character piety (-0.1) , vassal opinion (-10), and vassal tax and levy laws (-10%), that scales similarly to to the bankruptcy effect, with a maximum malus to monthly character piety (-0.3) , vassal opinion (-30), and vassal tax and levy laws (-30%)
    > Added a "high authority" effect that does the exact opposite of the "low authority" effects with adjusted thresholds (500, 1000, 2000, 3000)
    > Revamped the weakness modifiers (that are ruler-dependent) - making them apply to AI as well, and made them trigger only for truly catastrophic rulers ( 0-4 range only). The opinion and revolt-risk maluses were also tweaked and monthly authority maluses (-0.25) added to all. [note they still only apply for kingdom tiers as before]
    • "Diplomatic Disaster" has an increased revolt risk of 20%, a general opinion malus of -20, and a further hit to monthly authority of -0.2
    • "Miles Gloriosus" has a morale value/recovery penalty of -0.15/-15% and a vassal max-levy penalty of -15%
    • "Catastrophic Corruption" has build cost/time modifier of 25%/25%, and a tax law penalty of 10%
    • "Intrigue Incompetence" has an increased revolt risk of 10%, a reduced assassinate chance of -25%, and lowered health of -1
    • "Ignorance Incarnate" has a build time modifier of 25%, tech growth malus of -25%, and an opinion malus of -10
      > Revamped the positive modifiers, some which trigger for talented rulers (20~30 stat), and others for truly exceptional rulers (30+ stats only) [applies to any county-ruler and above as opposed to other modifiers that only applies to kings]
    • the "Renowned Diplomat" for high diplomacy - bonus to monthly authority gain (+1) and a bonus to general opinion (+10)
    • the "Renowned Commander" for high martial - bonus to levy laws (10%) and morale values (+0.25)
    • the "Renowned Investor" for high stewardship - bonus to vassal tax laws (10%), and lowered building costs (5%)
    • the "Renowned Puppetmaster" for high intrigue - bonus to assassination chance (10%), health (+0.5), and fertility (+0.5)
    • the "Renowned Scholar" for high learning - bonus to tech growth (10%), lowered building costs (5%), and a further bonus to general opinion (+5)
    • the "Legendary Worldwelder" for very high diplomacy - bonus to monthly authority gain (+2.5), piety gain (+2), and a bonus to general opinion (+20)
    • the "Legendary Warmaster" for very high martial - bonus to levy laws (25%), morale values and recovery (+0.5/50%), and levy sizes (10%)
    • the "Legendary Wealthbringer" for very high stewardship - bonus to tax laws (25%), global tax income (20%), and lowered building costs (10%)
    • the "Legendary Webweaver" for very high intrigue - bonus to assassination chance (25%), revolt-risk reduction (10%), monthly authority gain (+1), health (+0.5), and fertility (+0.5)
    • the "Legendary Wisdomseeker" for very high learning - bonus to tech growth (25%), monthly authority/piety gain (10%/10%), lowered building costs (10%), and further bonus to general opinion (+5)
    • the "Kwisatz Haderach" for very high values in ALL stats (in addendum to the above) - further bonus to tax and levy laws (10%), morale values and recovery (+1/100%), monthly authority/piety gain (+1), assassination chance (10%), global tax income (10%), tech growth (10%), revolt-risk reduction (10%), levy size (+10%), health (+0.5), fertility (+0.5), and further bonus to general opinion (+20)
    > Overhauled the offensive/defensive war modifiers:
    • Defending against large-scale CB's (ie. most invasions and crusades/jihads but not the NM prestige revolt and any claim wars) temporarily allows you to access the whole realm's manpower (100%) and more of their income (40%) and also gives troops a moderate bonus to morale and morale reinforcement (50%).
    • Defending against other CB's still increases available levies to call on and morale/tax bonuses as before, but with much reduced effects compared to before and above (30% levies and 15% tax/morale)
    • Starting a war with a "unjust" cause (ie. NOT an overthrow ruler, depose liege, decadence invasion, bid for independence, crusades/jihad, sacred wars, and conversion wars) reduces your tax income from vassals, the morale and its recovery of your men, and increases revolt risk and building time.
    • Starting a war with a "just cause" (as mentioned above) increases your tax from vassals ("donations"), the morale and its recovery of your men, and no longer causes global revolt risk (though building time increase remains the same)
    >Added a set of modifiers for counties, duchies, kingdoms, and empires beyond (and below for the last case) certain holding thresholds
    • replaced the count-tier "local control" modifier with a "Efficient Local Control" modifier that gives +25% vassal levies and +15% vassal tax laws that applies for county-realms with less than 15 holdings (approximately 5 counties with baron-tier vassals)
    • the "Overextension of Local Control" modifier for counties beyond 15 holdings suffer -10% vassal tax and levy laws, -10 vassal opinion, and -0.25 monthly authority
    • the "Local Administrative Overcapacity" modifier for counties beyond 45 holdings suffer -50% vassal levy and -30% vassal tax laws, -25 vassal opinion, and -0.5 monthly authority
    • the "Overextended Provincial Administration" for dukedoms beyond 30 holdings suffer -15% levy and tax laws, -15 vassal opinion and -0.5 monthly authority
    • the "Crippled Provincial Administration for dukedoms beyond 75 holdings suffer -30% levy and tax laws, -30 vassal opinion, and -1 monthly authority
    • the "Stressed Kingdom Administration" for kingdoms beyond 75 holdings suffer -10% levy and tax laws, -0.5 monthly authority and -10 vassal opinion
    • the "Overextended Kindom Administration" for kingdoms beyond 150 holdings suffer -20% levy and tax laws, -20 vassal opinion, and -1 monthly authority
    • the "Vestigial Empire" for empires below 30 holdings suffer -0.25 monthly authority
    • the "Prestigious Empire" for empires beyond 300 holdings have a +0.5 morale and +1 monthly authority gain, and +10 general opinion
    • the "Realm of Man" for empires beyond 750 holdings have a +1 morale, +2.5 monthly authority gain, and +20 general opinion
    > Added Administration modifiers that reduce maximum levy laws, vassal tax laws, and at a certain point land morale for sprawling empires with massive manpower while increasing such for relatively small realms
    • realm >000 <030 : max levy/tax/tax 15% land_morale +0.1
    • realm >030 <060 : max levy/tax 10%
    • realm >090 <120 : max levy/tax -5%
    • realm >120 <150 : max levy/tax -7.5%
    • realm >150 <180 : max levy/tax -10%
    • realm >180 <210 : max levy/tax -12.5%
    • realm >210 <240 : max levy/tax -15%
    • realm >240 <270 : max levy/tax -17.5%
    • realm >270 <300 : max levy/tax -20%
    • realm >300 <330 : max levy/tax -22.5% land_morale -0.05
    • realm >330 <360 : max levy/tax -25% land_morale -0.1
    • realm >360 <390 : max levy/tax -27.5% land_morale -0.15
    • realm >390 <420 : max levy/tax -30% land_morale -0.2
    • realm >420 <450 : max levy/tax -32.5% land_morale -0.25
    • realm >450 <480 : max levy/tax -35% land_morale -0.3
    • realm >480 <510 : max levy/tax -37.5% land_morale -0.3
    • realm >510 <540 : max levy/tax -40% land_morale -0.35
    • realm >540 <570 : max levy/tax -42.5% land_morale -0.4
    • realm >570 <600 : max levy/tax -45% land_morale -0.45
    • realm >600 <750 : max levy/tax -50% land_morale -0.5
    • realm >750 : max levy/tax -60% land_morale -0.75
    IV Rebalanced succession:
    > Increased short-reign years to 20, ie. an unmodified opinion of -40 (purpose is to simulate the rocky successions from the timeline).
    > Divine Right to reduce 4 per tech level (ie. at tech 5, there is no opinion malus upon succession).
    > Long reign count starts after 25 years (vanilla 20 years).

    V Rebalanced CB's (note the actual costs seems to be influenced partially by other modifiers like SELIN. Previous CB-specific conditions are still present if not explicitly mentioned):
    > modified base war-declaration costs to 25/25/50 gold/piety/authority (vanilla-Lux was 20/30/40)
    > the conquest CB (Conquest War) requires 100% of your annual income to stockpiled (aside from the basic 100/100 authority/piety - the gold requirement was made scaling) be available and cost 25% of your annual income and 100 authority upon usage. White peace gives -250 authority, and surrender -250 authority aside from previous 5x annual income (perspective of attacker).
    > the conquest CB of militant religions like mithraic,zalmoxis, etc (Expansion War) require and costs 30% of your annual income with no authority cost but a 200 piety cost. White peace gives -250 authority, and surrender -250 authority and 5x of annual income (perspective of attacker).
    > the total war CB of a few other even more militant religions (Total War) requires 150% of annual income stockpiled (aside from the basic 100/100 authority/piety - the gold requirement was made scaling) and costs 50% but adds 100 authority instead of costing authority. White peace gives - 100 piety and -200 authority, while surrender give -250 piety and -500 authority aside from other previous maluses. Also added vanilla holy-war restrictions: "The attacker needs at least one county in the target kingdom, or a border, or be only two sea zones away from one of your counties"
    > the religious CB (Holy War) requires 500 piety and 200 authority and costs 250 piety (previously 200), 100 authority, and 10% of annual income and the ruler either be zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter and not be either cynical/tolerant. White peace gives - 100 piety and -200 authority, while surrender give -250 piety and -500 authority aside from other previous maluses. Also added new vanilla restrictions: "The attacker needs at least one county in the target kingdom, or a border, or be only two sea zones away from one of your counties".
    > non-plot claim CBs and de-jure claim CB require 50% of annual income and cost 10% of annual income, with no authority cost.
    > non-Kingdom invasion CBs (like the one Aztecs use) requires 100% of annual income and cost 50% of annual income and 500 authority.
    > Norse Mod raid CB requires and costs 25% of annual wealth available and 250 authority. Victory gives twice annual income of defeated, and 250 authority. White peace gives -150 authority and 100 authority for the defender. Surrender gives -250 authority for attacker and 100 and 150 authority for defender (the latter for defender only, ie. not scaled to contribution).
    > the Sacred War CB (for Martial Soul religions) requires 25% of annual income stockpiled and the ruler either be zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter and not be either cynical/tolerant, and costs 10% of annual income. Success gives a piety of 150, an increase in religious authority by 1.5% and inflicts an authority loss of -250 and religious authority of -2.5% to the target. A white peace gives -150 authority and reduces religious authority by -0.5%, while surrender gives -250 authority loss and 1.5% religious authority loss, while the defender gains 150 piety and authority and 2.5% religious authority. A reduction of 10 decadence is also given to the relevant victor if muslim (Ghazi Islam anyway).
    > the Conversion War CB (for Populist/Messianic-Soul religions as well as christian/muslim/zoroastrian faiths) requires 25% of annual income stockpiled, the ruler not be either cynical/tolerant and the target ruler be a non co-religionist, and costs 10% annual income. Additionally, Populist-Soul religions require 50% religious authority and 150 piety (none consumed), Messianic-Soul religions require 75% religious authority and EITHER 500 piety (none consumed) OR be zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter, while Christian/Muslim/Zoroastrian faiths require 75% religious authority AND BOTH 500 piety (150 used) and either zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter traits. Victory increases religious authority by 0.5% and increases piety by 150, and inflicts -2.5% to religious authority and -150 authority and piety and conversion of the targeted ruler (except for rulers with zealous/spiritual/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter and religious heads, who are understood to refuse conversion and are thus execuded). A white peace costs -250 authority, and surrender costs -500 authority and -2.5% religious authority, and gives the defender 250 authority and 500 piety and 1.5% religious authority. A reduction of 10 decadence is also given to the relevant victor if muslim (the whole group).
    > the Excommunicated Ruler CB requires the ruler either be zealous/spiritual/ambitious/dogmatic/ScriptureSpouter and not be either cynical/tolerant, and have at least 100 piety (none deducted).
    > the (Catholic) Invasion CB now has a 250% annual-income indemnity upon surrender
    > the (Tribal) Invasion CB now has a 500 authority malus upon surrender and white peace.
    > Crusades/Jihad now have -10%/+5% religious authority penalty/rewards for white peace and -20%/+10% and -250/+250 piety for Surrender.

    VI Rebalanced warfare-diplomacy in general
    > AI assaults with at least 15x more men than garrisons.
    > increased declining defensive wars to 400 and offensive wars to 200 (vanilla 150 and 50).
    > backstabbing and attcking an ally costs 400 prestige (vanilla 150)
    > attacking a crusader and someone defending from other religions both cost 400 piety (vanilla 200 for both)
    > Trucebreaking costs 75% of current authority without additonal cost (vanilla 200 + 50%)
    > Reduced raised vassal opinion interval to 85 (midway between vanilla 73 and previous 100).
    > Increased minimum opinion threshold for troops to +25 from -25 (below that opinion you only get the bare minimum).
    > Increased maximum opinion threshold for troops to 110 from 100 (ie. at max 100 opinion you only get 90% of troops).
    > Returned defender warscore for battles to vanilla (1.5x).
    > Lowered warscore from occupation by making 100% warscore require 100% occupation.
    > Increased warscore from contested settlements (now worth 2.5x regular settlements)
    > Increased warscore from capital occupation to 150% of base demesne warscore
    > Increased warscore from target personal demesne by 33% (now 0.4 from 0.3)
    > Halved effect of occupation of vassal territories to warscore (now 15%, previously 30%)
    > Returned battle warscore multiplier to 150
    > Authority from battles is still 1/2 of vanilla
    > Slightly modified unit values and maintenance (and consequently retinue supply cost)- light infantry/archer cost 1 (ditto vanilla), spearmen/heavy infantry cost 3 (vanilla both 2, previously 3,4), light cavalry and knights still 3,6 (vanilla 2,4), horse archers and galleys 4,50 (vanilla 3,300).
    > Buffed light cavalry: increased skirmish damage (2~>6) and pursue damage (10~>12), reduced melee damage (3~>2)
    > Slightly nerfed pikemen: weakened morale (6~>5) and melee defence (8~>7), "strengthened" skirmish/pursue (0.2~>0.25)
    > Slightly nerfed heavy cavalry: weakened melee/skirmish defence (8~>7) and morale (10~>9)
    > Slightly buffed heavy infantry pursue defence to same level of LI/AR (2~>3)
    > Buffed light infantry skirmish attack (2~>4)
    > Slighly increased archer morale (1~>2) and reduced skirmish defence (3~>2)
    > Disabled all generic retinues, and the base LIBERT3 only has cultural retinues by default. They are now however avaialble in an auxiliary/optional module (LIBERT3 Unbound) since they skew AI preferences.
    > Added a +25% morale for both unit types of cultural retinues since they have a hardcoded cost markup
    > Correctly increased retinue upkeep to the intended level for previous patch (0.75%, previously 0.5%)
    > Slightly adjusted mercenary upkeep to still be half of current retinue upkeep.
    > Slightly adjusted vassal mercenary raising factor to 37.5% of non-vassals (150% vanilla base merc-cost) and adjusted upkeep to still be twice of current upkeep cost.
    > Increased effect of attrition - now at 75% above supply cap, 150% above half of supply cap, and 250% above twice the supply cap.
    > Added a naval attrition of 2%
    > Lowered supply in enemy provinces by 25% of base
    > Increased supply in own realm, occupied counties, and neutral counties by 100%, 75%, and 50% of base (occupied enemy counties are effectively 50% above base subtracting the previously mentioned 25%).
    > Made agriculture and martial code also increase supply limit (to a lesser extent than offensive strategems and martial professionalism). Rebalanced them to compensate (reduced castle tax for agriculture and removed levy size for martial code).
    > Increased base city amount of troops to 100 (50/50 LI/AR) but they get -50% levy size (same as before) and 150% garrison size (increased) and reduced fort level (5 to 3).
    > Reduced base fort level of churches to same as as cities (5 to 3) but increased base levy and morale reinforce to 1.5 and 0.3 (castles 1 and 0.2)
    > Increased combat event frequency from every 10 days to every 7
    > Reweighted combat events:
    • now takes into consideration a lot of Friends and Foes traits (like natural leader and noble spirit), More Congenital traits (like agile, perceptive, and powerful voice), some vanilla traits (like kind, duelist, falconer), and LIBERT3 tradition traits (ie. Valour, Fortitude, Determination, Adaptability) for appropropriate events
    • weighting tweaked to give more importance to traits
    • getting wounded is 50% more likely while getting incapacitated or getting killed both 50% less likely
    • Feudal characters five times more likely to get an improvement in martial skill/stat and education than non-feudals (the base likelihood was decreased by thrice and five times respectively to compensate).
    • Battle events to gain terrain specialization traits are also scaled to martial level, so a higher martial skill is more likely to gain one (cumulative multipliers at 10,15,20,25,30)
    > Increased maximum leadership traits to 3 (max random still is 2, so the others are gained through combat events)

    V Rebalanced patricians:
    > Integrated my "republics scaled and weighted" module - makes republic random events scaled to income and dependent on realm attributes, depending on the events:
    • State Stewardship: almost all EXCEPT noble books passage and mutiny events.
    • State Diplomacy: affects dockworker strike, efficient dockworkers, noble books passage, and mutiny events
    • State Martial: affects pirates capture ship, pirates captured, and mutiny events
    • State Intrigue: affects thieving captain, noble books passage, and mutiny events
    • State Learning: affects treasure found and improved charts events
    Income scaling is 25% and 12.5% of your yearly income for positive/negative events.
    At < 10 state attribute, the likelihood of the bad events double (more accurately, 1.953125 times faster .... if you need to know).
    At 30~39 state attribute, no relevant modifiers apply.
    At 50~54 state attribute, the likelihood of good events double (again, 1.953125 times).
    At the maximum level of 70+, you have more than four times likelihood of triggering good events (4.768...)
    > Increased trade-post distance effect on cost to 0.6% from 0.3% (vanilla), was previously 0.75%
    > Increased opinion effect on trade-post cost back to 50%
    > Increased trade-post income from 4 to 6 and increased fort-level from 2.5 to 3 and lowered cost from 120 to 100 to accomodate the smaller number of trade-posts
    > Reduced the money campaign factor to 2 (because only the player seems to take advantage of this)
    > Increased authority campaign factor to 3
    > Double doge election respect random factor
    > Increased councillor salaries in republics by 10
    > Reduced dowry cost for patricians to 1 x highest-parent-realm-size (vanila 2x)
    > Doubled republic capital city tax bonus
    > Added a patrician-exclusive chain (Republic Traditions) in the city that is auto-built at the start for Merchant Republic-held cities. It will disappear if the city is not patrician-held and only appears in cities if held by a patrician.
    > Auto-built several buildings in the cities of patricians at the start, and added redundant prerequisites to compensate as necessary.
    • Admin 1 (w/ Control 7)
    • Guild Partnership 1 (w/ Merchant Parnership 7)
    • Wall 2 (w/ Defence Initiative 2)
    • Farming 3
    • Herding 3
    > Made the end-building of each non-martial chain for family holdings give 1 additional trade post, except the administrative centralization chain which adds 1 per level and the guild hegemony chain which adds 2 for the first five levels, 5 to the sixth, and 10 to the last.
    > Added a "Patrician Prerogative" modifier for patricians that give them +25% min vassal levies and 0.5 monthly authority.

    VI Integrated Novacat's LIBERT3/CK2 plus overhauls:
    > Used the ck2-plus static/triggered modifier values as base for the libert3 v11 tweaks
    > Added in the Nova's version of the core events, while temporarily retaining the pop-up nature of the specialization event for the meantime
    > utilized most of Nova's rebalanced trait/modifier values
    > retainined provincial effects of martial traditions and prudence mercantile tradition via province events akin to the SELIN system

    VII Integrated cybrxkhan's VIET traits and events
    > upgraded the currently integrated More Congenital Traits (proto-VIET) to the current system
    > integrated the vanilla-trait balancing of VIET
    > added the following events:
    • Childhood events
    • Love Flavor events
    • Health events
    • Pregnancy events
    • Generic Events
    • Siege Finished events
    • Republic events

    VIII (Re)Integrated ash001's Friends and Foes traits and events
    > retained higher Lux Invicta values while copying other values from the updated FF trait system
    > temporarily added blank placeholders for (a myriad of) FF events to be integrated in the future
    > updated FF-original events previously integrated with LI
    • ff_humours_traits_events
    • ff_trait_notification_events
    • (JGCrusader's) friendship_ambition_events

      IX Integrated Arumba's keyboard shortcuts and interface adjustments (with a minor edit):

      X Integrated Korbah's Elder Kings interface rearrange
      > traits go below claims
      > the previous trait bar is now exclusive for combat traits (increased-cap to take advantage of this)
      > the character modifiers bar now also takes up the previous section combat traits
      > Added in a muslim-interface version of Korbah's trait rearrange

      XI Integrated DarkReborn's IARL and futuregary's BAMUREFLI
      > uses Numahr's previously released trait icons
      > adds in localisations for dieties of some religions
      > merged all localisations and edits and corrections into lux invicta base files (ie. reborngods/scriptures are now blank files for deletion)

      XII Integrated several graphic mods
      > integrated NBRT+'s terrain textures and terrain map (v0.3-vanilla)
      > used a custom black-grey border with additional options in the auxillary links
      > tentatively integrated my Unit Scaledown Module


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Lux Invicta - Ancient Annals 2

Lux Invicta Ancient Annals
[archive of old changelogs of LIBERT3 and Lux Invicta proper for v6g]


LIBERT3 (v10~10n) archive
Corrected cultures with missing regional levy/traditions.
Fixed a few typos.

Made the tradition flag modifiers hidden since the effects are visible on the option anyway.
Increased retinue ratio to 5~15% and slightly increased hiring and reinforcement cost to balance them against mercenaries (both now 7.5% from 5%).
Made missionary traits fire also for barony-tier bishoprics (they normally don't). Martial and Mercantile traits won't fire for barony-tier holdings aside from patricians (primarily because they don't have a council that would allow them to meet the requirements).
Lowered patrician shares to vanilla levels (not working as well as I hoped).
Increased levy-size modifiers of patrician holdings with some cost modifications to help them have a better chance against feudal realms of the same size mid-game.
Corrected typos with temple and patrician holdings.
Increased creation factor of some trade post buildings for patricians and bailiffs for feudals.
Increased terrain specialization bonus to 30% (same strength as holy warrior) because it was rare enough .
Further reduced battle prestige multiplier to 15 (vanilla: 30) while increased siege piety multiplier for prestige to 0.3 (vanilla 0.2).
Increased raised-troops interval days from 73 to 100 (approximately 3 months and a week) to accomodate longer siege times in Lux Invicta in general.
Increased short year length to 15 while decreasing long term start at 15, retaining the 30 year gap. This increases the Divine Right tech's importance (partially inspired by the relatively rocky successions narrated in the timeline).
Rebalanced the tech tree. Slightly edited localisations to reflect relevant changes.
> Lowered all siege speed bonuses
> Lowered all tax bonus modifiers. Removed castle/temple tax modifiers for mercantile code.
> Increased Divine Right bonus to -3 per year, and removed the prestige modifier.
> Lowered prestige modifier of Secular Culture while increasing bonus opinion
> Lowered Martial Code and Mercantile Code opinion to 1/level to compensate for inherent bonuses and tradition traits effect. Missionary Code was lowered to 2/level but now adds 1% prestige/level due to weak inherent effects.
Rebalanced mercenaries and holy orders.
>Hired mercenaries cost 3.5x vanilla and require an upkeep equivalent to half of retinue upkeep (previously 4x,0.1x)
>Vassal mercenaries cost 1.05x vanilla and require 2.5x of retinue upkeep (previously 0.8x,3x)
>Holy Orders cost 33% of gold price in piety
>Reinforcement when idle has been cut to 10% (since observations showed that they could refill within a couple of months) and added a small 0.1% field-reinforcement (since they were reinforcing when at peace by a tiny amount anyway).
I decided to keep unused tradition traits in to make save-compatibility easier (only one patch is needed instead of making another) and in case I have a need to reimplement them for one reason or another.

Reorganized the church holding buildings, changing prerequisite/upgrades_from values. Kept most requirements and almost all effects at vanilla-Lux.
Corrected an oversight regarding Regional Traditions/Levies and Religious Military Doctrine for feudal and theocratic holdings respectively - replaced the defence system requirement with tax farming (because defence system was a bit too far away [level 3 tech] while the buildings themselves started early in requirements [level 1 tech starting from the third tier]. Made the church holdings start with level 1 religious military doctrine.
Reduced realm requirements for missionary traditions (because barony-tier-bishoprics don't get court chaplians).
Increased the weight for village heads and slightly for tax farming for castle holdings because the AI kept ignoring them, favouring other buildings (while tax farming is critical for certain buildings).
Rebalanced trade posts to give higher income but cost more (4,120 vs 2.5,75). Reduced effect on trade post cost of opinion from 50% to 20% while increasing effect of distance from 0.3% to 0.75%
Increased base fort level of family palaces to 2 (to circumvent the bug introduced by fort-level decrease) and reduced garrison size modifier to compensate.
Corrected a few typos.
LIBERT3 flowchart: updated listing for church holdings and cultural buildings

Re-reversed policy with mercenaries and holy orders. They are now much more expensive to hire (4x vanilla) but cost only a tenth of retinue maintenance, while vassal mercenaries would cost a fifth as much to raise (0.8x vanilla) but cost thrice as much of retinues to field. Reinforcement will also be limited to when they are not raised, at a rate higher (25%) than vanilla (mainly because hiring cost is fixed relative to maximum size). The high cost is partially justified since levies are now relatively rare in-game (due to depletion from warfare).
Modified retinue scale to range from 5%~10% instead of 0%~10%
Ported the feudal cultural military buildings to the patrician palaces with revisions (changed building requirements as appropriate and removed regional levies and traditions).
Modified levy specialization requirements for feudal culturals as well (staggered them to be dependent on military buildings instead of a hybrid of government and military buildings, and slightly easier to obtain, but still very close to old requirement levels)
Tweaked retinue size and levy size modifiers for palace holdings, reduced the tax malus and added retinue size to preliminary guild hegemony tiers.
Doubled all non-legendary offensive/defensive modifiers of all holding types. Added a small(5%) offensive modifier at the end of the militia chains.
Made the foreign auxiliary chain cheaper but require an additional character diplomacy check aside from the realm martial/diplomacy and character martial check.
Rebalanced patrician values to facilitate survival of early-game merchant republics (because mayor-cities in the long run ended up more developed and earning more than merchant republics, which tended to die early).
>Lowered liege-payment multiplier to 0.3. Increased each non-patrician family share by 1 to compensate.
>Made trade posts much cheaper to build (from 200 to 75) but give less tax income (from 5 to 2.5). Increased effect of opinion of realm-liege on build-cost to 50%
>Made the family holding have a higher base tax while having lower base levy sizes and reinforce rate. Increased the garrison multiplier since it has no fort-level (unless SELIN factors in).
>Made cities in general have more base garrison than levies (3:1), but removed some levy_size maluses from some city buildings to balance it out.
Decreased DOW aggression factor from 0.5 to 0.25 (should hypothetically reduce wars in general), reduced revolt aggression factor from 0.75 to 0.375 (should... probably reduce faction aggressiveness... probably), and increased revolt distance factor from 0.5 to 2 (ie. far away vassals much more likely to revolt/join an independence faction <I'm not sure if this value is vestigial post-factions or is still used in faction computation> ).
Increased time before independence wars start accruing war score to at least 6 months, but doubled warscore per-year after that (so an independence revolter would win after 3 years disregarding combat/occupation.
Reduced graphical factor of knights from 2.5 to 1.5 and heavy infantry to 0.75 so they show up as a sprite less often (mainly to help discern unit hostile host composition slightly easier.

(retained removed traits for easy compatibility for now - will remove them in the next version and add a compatibility patch instead; also, no removal event was added, so any saves from the past will have their Martial/Mercantile/Missionary Code type traits stay [which technically gives double the bonus then])
Reversed the policy with non-vassal mercenaries and holy orders. The now are cheaper to hire (10x vanilla) and field (twice retinue cost - 1/5 vanilla), BUT they only regenerate their numbers when idle (0.5% per month). This would ideally keep them constantly small, which means the AI would have less of them, and hopefully focus their expenditures inwards. Vassal mercenaries are the opposite - they're more expensive to hire (10x non-vassals) but cheaper to maintain (half of retinue cost). Admittably, this might give realms that could save enough money early game and realms with vassal mercs an advantage (the former is basically a mini-mongol doomstack early on, mainly because mercenary maintenance cost seems to be fixed/static for some reason, but once the merc company is defeated, it'll take time before it recovers its strength; the latter is slightly "balanced" by their relative expense, which probably means the AI is less likely to hire them, which means they're more likely to recover strength). This is the only method I could think of at the moment that doesn't involve reverting to vanilla levy reinforce rates.
Increased return-rate of levies disbanded in foreign territory t 70% (previously 50%), on suspicion that this is handicapping the AI unintentionally.
Made the martial/mercantile/missionary code traits into event modifiers instead (since I couldn't make them hidden - though they have the added bonus of allowing certain modifiers to work). I'm keeping them visible so that their bonuses can be easily discerned.
Reduced a few bonuses from tech, specifically morale, prestige, peity, and opinion bonuses.
Reduced battle prestige/piety multiplier further to 20 (vanilla 30).
Lowered costs for initial/build-up "buildings" of family palaces (post-courier buildings have the same price).
Lowered realm-stat requirements for tradition buildings (and thus traits).
Separated tradition buildings into a separate file for easier editing.
Made attributes with ruler designer cost half and increased max age to 90 (shouldn't affect gameplay unless a player knowingly abuses it).
Corrected a few typos with theocracy events (that wouldn't be read by a player anyway).

v10j (the second imaginary update - because current is an i [sub][I should just die] [/sub])
Increased mercenary (and holy order) hire cost by a factor of 2.5, while decreasing non-vassal mercs maintenance cost by a factor of 2.5 (twice as expensive as retinues) and vassal mercs slightly higher than vanilla (150% of retinue cost).
Increased holy-order gold-to-piety conversion cost to 30% (from 25%) and vassal mercenaries to 70% (from 50%).
Made tactic duration shorter (another preliminary modifaction) from 18 days to 9 days, 12 days to 6 days, and 6 days to 4 days, to make them change more-often (feedback would be appreciated to assist in further tactic overhaul design and balancing).
Made auxiliary tradition traits hidden (which was the original plan anyway - I just got reluctant since I enjoyed making the localisation, though the make-shift icons are so bad that they were enough to make me reconsider).
Removed the same-opinion bonus of auxiliary traits while keeping the last-tier vassal opinion bonus (the mercantile one keeps it for the three tiers since it's part of its flavour bonus).
Corrected a typo with tradition traits.

(Re)corrected a few typos reintroduced due to mismatched files (my carelessness). Corrected a few missed tactic weight changes.
Rebalanced tradition traits. Non-specialization traits (ie. the Path of X -> Code of X) lose their attribute bonus but get small relevant compensatory bonuses (martial trait gets morale bonuses, mercantile gets a tax and opinion bonus, and missionary gets a piety and revolt-reduction bonus). Reduced their prestige bonuses.
Rebalanced technology tree. Nerfed the build-time reduction of Engineering chain (apparently, at 100% you get a 1 day build-time instead of build-time simply being halfed as I understand it should), and nerfed the Military Professionalism chain (made it have a smaller morale increase and recovery speed to account for tradition traits). Removed morale from the defensive trees and offensive trees. (incidentally, I know I could remove the siege speed from engineering or reduce it and remove the siege defence from Defensive Campaigning, but I'll keep it for flavour).
Nerfed building-time bonus from stewardship stat (it might be affecting the steward's construction time bonus - I'd edit this itself but someone else might make changes in the relevant file).
Increased AI factor for cultural castle buildings to make them prioritize them (such as for culture-change situations).
Increased terrain-crossing penalties by a factor of 1.5~2 (as another prelude towards balancing tactics).
Reduced battle prestige factor from 30 to 25 (less prestige/piety from battles).

Fixed a few excess files (should not cause problems/incompatibilities).
Made tradeposts have at least 3 fort-level to circumvent them going negative. Balanced cost/income to compensate.
Made castles have 25/10/10/5 heavy infantry/light infantry/archers/light cavalry and temples have 20/10/10/10 light infantry/heavy infantry/cavalry/archers. Corrected a commented-out garrison size modifier for cities.
Made primitive changes to tactics. Non-cultural vanilla tactics now require 10% weight for previous 1% (e.g. volley requires 10% archers instead of 1%), and others were doubled (e.g. barrage now requires 40% archers as opposed to 20%).

Corrected a couple of bugs with traits and buildings. Should be save compatible... in theory.
Rebalanced the realm-stat bonuses taking novaneko's notes into account. Exact info is in this post , but for quick reference, the following are the changed tooltip localisations that sum them up (both static_modifiers lines and inherent properties).
>The Chancellor's attribute. Diplomacy affects the opinion of important characters as well as soldiers and peasants, rallying them to recover morale faster and be less likely to revolt.
>The Spymaster's attribute. Intrigue develops deception and discretion, as well as lessened likelihood of revolts due to better vigilance as well as higher income due to lower losses from corruption.
>The Marshal's attribute. Martial proficiency improves combat efficiency, allowing them to suffer lower losses as well as rallying the men to have more morale and recover faster.
>The Steward's attribute. Stewardship affects the capacity to manage the land, as well as increased income due to economic efficiency and lower build times due to more effective techniques.
>The Chaplain's attribute. Learning affects the rate of discovery of the realm as well as improving your relationship with the divines and the people and discovering faster building techniques.

Raised non-raised levy/mercenary-reinforcement rates to 75% of vanilla (vs previous 50%).
Lowered assault damage ratio to 25 (10/0.4) vs 33 previously, and lowered base siege time (of fort level 10 castle with minimal outnumbering) to 9 months.
Removed the "under_siege" effect (because it just wasn't working).
Increased isolated county revolt risk (partially as an experiment and partially because exclaves really aren't supposed to be stable).
Modified revolt risk effect (per percent): local tax malus of 0.5%, garrison size reduction of 0.25%, levy size reduction of 0.25% (vanilla: local tax malus of 1%)
Modified the effect of realm stats a bit:
>each diplomacy pt reduces global revolt risk by 0.1%, increases morale recovery by 0.2%, and increases monthly character prestige by 1% (vanilla: prestige increase by 2%)
>each intrigue point reduces revolt risk by 0.2%, increase tax by 0.1% (vanilla: none)
> each martial point increases morale recovery by 1%, morale 0.5%, and "global defensive" by 1% (vanilla: morale recovery 1%, global defensive 1%)
>stewardship unchanged (vanilla: tax modifier by 2%)
>learning unchanged (vanilla: character piety by 3%, tech growth by 0.5%)
Edited the realm statistic localisations to reflect the changes [I just copied the english on the other slots, though it's futile anyway since most of the mod is english-only). Made a few event localisation edits.

Retuned non-raised levy-reinforcement rates to 10b/c values (ie. halved from vanilla) and made garrison growth 2.5x base reinforcement as intended.
Made the under_siege taxmodifier into -2 (200%) similar to the occupied malus to accomodate for tax bonus modifiers like jizya taxes.
Made the base-martial traditions (Path of the Warrior, Martial Code, Code of Chivalry) add some land_organization (ie. morale recovery bonus) after discovering what that variable does, as an experiment (and because it makes sense anyway).
Made tradition traits non-useable in Ruler Designer.
Forgot to note that troop_kill factor and moraleloss_factor were edited (from 0.15 to 0.25 and 6 to 5 respectively )several versions ago as well (an experimental build, but accidentally used that file instead for that release and subsequent ones and noticed only now). I retained them since they synergize with increased importance of levies anyway.

Returned non-raised levy reinforcement rates to vanilla and reduced garrison growth to twice the levy reinforcement rate. Made raised levy reinforcement zero.
Recomputed siege morale drop to take fort level into account [fort level effect mulitplier is (N+1)^-1 with some rounding for the curious]. The base siege time for a level 10 castle without events and minimal outnumbering is a approximately a year, give or take a week. (not really satisfactory unless I can reduce the outnumbering bonus, but I can't seem to find where that can be modified, if at all - I fail to see why having more men besieging a castle can make them lose supplies and/or surrender faster barring an assault).
Made being under-siege give a -1 tax modifier (ie. being besieged means you're not gaining any money from that holding? or county?).
Separated tradition traits into a separate gfx file (for easier maintenance). Corrected some typos.

Made the siege morale drop faster (intended to be longer than vanilla, unintended to be as long as it is now). Now, standard siege time (1:1 same troop ratio and zero fort level/tech) is 9 months.
Slightly reduced assault damage (damage to attackers reduced to 10x, and defenders 0.3x) for a ratio of 33:1.
Increased garrison growth base to compensate for previous patch's levy reinforcement rate decrease.

Added the correct localisation files. The temple event localistions are also finished, if but not up to par in terms of flavour quality relative to the martial and mercantile traditions. Then again, they aren't playable anyway.
Reduced non-raised levy and mercenary reinforcement rate by half after noticing observe games where levy reinforcement was a bit too fast for late-game eras. Shouldn't affect compatibility. Feedback would be appreciated.

Moar typo fixes as is par of course for anything I release. Nothing non-save compatible or disruptive.

Expanded scope and renamed mod accordingly. Now the Lux Invicta Buildings & Events, Retinues & Tactics, Traits & Technology module (Tactics pending). Made a new portal and frillified it out of boredom and vanity while beta-testing it on my desktop. Incidentally, the module has also reached double digits in version number, so it's a bit tempting to divide it by a decimal.
Rebalanced retinues. Made the generics twice as large and reduced bonus to 75% again (since the Cultural Retinues had an unfair extra cost I couldn't remove, and made the AI favour them too much). Made the Mounted Knight Cohort into the Arrant Knight Cohort (1000 HC 1000 HI) - also known as shaking the first at the high heavens.
Corrected a misunderstanding with assault damage. Assaults now have a 37.5 damage disadvantage for attackers (15/0.4), as opposed to vanilla 16 and LIBRTv9a 10 (a retarded misunderstanding too that should have been obvious if I was paying attention). Made siege pulses fire faster but reduced morale loss per pulse to compensate. Made sally events happen per 2 weeks.
Tweaked the base values of holdings. Castles now have a base income of 3, bishoprics 6, cities 9 income, patrician palace 15 income, and tradeposts 7.5 income but 200 build-cost (for tradepost - the rest were untouched). Castles have 25/25 HI/AR and 10 fort level, cities have 25/25 LI/AR and 5 fort level, 15/20/15 HI/LI/LC and 5 fort level and 1.25 levy reinforce rate, Patrician palace has 25/25 LI/AR, trade post untouched.
Added tradition traits tied to the Tradition building chains, and corresponding flavour events to assign them. The first upgrades unlocks a minor trait (which is upgraded at the 6th and 7th tier). The second upgrade allows a choice of specialization traits. The rest allows an upgrade of chosen trait. Currently, trait inheritance is agnatic, so if no traits were inherited the event that allows choice of traits pops-up again (not ideal, but I'm still testing an effective inheritance mechanism that won't blow up spectacularly). Also, I'm having difficulty determining if some modifiers, especially the martial ones, are working as intended. If not, I'll need to try workarounds such as events that grant the intended effect as character_modifiers. Note however that, upon testing, only the liege's traits seem to matter with regards to levy and retinue upgrades, although modifiers like movement speed are commander-dependent. I might consider making the troop modifiers commander-dependent instead/as well. though this might be moot, because of some planned features. Namely, for martial traits, one of the currently planned features is to make tactic-selection dependent on them, ie. they unlock tactics both vanilla and custom-made (I intend to ultimately include at least 5 variants per culture - 4 from spec traits and 1 generalized, but that won't be so anytime soon - I'll probably start with generalized traits first).
Made intrigue reduce revolt risk by 0.1% per level (at least I think it should...) and tax modifier by 1% (stewardship affects it by 2% per level).
Corrected a few typo's and reduced wall ai factors to previous levels, while increasing regional levy and tradition AI factors to account for scenarios of culture change (and just generally get them to prioritize them as wel). Reduced requirements for ports and harbours.
LIBRT (v4~9) post-6g archive
Corrected major typos that prevented some chains from progressing.
Rebalanced retinues. Only the Veteran Mercenary Band (600 HI 400 AR), the Elite Spearwall Company (800 PI 200 HI), and the Mounted Knights Cohort (300 HC 700 LI) are left, all with a retinue cost of 3,200 men and 160 gold. With all variables equal, hopefully - damn hopefully indeed - the AI is not going to prefer one of the three exclusively (barring the AI spamming cultural retinues. I haven't changed their compositions... and it's kinda pointless doing so since some have purely LI/AR whic give them only 2k retinue points, while others are HI/HC hybrids that burn retinue points like a gatling gun).
Added a Foreign Auxilliary chain, Martial Traditions chain, Mercantile Traditions chain, and Missionary Traditions. The traditions chains and the guild hegemony chains are intended to have flavor events that trigger with each tier. Of course, none of them are written yet, but they're placeholders for save-compatibility (well, technically they shouldn't cause issues since they are not required for other chains anyway, but might as well put them in). The foreign auxilliary chain is identical to the mercenary contracts chain, except they give double the bonus without the tax malus, but are much more expensive and require a series of increasing tech and legal-building requirements (like the Local Police, Law Enforce, etc).
Stared at the screen a lot bughunting since I don't know to use the validator.

Changed the ai factor of the wall, defence initiative, and farming chains. Made the unintentionally high first two lower and the third slightly higher since the AI was prioritising the first two, causing its meager income to be invested in fort defence instead of income.
Made the Elite Spearwall Company a Spear/LI retinue instead of Spear/HI and made Veteran Mercenary Band have 600/400 Ar/HI, to approximately equalize their retinue cap usage and make the ai less likely to spam a specific one (hopefully).
Increased the retinue of militia garrisons (50>75 as originally intended... but forgot to replace)
Corrected a couple of overlooked >100 retinue bonuses.

Corrected typos (brackets, extraneous letters, that sort) that made entire chains disappear (I'd make a pun about liberty destroying chains, but...)
Corrected some overlooked city building chain requirements.
Rewrote some inconsistent upgrades_from to prerequisites and vice-versa between cities and castles.

Made the balance dependent on realm stats instead of character stats.
Removed the Veteran Infantry Company and Veteran Skirmisher Company retinues, and replaced them with a Veteran Mercenary Band. Increased bonuses to 80% and redistributed allocations.
Increased retinue size bonuses of most buildings that give these, and modified the militia chains. The spear militia was removed while the foot and bow militia were given increased garrison sizes and a tiny retinue bonus.
Increased the fort level bonuses of early castle wallings while reducing fort level bonuses of later castle buildings.
Reduced ships since they increase with time (levy multiplier).
Balance patrician ai factors to make them value cities as equally as their palace after a certain extent.

Heavily rebalanced buildings, technology, and retinues.
I Buildings
Made many buildings dependent on the character stat of the holder for both immersion and balance. For example, castle villages require a diplomacy and stewardship stat to represent your efforts to allow the settlement to happen.
Made city buildings have less levies than their garrisons while castles have less garrison than levies (but keep a high general fort level).
Revamped the guild hegemony chain to make it cost and stat dependent rather than giving maluses that were irrelevant to palaces.
Decreased overall levy supply from buildings.
Increased the retinue points acquired from certain buildings.
II Technology
Reduced general levy bonus from techs. Removed the stat bonuses since they are currently only working for patricians (giving them an advantage over feudal lords).
Reduced education tech growth and general building tech contribution.
III Retinues
Reduced the retinue dependence on manpower (now 0%~10%) and with increased dependence on buildings that give retinue points (like aristocracy chains or the mercenary chain).
Reduced hiring costs to vanilla (though actual cost is twice since sizes are twice) but increased maintenance costs and recruitment costs (1/4 of vanilla) and decreased reinforcement speed (from 25% to 10%).
Removed the Veteran Horsemen Company and Steppe Mercenary Band retinues due to AI overpreference of light cavalry and horse archers, added a Pavise Crossbowmen Company (defensive-oriented vs offensive oriented Veteran Skirmisher Company), and rebalanced the existing companies slightly.

(Re)corrected ai factor mistype for militia chains (is typing in bed at night to finish the release an excuse? -_- )
Made the first two regional levy/tradition chains for castles start as always. The first two regional traditions cost 50 and 75 gold, and the rest of the chain 100 gold. The regional levies and non-professional cultural levies cost 125, the general levy specialization and professional cultural levies (for castles only) are back to the original 150 for all holdings
Made castle and city cultural buildings build time back to 425, and temple build times up to 365, from the previous quickening to 300 (since I made most buildings all faster then in general)
Made the five temple control -> bailiff chains cheaper (by either 5 or 10 gold) and made them start always with first level shrines (they are temples after all).
Made retinues slightly cheaper (reference: a skirmisher company that previously cost 250 now costs 150, ie. 1.25x vanilla) to try making the ai hire more of them.
Added a Steppe Mercenary Band horse-archer/light-cavalry retinue
Increased garrison size reduction in tech to compensate for the unforseen effect of garrison additions of late-game buildings (as Shaytana defined the values).


I forgot that I made the ai factor for mercenary contracts and militia garrison chains artificially lower than intended (mainly to test a theory). Also made the garrison give less troop (15->5, to minimise the base troop available for non-culturals) but higher garrison size (increased to 0.65% for spear and 0.75% for foot-bow per level and 1.25/2.25% for last level).

Corrected the copy-paste oversight with the militia chains
Weakened the spear militia (already tiny anyway) garrison size since spearmen are on the same rank as heavy infantry. That is unless I edit base values as well, but I'll need further study on that.
LIBRT (v4~9) v6g-integrated (v7) archive
Expanded the early three militia chains to seven tiers each.

corrected more typos
separated localisation files to make correcting non-latin letter localisations easier

corrected more typos

Made other city improvements cost garrison size
Slightly lowered tax incomes for cities
Corrected a slew of more general errors pointed out by rich
added "editing while having just woken up" to the DON'T and "making sure copies in multiple pc's/folders are synced/updated properly" to the DO checklist

Disabled the Local Sellsword chain in tradeposts because I only realized now that TPs can't have levies (I thought it was just a design decision of vanilla).

Fixed a few more typing errors (mainly because I often edit while commuting... T_T) and added missing file (oversight - I sort by date modified and it got buried)
Doubled the size of retinues while keeping the v6 hiring cost, and doubled constant upkeep. This was because 500-man retinues seemed to be often destroyed in current observe games - making the minimum size double should keep them capable of standing relatively independently. Slightly bumped tech dependence to 4% per level with 0% base (max 20%) and doubled minimum capacity to 1000 to compensate a bit.

Corrected a laundry list of typos and errors that came from less than effective editing techniques.
Finalized description tagging and naturalized tech trigger progression for temple holdings.
Rebalanced garrison and levy sizes and city income (they were too ... high).
Overhauled the retinue system. Made the generic retinues stronger (75% bonus) and comparable to cultural retinues (100% bonus). Made retinues rarer, more expensive, cost maintenance, but reinforce faster and cheaper (by factors of 5).
Made mercenaries reinforce faster to keep them in play more often to help republics survive (the mercenaries still need to grow, but novaneko-dono is working on it it seems).
Made raised levies reinforce at a tiny rate (1% as opposed to 50%), as well as made assault damage weaker and defender damage stronger (ratio of 10 as opposed to 16) to make wars slightly more realistic. Curious how it affects expansion in general.

Updated LIBRT module to version 5
Added description tags and flavor text to castle, city, palace/tradeposts, and a few temple buildings (I'll probably finish it tagging them in my free time, since the AI doesn't read anyway).
Corrected a few more multiple lines, added some missing tech triggers, overwritten ai factors, and rebalanced and rearranged trade post buildings and their prerequisites.

corrected the double build cost and zero ai factor error
control->village chain reduces garrison for castle/city
road reduces garrison for castle/city
increased civil service/bureaucracy levy size for castle
removed wall garrison bonus for castle
increased household troop retinue size
reduced regional tradition/regiment cost 160>150 and cultural buildings from 175>150

Finished placing tech requirements for different buildings of each holding type and corrected most errors.
Added a mercenary contracts subchain for castles to give them retinue pts and levies in exchange for a tax malus (low ai factor), and a armed pilgrims subchain for churches that gives them retinue pts levies and some piety in exchange for a high base cost (high ai factor).
I won't add the armory/fletcher/stable subchains shown in the localisation for family palaces yet until I could run an observe game and see that they aren't getting too much men vis-a-vis feudal lords (since the palace upgrades already adds men).

added family palace and trade post buildings. made walls stronger, construction time for buildings faster (from 400 something to 300 and 600 to 400 though I might have missed some), and made levy size less dependent on tech and more on buildings (the farming chains now also give levy size, to vaguely represent population growth. Some of the military buildings now also give retinue points (though they're the late-game aristocracy and conscription holdings, so their usefulness is kinda doubtful - I'm planning to add a few buildings that give early retinue points with an economic cost to castle and temple holdings.
I also buffed the late-game city economic chains a bit, since 0.3 gold for 100 gold at very late game is rather... empty.
LIBTR (1~3) archive
made temple aristocracy and household troop requirements into civil service and bureaucracy. made the castle regional levy and regional tradition buildings and military urban doctrine slightly cheaper (base 150 > 120 or 200 > 175) and increased ai creation factor (100/101 > 120).

rebalanced the defence initiative and wall subchains since I noticed the AI wasn't building walls. also made the militia change more of a garrison bonus than as a large levy bonus. also nerfed the disproportionate garrison reduction of the Offensive Campaigns tech, to try to make the AI more defensive.

rebalanced tech, building bonuses, and retinues. finished the temple holding buildings

v1, v2
general building clustering and adding of tech and retinues


is updated to be compatible with patch 1.08 and incorporates the November 15 update to SELIN, new blood traits including ones written by Teutonic_Thrash and jedrek, character and title histories contributed by jedrek with the assistance of jmberry, a new crown law that permits female marshals and commanders (very tough to pass) (edit: which isn't working yet, so as an interim measure 20 martial women with martial educations can command) as well as permitting 2 religions to have female commanders without restrictions (Hubali and Gurzili), plus new decisions to marry female prisoners and take prisoners as wards without interference from their parents, extension of the ting events to Vandals, Sueves and Visigoths (as gefolge events) and German, Dutch and Frisian being given separate ding events, along with various miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks.

incorporates the November 12 update to SELIN, Waylit's Dungeons and Sieges mod, Aernil's cultural retinues, more tweaks to the Norse mod sub-system, fixes a glitch with middle-aged Levantine graphical culture women (including Jewesses) and permits regents who belong to factions to sign off on more faction demands.

incorporates my Lent mini-mod (for a subset of Christians) and further tweaks to the Norse group of religions.

incorporates the November 4 update of SELIN, introduces a Sacred War, extends more of the Norse Mod mechanics to Ragnarokr and Ofridartrivar, and extends the Ting events to Dutch, Frisian and German cultures, while restricting them to Feudal Elective and Open Elective (Turkish) succession. Unfortunately, this update is not savegame compatible with prior versions.

corrects some provinces that had become unplayable, as well as various minor bug fixes.

disables several LoR decisions, but allows the Imperium Romanum to move their capital back to Constantinople (if held by a vassal) regardless of having the LoR DLC, and also allows the SPQR to move their capital back to Rome, and allows Imperial Cultist kings to move their capital to Constantinople (if primary title is Trebizond) or Rome (if primary title is Neapolis), plus various minor bug fixes.

includes the 10/30 update of SELIN (see above) and various minor bug fixes.

fixes a graphical glitch with Egyptian culture males, plus various minor bug fixes.

also includes the 10/28 update of SELIN (see above) and various minor bug fixes.

introduces 43 new trait notification events, used in the Lux specific trait events to let you know which/if you got one. Also, these events won't fire if you already have one of the possible traits (including Stressed where applicable, so no more free tries for the good trait if you're already stressed), and if one of the traits is Lustful, the event won't fire if you are Chaste or Celibate. Lustful events involving beautiful women will not fire for gay men or straight women (if you want to suggest replacement lustful events for the girls/girlie boyes, send me your ideas.)

has graphical differentiation between West and East Africans, and various minor bug fixes.

Version 06A
Britannia rework.
Added counts.
Blood traits/troops/holy orders.
Rework/additions all over/many tweaks to gameplay such as increased defensive bonuses in hill and mountains, lowered declare war cost, increased chance of vassals joining in rebellion, improved counts ability to raise troops etc./new modifiers.
First implementation of cultural administration modifiers for kings and emperors.

Version 05C
Implemented a vassals join rebellion against liege system inspired by CK2+ as requested.
THANK YOU wiz for inspiration.
Setup additions.
Many tweaks/fixes from modifiers to events.
It's easier to keep dynasties alive now.
New beneficial events added.
New SELIN mods.

Version 05B
Fixes/many setup additions/states/troops/blood traits/holy orders etc.

Version 05A
Various gameplay changes, new modifiers, anti-blobbing changes, a new system of demesne laws, invasion CB now available to all at extreme resources and traits cost, open succession available to more religions, new localisation (partly thanks to LordStark), new SELIN modifiers by Numahr.
Various setup additions, states, traditions, dynasties, state troops, holy orders etc.
Implemented a genetic inheritance system so you can breed your own Kwisatz Haderach courtesy of wiz.
Tweaks/changes and much more!

Versions 04A/04B/04C/04D/04E/04F
Some fixes.
Continued setup rework from new states to new dynasties.
Added Gautar and Sarmato-Brythons.
New localisation.
New SELIN modifiers.
Added new state troops and many new holy orders.
Added Romano-Brythons.
Implemented and tweaked latest version of Norse Mod.
Many states added to map.
New cultures implemented.
Gallo-Roman culture made by Ofaloaf among them!
New localisation.
Added some localisation courtesy of Orinsul.
Made a new dow only cost conquest CB for militarist religions from mithraics to Sabaothists to others.
HRE and Ptolemies got boosted, received state troops.
Added a new crown law.
New SELIN modifiers by Numahr.
Setup changes.
Added Huns and Jews.
Creatable empires.
Various state troops added from legions to hetairoi kataphraktoi.
2 new crown laws.
A total war casus belli for the genocidal religions.
Made fabricating claims easy.
Increased chance of death from all causes and more!

Version 03I
All creatable empires work now.
Added a Hellenic Empire.
Setup changes including an Ostrogothic remnant kingdom in the Balkans.
Tweaked conversion speed(faster).
Vassalized mercenaries cost less.
Kingdom of Rhomania is creatable now and more!
Version 03G
fixes/tweaks/changes/setup rework in progress/balance drive.
Many holdings added to balance things.
New legendary tradition for the kataphrakt horse archer lovers.
More counties localized.
Sarmatian culture added.
New kingdoms added: Sarmatia, Pergamon and Osroene.
New loading screens and 50 quotes for loading screens implemented.

Version 03F
Setup tweaks/fixes/balance improvement.
Implementation of new empires and legendary military traditions.
Implementation of 3 new religious heads courtesy of Keperry.
SELIN fixes by Numahr.

Version 03E
Temporarily removed sectarian and communitarian traits because of their distribution issues.
Setup changes/tweaks /added Kingdoms of Tylis, Singidunum and Pontus.
Implemented some religious icons based on the ones Orinsul sent me.

Version 0.3C/0.3D
Implemented first and second batches of SELIN religious modifiers made by Numahr.
Reduced religious differences penalties, heretic penalty not so great now.
Developed several locations from carthage to samarkand - gave them buildings at start.

Version 0.3B
Changes to CBs - made cheaper, county conquest CB now available to Christians. County conquest is available to all - if you can't use it yet it means that you don't have the required prestige/cash/piety for it yet.
Various fixes.
Changes regarding buildings and build times.
Reduced fortifications and garrisons across the board.
Fixes to localisation/events text.

Version 0.3A
Balance rework from casus belli changes, to mercenary costs, to buildings.
Setup fixes/changes/additions.
New title graphics.
Added Empire of Arabia.
New state troops added for Dacia and Saba and added some localisation for them.
Arianism now a proper religion with its own heresies attached.
New triggered modifiers related to rulers stats.
Stats now matter more and learning IS VERY important to technology research.
Added many new events and new bloodlines: blood of Agis (Sparta), Charlemagne, Merovech, Hugh Capet, Bello (Barcelona), Decebalus (Dacia), Brian Boru, Oleg (Kiev), Rurik, Parmenion (Ecbatana - no in this reality Parmenion and Philotas were not involved/accused of any conspiracy), Almaqah (Saba).

Version 0.2C
Changes to casus belli primarily made cheaper.
Tech research rate upped and other gameplay tweaks.
Implemented many new events.

Version 0.2B
First implementation of Bloodline/Biography Traits -added bloodline traits for Seleukidai, Ptolemaioi, Gelimerids, Sassanids, Argeadai and Juliani.
Reworked centralization law requirements and more.

Version 0.2A
Major under the hood overhaul/buildings rework/traits system changes/new modifiers etc.
New events added...and much more!

Version 0.1g
Additions/polish/fixes most notably to military buildings.
Elite corps system implemented for all cultures at pinnacle of professional troops line -some cultures bunched together as a compromise
Legio XIII Gemina is here. 13th!!! (and other legendary units added)

Version 0.1f
Almost all historical dynasties present at start have CoAs now.
A religion head added for Zoroastrianism.
The legendary Legio XII Fulminata added.
Many new Empires added.

Version 0.1e
Building system changes.
Implementation of the Norse Mod.
Fixing Different Cultural Cities implementation.
Polish, additions, and a few new events.
A new Religious Head for Sol Invictus religion.

Versions 0.1c and 0.1d
Many flavor events added.
Tweaks to events system.

Version 0.1b2
Fixes regarding implemented mods.

Version 0.1b
Setup improvement.
Integrated several mods.

Version 0.1a
Many CoAs added to historical dynasties
Some buildings fixes.
New complex buildings prereqs will be redone in the future, the compromise consolidated buildings system messed up my prereqs system, so I went with a simplistic version.

Version 0.093
Many provinces renamed from Bactria to Britain.
Added creatable Hellenistic Empires
Added 2 legions -Legio I Lux Invicta, (ERE) and Legio I Roma Victrix (WRE) +Spartan Homoioi.
Added individualized dna to all historical characters, used some from BLC; Some don't show up properly because of BLC cultural rules.

Version 0.092
More de jure kingdoms added.
An advanced version of my buildings system implemented - consolidated and sadly with a lot of stuff removed like tech triggers because of the way I did the consolidation -placeholder unbalanced effects - yet the system works overall.
This is Sparta!

Version 0.091
More buildings implemented.
Legendary military traditions have appeared at select locations.
Tweaks to casus belli.
An ambitious rebellious Hellenistic general claiming descent from Megas Alexandros has appeared in Thessalonika...can he emulate his supposed ancestor?

Version 0.090
Religious and conquest casus belli reworked - now made costly.
Replaced paradox liege culture units lines with new ones balanced for my system.

Versions 0.088 and 0.089
Regional troop buildings implemented and army composition changes.

Version 0.087
-fixes and updating for 1.06b. -more buildings implemented.

Version 0.086
Various setup related tweaks/fixes/additions.
More buildings implemented.

LIBERT3 Building Flowchart for technology, attribute, and building pre-requisites of LIBERT3 buildings [updated for LIBERT3v10m]
LIBERT3 v10(plus)-v7(6g default) compatibility, with tradition traits removed for compatibility with 6g+LIBRTv7 saves. Install after main module.
LIBERT3 v10l(plus)-v10k(minus) compatibility, with patrician cultural buildings removed for compatibility with LIBERT3v10k~LIBERT3v10 saves. Install after main module.
Republic Scaled and Weighted Module. Made republic trade random events income-scaled and attribute-weighted. [integrated in v11]
Faction Halt Module, a tiny edit that makes AI factions less likely to send their ultimatum, and makes them NOT send an independence ultimatum.
[sub][A duct-tape solution to keep realms with new successions relatively stable - not necessarily appropiate for the setting, but should serve some people until a faction overhaul is underway.][/sub]
Kyrie Eleison Module, experimental faction system based on Meneth's Balansegang faction system.
[sub][Several tweaks primarily with independence factions. Changelogs inside.][/sub]


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